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How to make your own Luffa sponge

Hey, give me a bar of soap and I’m happy and clean. However, I realize that some of you may need shower toys for some money-wasting reason that I’m not aware of. So, we are going to point you to a place that will tell you how to grow your own luffa, loofa, loofah, etc.

The GroovyGreen site shares some wisdom and you better get started. It looks like this takes a year!

For the third autumn in a row I am pleased to be harvesting my shower sponge for next year. Now I know that must sound like a strange statement but it’s true. Many people are surprised when they find out I grow my own Luffa sponges. “Don’t those come from the sea?”, is the standard question to which I respond that the Luffa is a vegetable you can grow in your very own garden.

If you’re into this stuff, visit How To Make (and grow) A Luffa!

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