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How To Make Your Own Standing Desk and Save $600

Do you need to learn how to make your own standing desk?

A few years ago a friend of mine bought one of the first standing desks. I fell in love until I heard how much it cost him.

His desk was over $600.

Today I’m going to show you how you can make a standing desk for less than $20. Yes, I did say $20.

The standing desk is a Godsend for those who are doing their best to shy from the sedentary lifestyle. According to Kelly Starrett, famed physical therapist, standing desks can help avoid musculoskeletal injuries. However, the key is to take it slow and work your way into one because when acclimating too quickly, it can create back problems.

That aside, standing while working can increase caloric expenditure by as much as 300 calories per day!

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With that information quickly covered, let’s get cracking and get you standing!

Here’s how to make your own standing desk for a very pocket-friendly price.

Step 1: Measure the distance from the floor to your elbow

standing desk height

Using your ruler or tape measure, find the distance from the floor to your elbow. My measurement was roughly 40 inches, the approximate point that your keyboard should be to provide a comfortable working area for productivity.

Step 2: Find a lifter for your desk or table legs

Via northwesternflipside.com

Channelling the hidden MacGyver in me, I did some research and found an incredible bargain! Instead of buying a desk, hydraulics or some space age leverage system, I found the official item I was searching for. It’s called a bed riser.

This little gem is what allows you to raise your existing desk, raising and resting the legs within this inverted plant pot-shaped device. Depending on your height, you may need to stack a few of these risers.

I’m 5 feet, 10 inches, so one was plenty for me. Bed risers are available at Ikea, Wal-Mart or any place beds where beds are. A set of four at Ikea costs $4.49. Other places sell them at $11 for a set of four.

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Step 3: Adjust to your preferences

Once my wife and I safely set our existing desk onto the risers, we needed a few adjustments to get the keyboard closer to elbow height. Luckily I found some wood in my garage. Using a plank and two 2X4’s, I screwed it all together.

My standing desk costs me $4.50 out of pocket.

With wood to purchase or asking for remnant pieces from the hardware store, the project could still be completed for around $20. Certainly for much less than $600!

Conclusion and Review

Let’s review the three easy steps you need to do on how to make your own standing desk:

After two weeks, I concur with the recommendation to take it easy the first few days. When not used to working on your feet, take a break every few hours or use a barstool as pictured above.

I’ve noticed an increase in my mobility already, and the ability to move around has enhanced my creative thought processes as well. So if you’re up for a quick DIY project that will help your health, I recommend the $20 Standing Desk strategy.

Happy Standing!

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