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18 Steps On How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

You just found the man of your dreams. His personality ticks all boxes of what you desire in a man and you wouldn’t mind doing anything to have his heart.

You’re that genuinely interested in him but it seems his heart is a thousand miles away from you.

You have tried all your “winning tricks” to hook him but nada, nothing has changed.

And in a time like this when almost everybody has become relationship experts, it’s not unlikely that you have tried out some of those half-backed strategies online.

You feel like having some magical powers to get his attention and make him see the love you have for him.

If these describe your experience, then you’ve finally found that ‘magic spell’ you need.

In this article, you will not only learn how to make him fall in love with you, Nope! This piece is an all-inclusive package of all that is required to get that man’s attention and stay special to him for as long as you wish.

So darling, hang with me and let’s unravel the “mysteries” of how to make your guy fall in love with you.

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🌠Here are the 18 steps on how to make him fall in love with you 🌠

1. Adore him always

Do you know that a man falls in love with a woman who can fulfill his EGO?

Oh yes! You can read that again. Naturally, many men have different ego needs.

Men love to be adored by women. Many men would choose a woman who adores him always over a woman who doesn’t.

Here is how it looks like in real life. Most times at work, family, society, many men don’t receive the credit they deserve. You see why a man would fall in love with a lady who gives him credit.

At times, you see a man fall in love with a woman even when she is not pretty. This is the secret – the woman simply adores him.

2. Don’t give him 100% freedom and trust

You have to understand this – modern and independent women who give their men freedom and trust usually lose out.  Many women think that if they give a man real freedom and trust, he’ll feel respected and in return make him respect and love her. In their wildest imagination, their men would fall in love with them based on that respect.

That is WRONG. Absolutely!

Read this twice… Sometimes, men love women who act a little bit insecure, a woman who confronts her man about how she’s been noticing him with other women. She lets him know that she is afraid of losing him and she overtly acts in certain ways to keep him close to her.

A man will fall in love with you when you show him that he is needed and that he holds the power. A woman who wants a man to fall in love with her should act a little possessive, weak. She should also act a bit controlling due to that.

This would fulfill his ego need. Giving him the impression that he is richly wanted. C’mon girl, guys love such women.

Generally, men do not like to look up to their women, they like to be looked up to. A woman who looks up to a man can make him easily fall in love with her.

3. Discover his true needs

You will be wondering how you can discover his true needs. I hope you understand that women are way more subtle than men?

If you want a man to fall in love with you, you have to take the time to connect the dots. In this context,  connecting the dots means things like…. why he says what he says, why he processes the emotions the way he does and the likes.

Just acknowledge his emotional patterns, actively listen to his conversational patterns so you can recognize his thought patterns.

70 percent of women who stealthily study a man’s true needs, end up having the man. I honestly believe any woman can have any man whom she has discovered his true needs. This is simply how it works, discover his true needs, not the one he mentions, which means he is aware of them. I am simply suggesting you discover those NEEDS he doesn’t even know he has.

4. Attract don’t chase

One time, I watched a movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, The main character was Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson), in the movie, she was one of those girls that easily gets the guys. Men were so into her. There is this other character, named Michelle, who is always struggling and comes off as a little pathetic.

I was simply baffled at how one woman gets the guy she wants and the other drives men away. It is quite clear as a crystal – women who are successful with men, know how to attract them. These would know one simple basic rule, which is… IF YOU CHASE A MAN, HE’S GOING TO LOSE INTEREST.

This is the secret of getting a guy to fall in love with you. The chasing strategy just doesn’t work. Most women are just out here staying desperate, they can do anything just to get a man’s attention. I must tell you this now, chasing strategy just doesn’t work.

Listen, the problem with chasing in a relationship is this…you are just going to attract the wrong guy. You might be lucky to steal his attention, but trust me, there is no way he is going to care about you.

5. Adore his masculinity

Men feel more excited when you point out how masculine they are. You must know this, masculinity is not just all about muscles and testosterone. It is simply good behavior.

Trust me when I say it’s all about treating people well, having good manners, doing the little things that matter, treating others with love and kindness just spill it out girl, let him know you notice and adore these qualities.

He truly cares about these observations and would make him keep up the good work. It is one of the thoughtful ways to get him to fall in love with you.

Be a very practical type of person, make it your duty to find ways to adore his masculinity and you will be amazed how deeply he is going to fall in love with you, and just you alone. Always remember this: “Man falls in love when he feels like he could be a superhero with you in his life.”




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6. Let him know you always have him in your mind

Some women find it somewhat nervous to tell their new guys that they thought of them are flooded in their minds. You must know this, the rules have changed, most women no longer feel the need to express how they truly feel. Even if she just starts dating him for a few weeks.

You are doing yourself a huge favor by expressing your true feelings. You feel sort of infantile joy when he tells you he’s thinking about you, it will be a brilliant idea to reciprocate the process.

If you are too nervous at first, you can do it subtly. Just make sure you tell him he’s always in your mind, that way he would know that he’s in a deep relationship with you.

7. Find out interesting things about him

This is scandalous, but someone used it on me and it worked. Look up their social media profile, find things they are interested in, and learn about them.

Learn lyrics to songs that they love, watch films that they like (and learn about others with the same authors, actors/directors, etc.), look up past loves and look for similarities, do they like tall men/ women? Do they like a certain race or nationality?

Just do it stealthily, you will be surprised how much you are going to find out about him. Just scratch around for information about them, this little information is more than powerful, it would help you to navigate him smoothly. He will not only be amazed but would be pleased to see that you have figured out stuff he likes.

8. Pay intense attention when he talks

Instead of having divided attention or not paying attention when he talks, it would better for you not to see him at all if you are not ready to him your attention. Most men perceive men who don’t pay attention as careless.

Please note that attention in this context is not only listening to him when he talks. Consider this scenario, Ken is a guy who doesn’t want to stress anyone. His girlfriend Eve always believes him whenever he says he is fine, even when he is looking worn out.

You need to understand that most men don’t like to bore people especially women with their problems. That is why you must pay attention to his body language.

If he says he had a smooth day, is he nervously fidgeting saying that? That is a big indication that he is not fine and he truly wants you to dish out more questions of concern.

9. Don’t try to change him

One of the most ridiculous things some women do is try to change their men. I have to let you know this today….you can never, ever change a man. It is only a man who really wants to change that would change. You must have noticed a few things that you don’t like.

If it is something slight, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Unless it is a huge bad behavior like he is abusive or unfaithful. Before you think of getting a guy to fall in love with you, it would be thoughtful to analyze his habits and behaviors and know if it is something you can put up with.

If he has something beyond what you can cope with, do not hesitate to quit.

Do you know that men who are with women who are constantly on their ass to change tend to close off from them? It’s a major turn-off.

You are making a huge mistake if you notice some ill behaviors and you think that you would get him to drop them down the road.

People hardly change. Know this, and know peace.

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Nowadays, most men prefer women flooded with self-confidence to those battling insecurities and fear.

You want to hook your man, then show him you are ready to take over the world. Let him know you have huge dreams and are very intentional about them. Being a confident woman has a way of telling the guy that you are a focused person.

Confidence is one of the biggest weapons in life. Even people who don’t like you would secretly admire you if you are a confident person.

Don’t think that being confident is irrelevant. Guys like women who can take charge of any situation, not women who wail like puppies. One of the easiest ways to show how confident you are is from the way you walk.

Do you know that, just from the way you walk, people can say a thousand things about your self-confidence? Make sure that when you walk, you keep your head high like the queen you are. Now go and develop confidence and reduce emotional dependence. He’ll fall for you.

11. Make him love himself more

A saw a video on the internet a few years ago, a woman asked a man “what made you want to marry me?”

He gave some answers but I had my AHA moment when he said, “she made me love myself more.”

If you want a guy to love you, teach him to love himself first. Someone who doesn’t love himself would never have any love to give to others.

You will be wondering how you can make him love himself, well, you can do so by first teaching him self-acceptance and self-awareness. Let him know who he is and he should be very okay with what he has. Let him know it doesn’t make sense to live with anyone’s validation.

Let him be very aware of his lack so that no one can mock him with what he has already accepted. Men fall for women into whose arms they could rest like babies and speak of everything with utter transparency.

12. Always treat him like he’s at a 5-star restaurant

It is simple ladies, make him your king and if he is reasonable, in return would make you his queen.

Right from the early stages, let him know that he is a big deal. Don’t say or do anything that would degrade him. Do things that would bring happiness to his glowing soul and would make him proud of you.

Be marvelous, stimulating, interesting, fun. Make him dream of: waiting for you with a huge smile and hug, with all his time in the world for you and nothing else at all in his head but the thought of you. Make him pride himself on being strong, sensitive, thoughtful, and romantically involved with you. Build a fantastic relationship with him.

Care about the same thing and work together towards them together. Doing this would make him feel more excited and falling deeply in love with you won’t be hard.

Now go out there today and treat him like a king in a five-star restaurant having a delicious meal and drinking a fine glass of wine.

13. Always stand as support whenever he’s in trouble

Remember the old saying, do not make friends with people who would leave you in a ditch. This simply means that some people would only love you when you are flourishing, but when things fall apart, they would disappear. Don’t be in the category of those people.

When you call someone your friend or partner, always reach out to them. Keep them strong when things go sour.

When you do this, you are building a solid trust and bond between you and your partner. He would understand that you truly care and love him. A reasonable person wouldn’t joke with anyone who is with them through thick and thin.

Give him hope, give him more life when there’s no more life in him. If he needs monetary help, counseling, someone to lean on, for the time being, make sure you provide the help you can.

Trust me, when he recovers from whatever is bothering him, he would not only trust you, but he would make you the love of his life.

14. Just smile, game over!

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Men love women who always wear warm smiles like a Disney princess, not a lady who keeps a long face like a distressed soldier going to war in Iran.

Most men fall in love with women who are smooth, sweet, soft, kind. They prefer a lady who has a lot of compassion and is solely focused on passionately living life by focusing on goals, enjoying moments no matter how tough situations may be, and enjoying good levels of bonding.

Look, guys are disgusted and afraid of ladies who barely smile. They are perceived as nasty and dangerous.

Just a simple piece of advice to all my ladies:

No matter how hard or the challenges you are facing, never allow it to steal your smile from you. We all know that smile is the universal language of kindness.

Wear a warm smile today, and watch him fall in love with you.

15. Have good morals

Believe this, good morals are a necessity in convincing a man to love you. Nobody wants to have anything to do with someone who can’t be trusted. Men love and respect women who are highly disciplined and are no pushovers.

You have to behave maturely.


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Don’t go about living your life carelessly or accidentally. Men love women who are very intentional about their lives. Don’t be a woman who does not have control over her life.

Don’t be someone who only worries and mourns when things happen to her, that’s is indiscipline. Because at every turn, someone else is holding to the steering wheel of your life. Men won’t fall in love with a woman who lacks discipline and is always acting like a victim of the universe.

16. Dress neatly

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Do you know that most men when they say, the first thing they look at is how they dress?

They look at how you dress, the accessories you wear (rings, watch, shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc). Don’t appear before him looking homeless. You don’t expect him to fall in love with you when you show up with dirty fingernails. Someone who can’t take care of herself, can’t take care of others – and that shows you are not ready.

Keep yourself neat, simple, and fresh. You must not wear big brand clothes before you can achieve this. It is a huge red flag for guys, they can’t fall in love with a woman who cannot take care of her outer appearance.

Watch the things you wear, you don’t need to break the bank before you achieve a neat look. Most men love women who would get heads turning the moment she walks into a place.

17. Be honest

Probably no one has mentioned this to you before, men love brutally honest women. Not a woman who just tells them what they want to hear. Men prefer hearing their flaws from someone close to them than hearing them from a random person.

He prefers you tell him he doesn’t smell nice, then going out there and hearing it from another person. Don’t go about telling a man with a warty nose and a head that is bald that he doesn’t have any of those.

You can save your partner from huge embarrassment from others by being brutally honest with him. Let him know where he is lagging and give him reasons why he needs to improve. Trust me, he might not tell you, but deep inside him, he greatly appreciates you for keeping it real with him always.

18.  Don’t push him to commit and give him the space he needs

This is especially true early in the relationship when it is still fresh and budding. Don’t ever give him the impression that you are desperate.

If he feels like you are pressuring him or forcing him to commit, he will stealthily wiggle out. Men. Stop begging him to love you, love happens naturally.

It is ridiculously laughable when some women think that being all over a guy would make him fall in love with you.

In reality, guys love their space, they would love you when you respect their space. Stop concentrating on ways to rip him off his precious time and space, rather be the woman who knows when to come and when to leave.

Most men find it tiring when their partner is too clingy to them. It makes the relationship to its flavor and tastes stale.

Be the woman who is busy with her life and watch him run after you like a lion looking for his queen. If you want a healthy relationship that would lead to him falling immensely in love with you, you just don’t have to be pushy, do your part, and watch everything flow naturally.

In all, be that smart and independent woman who wouldn’t throw herself on a man just to have him.

😍 Ways to be more attractive to the man in your life 😍

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It’s not enough to get a man to acknowledge the feelings you have for him and make him feel the same about you. You must be able to maintain the glow too.

In a relationship, nothing melts a woman’s heart as having a man that cannot help “worshipping” and adoring her.

To become more attractive to your man, here are 5 simple things you can do.

▶ Put it to display that you trust him

Love is beautiful. Or what man or woman is allergic to having memorable moments with their partner? Gaming together, going on dates, sexual intimacy….these are all good.

But do you know all that could come to nothing the moment your man notices you’re always second-guessing his words and actions? Yeah, in a big way!

Letting your man know you trust him is one of the most intelligent steps you can take to become more attractive to him.

Over the years, I have found out that a woman telling her man “I trust you” and acting the same proves her love for him more than repeating “I love you” thousand times daily.

He has just informed you about a business trip he’s embarking on with a group of associates and you are rolling questions at him like a detective.

Or you’re always on guard to read his chats the moment you have his smartphone.

Hey woman, you’re subtly signing in for resentment.

Mind you, I’m not saying you shouldn’t put an eye on the moves of your man. Not at all. Be watchful, but intelligently and romantically.

▶ Shower him with heart-warming compliments

It is commonly believed that men hardly get moved by compliments.

Well, this may be true to some extent if those compliments are coming from the lips of a co-worker or colleague. However, when they are uttered by the woman in his life, it’s not the same. No, it’s not.

Complimenting your man is both important to get him to fall in love with you and to remain attractive to him.

Speak well of his outlook, character, benevolence, and career achievements. Keep a sharp eye on them.

But if you really want to drive him crazy about you, compliment him on the things he thinks are his weaknesses.

Let me give you an example.

If your man doesn’t have enough to give you his dream treats, anytime he gets you a gift, blow the trumpet as if he just got you a Lamborghini. Tell him – “You’re such a caring man. I’ve always wanted to get this. Thanks for making my dreams come true.”

This simple act of appreciation would go a long way to influence how special you’ll be to him. In a nutshell, don’t let his good deeds go without being complimented and appreciated.

▶ Always look good

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He’s supposed to be the most important man in your life so it is not out of place if you look super-pretty for him.

You’ve got to keep your dress sense top-notch. As a woman, you should know this well so I won’t talk more about that.

But there’s this aspect of our appearance that some women tend to lose guard on as days pass by – the daily maintenance of the body. Look, there’s nothing romantic in looking unkempt.

For instance, would you expect your man to always cuddle you on the sofa when your armpit is always full of hair and smells bad?

Put yourself in his shoes – would you want to do that?

I know some married men who fell in love with their wives after sighting their white set of teeth flashing a charming smile.

Keep your hair, fingers, and skin perfect as much as you can. You need to maintain your body to spice up your romance with your man. A lady whom the partner would always find attractive should be clean.




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▶ Keep your chats casual

Your communication skill is another trick you should master if you want to have a good relationship and be more attractive to your man.

Pick any 5 working romantic relationships and turbulent ones you know of and investigate what the distinguishing factors are. I’m sure a major distinguishing factor you will discover is how each set of partners communicates.

Your man is more than a friend to you, so you both should communicate well.

Learn to keep your chats casual. You want to melt his heart and you discuss with him as though you’re delivering a Presidential speech. The moment you make your point, you stay quiet.

Darling, you can do this while defending your thesis or giving a report in a boardroom. But to bring this attitude into your love life……..no!

This is exactly what I mean:

Be casual and playful while talking with your man. Enjoy inside jokes together. Don’t keep a bold face while chatting.

Also, learn to extend your vowels. This is what I mean. For instance, instead of saying “Baby, I’m off to get some groceries at the mall.” Stretch the baby, and say “Baaaaby, I’m off to get some groceries at the mall.”

Also in your communication, avoid being confrontational or demanding. Are you wondering what this means? Take a look at these two statements.

“I need a glass of water” and “Honey, I’m thirsty”

Can you tell the difference? The first is demanding while the other is not. “Honey, I’m thirsty” is a romantic way of telling your man that you need some water.

You now get the gist, right? So keep your conversations casual, playful and romantic.

▶ Don’t leave him to initiate all you do together

Men love to sustain their hero instinct. Do you know what that means?  Hero instinct is a term in relationship psychology that describes that protective instinct wired into every man.

A man finds it romantic when his woman treats him like a hero and allows him to take care of her. Well, this is true. However, it stops being romantic when it is out of measure.

If your man has always been the one initiating your moves over the past few months, it is high time your started kick-starting things too.

It’s not out of place if you once in a while initiate a date, sex, or even get him a gift.

When you do this, you’ll be achieving two things – proving that you are of value and that you are ready to give him the support he needs in life.

Does this sound too good to be true? Go try it out and watch your relationship flourish.

📱 Sweet texts to make him obsess over you 📱

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Words are powerful. Sometimes, we get nervous when it comes to expressing ourselves. Or do you think it’s just you? My dear, it happens to everyone!

If you want him and you aren’t bold enough to inform him, then try sending him some sweet text messages. Here are some.

❂ Every sight of the sunrise I have reminds me of how you glow

❂ Talk to me – what do you want in a relationship? I’m ready to compromise anything. The future looks so bright with you and me together.

❂ ❂Being with you is a game-changer. You’re a whole vibe.

❂ Every remembrance of your charming look keeps me wondering how blissful the future would be with you.

❂ It’s been years and still, being with you is the best thing that has happened to me ever since we met.

💕 Ways To Leave Him Wanting More 💕

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Getting a man to admit embrace the feelings you have for him is less hectic when you can leave him wanting more. Are you wondering how to get around that? Stealthily read through these 5 simple ideas.

➤ Keep your chats short and sweet

If you want to keep your man wanting more of you, a good way to start is to keep your conversations sweet, refreshing, but short.

Did you just ask yourself how? It’s simple.

Spice your chats with jokes and laugh together. Have tons of fun. Then, call it to quit the moment the fun is at its peak. But do so courteously and romantically.

Don’t throw yourself on the floor of “You can have me for as long as you want.”

The idea is this. When you go on a long stretch of chat, say for hours, chances are it’d end on a boring note especially at the early stage of a relationship. And if that happens consistently, that could be a major turn-off.

For instance, while on a late-night call, roll some lovely gist at him and get him thrilled. Once he’s swallowed up in the aura of romance, you can tell him you can stage having stomach cramps. And if that’s a “no” for you, then simply say “Darling, my eyes are closing already.” C’mon girl, you have just stylishly informed him that you want to go to bed.

Can you remember what I said earlier about not being demanding in your conversation? Always keep your requests unexacting.

Keeping your texts, phone calls, and social media chats short and sweet would make a great way to hook your man.

Mind you, remember to always find a perfect balance. Don’t be rude.


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➤ Eye Contact

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Here’s another trick every woman should master. Feelings can be excellently communicated without having to talk or touch your partner.

Let’s get techy. It is stale to think you need a wired gaming mouse connected to a computer to have a damn great gaming session. C’mon, the wireless type lets you do more.

In the same way, romance is not limited to talking flirty with your man or rubbing his head. If all you do to turn your man on is to touch, rub, and fonder, then you’re not playing your game well.

Baby girl, your white sexy eyeballs and glowing face can get things done way beyond you can imagine. Or does that sound too good to be true? It works like magic, trust me.

So how do you make eye contact without appearing desperate? It’s quite simple. Take a look at this.

You’re on a date with your man, say a restaurant or beach, or you’re taking a walk together, lock your eyes into his for some seconds flashing some charming smiles. Do this and take off your eyes the moment he attempts to smile in return.

One warning: don’t get into an overuse, else you’ll appear desperate and that’s enough for him to walk away.

➤  Go a step at a time

This is one of the most difficult things to do when you’re drunk in love. When the affection is at its peak, you are always on the edge to give it to your partner back to back.

Clara was like that when she met her boyfriend, Joe.

Clara was so engulfed in the aura of affection that they had several rounds of sex on their very first date. And being a lady with a high libido, she’s always forward to taking charge of the game on the bed with crazy twists and positions.

Things went pretty too fast. She would invite Joe to her house on weekends. This went on for a few weeks and everything seemed rosy.

Joe found this boring after a while and finally decided to call their relationship to quit.

Look, one of the greatest virtues you can develop in a relationship is self-control. Even if you’re not a sex freak like Clara, always find a good balance in your doings around your man.

Don’t keep proposing dates like it’s your breakfast. Bombarding his phone with romantic love messages is unnecessary. This is not to say you can’t send him text messages – no, you can. In fact, you should. But in a controlled manner.

You can imagine sending 10 love messages daily. That’s not love, girl. That’s desperation.

The same thing applies to other aspects of your relationship – how you make requests. Yes, men love to play the hero figure, but turning your man to your all-time savior will make him resent.

All in all, go a step at a time.

➤  Seldom halt pleasurable moments

You want your man’s quest for you to be through to the roof, learn to press the pause button once in a while.

You can imagine boring and lifeless it’d be to see a movie at the cinema that has no sense of suspense. That’s how many handle their love life. Their partner gets everything they want in the manner and time they want it.

It’s a cool evening and you’re cuddling on the sofa, kissing passionately, and enjoying the aura of romance, instead of stripping or doing some foreplays, you can find a way around putting a stop to the game.

If you do this, two things will happen – he’ll know you’re not up to a do-or-die love affair and you’ll leave him longing for another moment of enjoyment.

Keep your partner hungry for his best moments with you. If you do it well, you’ll drive him crazy about you.

➤ Get flirty

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Here’s another romantic way to drive a man crazy in a relationship. Start getting flirty with him. Sexual intimacy is key but there’re other options to this.

You can play a love song when you’re together, send him well-crafted love messages while you are in the same room, drop notes for him, play games together, kiss him……the list is endless.

If it is a sexually-active relationship, don’t keep repeating the same position on the bed.

Just be creative and spontaneous. Let him keep imagining what you’re up to.

☀ How do you win a man’s heart psychologically? ☀

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Winning a man’s heart doesn’t have to be a catch-22, where you sweat your way through to get his attention. No. You can win a man psychologically without even saying a word. Or does that sound too good to be true to you? Let me show you how!

➼ Respect Him

Respect can never be overrated – everyone loves to be respected.

Have you heard about hero instinct? Every man has it. If you know to trigger this in a relationship, trust me, you’ve got enough defense for challenges that might occur along the line.

Look, even the weakest relationship can get ignited again when the discourteous partner adjusts.

When a man knows you respect his being and personality, he will of his own accord leave you to explore the walls of his heart.

➼ Create a Safe Harbor/Haven for him

To a man, his emotional health is a priority. See, before a man commits himself to love a lady, he first checks if it’s worth it emotionally.

Baby girl, if you want to get a man crazy without saying a word, make the atmosphere emotionally safe and sane for him. Lay down your guard. Putting up those crazy attitudes of distrust, resentment, and hostility is a no-go area.

When you treat a man this way, he will always feel at home in your bosom. Before you know it, he’s already making the bold move.




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➼  Trust Him

To a man, love goes beyond saying “I love you.” He looks out for more. So if you think all you need to get get your man crush is to rain romantic compliments on him – you’re on the wrong side of things. Yes, complimenting a man is important. It helps to create a good sense of rapport, however, it’s not the end of things.

A man needs to see your willingness to be committed and to trust him.

Tell him you trust him and act the same.

The slightest sense of distrust is a big turn-off. The moment a man notices you second-guess everything he says, it’s just a manner of time before he leaves you to be.

So, if you want him, trust him.

➼ Be Affectionate

You want a romantic relationship, right? So don’t treat him like a coworker. Satisfy his affection.

In a relationship, affection can mean a bag of things – cuddling, hand-holding, lovemaking, and the likes. Discover what turns him on and take good advantage of it.

For instance, if he finds it cool when you rub his palm or play with his beards – then you’ve got what you need to get him.

And if he’s most affectionate on the bed, take him to cloud nine with during lovemaking.

All in all, always spice up your intimacy.

➼ Be his supporter

Good and responsible men have life goals, just the way you do yourself.

When you support a man, to him, it’s an indication that you both can build a future together. Start picking interest in his passion, pursuits, and even career.

Stand up to whoever despises his achievements and ability. Endorse him. Compliment him.

💟 How do I stay in his mind? 💟

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As a woman, being in your man’s mind is one of the most romantically thrilling achievements you can have. I mean invading his thoughts even when you’re physically absent. Here are 4 simple ways to do this.

❣ Keep a sharp eye on your look

Pictures and sights of people sometimes stay longer in their admirer’s mind more than their words. Know this and know it well. If you want to get him thinking about you, give him some beautiful sights that he can’t resist.

Regardless of your chosen style of dressing – be it corporate or casual, wear dresses that perfectly fits your complexion and shape. Keep your hairdos appealing. Smell nice. Be charming, neat, and adorable.

❣ Be his fan

Can you remember the common saying that – birds of the same feather flock together? To invade a man’s mind starts with building a close rapport with him.

Be his fan. Listen to him well, even if you don’t exactly have similar interests. Talk about his achievements too, compliment every single thing you like about him.

❣ Keep every moment full of vibe

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You are crazy about a man and you want to get him to do the same, keep every moment you share full of fun. Spend time together. Make every date memorable.

Share inside jokes. Make him laugh. Play together.

Also, don’t leave after a date without appreciating him for sharing his time with you.

❣ Be confident in all you do

Whether you’re already in a relationship or trying to get a man to fall in love with you, you’ve got to be confident.

Look, there’s nothing romantic about not being able to think and act on your own. To a reasonable extent, learn to be independent in your relationship with him.

You can be a man’s baby girl and still be independent. It’s all about finding a good balance.

❣ Master the use of body language

Melting a man’s heart is not limited to how you dress, act, or look. No!

Get your hands on some gentle and timely touch, eye contact.

When you’re together, don’t just talk – flash some charming smiles too.

💕 What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman? 💕

Michelle seemed to be out of luck in her past relationships. The best of men she’s ever gotten only stayed for a couple of months. We discussed, and thankfully she got out of the mess. Do you want to know what I told her to work on? Here we go!

❣️ Sincerity

The bedrock of every lasting relationship is honesty. Look, you cannot be a player and expect a man to commit himself to love you deeply. Even a co-player like you won’t do that.

Generally, I tell people – if you’re not ready to be sincerely committed to your partner, you probably shouldn’t consider starting a romantic relationship.

Even if you’re pretty as a red wagon, you need to be authentic, true, and honest to melt a man’s heart.

❣️ Support

In every relationship, men love to be seen and treated as heroes. Even in a marriage, there’s this cultural belief that a man should bear the bulk of caring for family needs.

If you’ve gotten a man who is super-protective and joyfully cares for you, offering a helping hand is a romantic way to melt his heart.

Don’t act unconcerned when it’s time to pay bills on your dates. Once in a while, offer to handle some payments.

❣️ Show him you both build a great future together

You can only get the best of your partner’s commitment when they see a future with you. If you want your man crush to love you deeply, then, make him see how great things could turn out being together.

❣️ Get him attracted

Getting a man obsessed with you largely depends on the level of emotional connection. Spend a good time together. Find out what are his likes and dislikes, and use them to your advantage.

❣️ Never act desperate

Yes, you can’t fold your hands expecting balls to fall in the basket on their own. But then, it’s a big turn-off when men spot desperation in women.

Always find a good balance.

◆ What makes a man attractive physically? ◆

When it comes to traits of physical attractiveness in men, the list is endless. Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. This is true for men and women alike. What Rose loves in men might not be of interest to Mary. But in a wider sense, these 5 traits would always make a man attractive. Take a peek at them!

⫸ His Hair

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A man’s body hair is a box all women tick in judging a man’s beauty. Some want their men hairy and full of beards, some prefer smooth skin and shaved beard – it all depends.

But either way, it is resenting when a man’s hair looks unkempt and rough. Anything short of ideal personal hygiene is a huge turn-off.

⫸ His Courtesy

Generally, women want to be respected and cared for. There’s nothing attractive in a rude and violent guy.

A man should be loving, compassionate, and calm.

⫸ Dress Sense

The same way men gush over well-dressed ladies, women also admire men who have a good hold of fashion. His color combination, his footwear, wristwatch – none go unnoticed.

A guy cannot be shabby with his looked and expect to be admired – nada!

⫸ How he smells

Everyone appreciates staying around someone who smells nice. In some cases, a good fragrance is more inviting when it’s coming from the opposite sex. You want to say “hello” and get on a chat.

Imagine having a coworker who smells bad. You will avoid every need for a physical conversation.

It works the same way as falling in love with a man.

⫸ Honesty

The last thing any woman wants in a relationship is a man that lacks sincerity. A man who would melt a woman’s heart must be honest and true.

There’s nothing romantic in having a player as a partner. You know, right? So, honesty is a major influencer when it comes to physical attraction.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

If you’ve been hustling to make a man fall in love with you, now you have enough to get his heart. Patiently identify the things that interest him. Even if they are dissimilar to yours, it’s not a bad idea if you make some adjustments – just to build the bond and rapport that you need. And finally, whatever tricks you’d want to try out, remember to keep them simple, full of vibe, and romantic.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

What’s the quickest way to a man’s heart?

It varies from man to man. Take your time to discover what gets him thrilled and start doing them.

How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

He’d always want to do everything with the woman.

What does a man want in a woman?

Amongst others, a man wants commitment, emotional intimacy, respect, romance, security, and space.


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