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How to Look Manly While Being Environmentally Conscious

Once upon a time, men drank wine from goblets while sticking their chests out and challenging each other to drunken duels to impress the women around them. That’s what being a manly man was all about in the times of empires and ages, where high testosterone levels equaled bravery, strength, and an appetite for blood.

Fortunately, the times have changed, and men no longer have to showcase their manliness by risking their lives. Watching sports, driving fast cars, pumping iron — that’s what being a man has been all about recently. But times are changing, and being a man today means caring for the Earth men have inhabited for thousands of years.

With that said, here’s how to keep your ‘manly’ look while being environmentally conscious.

Wear an Organic Wood Watch

Although women are typically known for their love of jewelry, men have also always been fascinated with it — especially gold. Sure, that golden Rolex might attract attention from across the room and respect from other men in the vicinity, but you’re not doing the environment any favors. In fact, gold’s production has many negative environmental impacts you might not have thought about. If you want to showcase your manly sense or style while still saving the environment, consider purchasing an organic wood watch. Not only does it look good, but it’s cheaper!

Grill Your Meat the Right Way

Standing in front of the barbecue grill flipping steaks and burgers with an ice-cold beer in your hand is about as close to being a manly man as you can get in today’s society. Perhaps you tried going vegetarian and it just wasn’t your thing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a helping hand in cleaning up the environment. Instead of manning your grill like a polluting peon, cook those burgers and steaks with the Earth in mind. Some of these great grilling tips include avoiding petroleum-based lighter fluids and using natural gas instead of propane.

Drive a Hybrid SUV

Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice size and horsepower when it comes to driving a vehicle that’s good for the environment. If you want your precious automobile to exemplify your manliness without sacrificing strength, consider opting for a luxurious hybrid SUV. Not only do these vehicles generate fewer emissions and provide more fuel efficiency, but they look as manly as any big truck or sports car next to you. So while the guy beside you is revving his engine wasting gas and harming the environment, you can rev yours and know you’re in the green.

Wash Yourself With a Safe Soap

There are many companies marketing bathroom products to men while taking advantage of their egos and vulnerabilities, including Axe and Old Spice. If you think being a manly man means using products that play to your compulsions, have at it. But today’s manly man is more of a trend setter, making his own decisions based on values and principles. If one of those values includes being environmentally conscious, consider using a Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap instead of the commercial crap. Not only will nature thank you, but the women will too.

Mow the Lawn Without Messing With the Air

There’s no need to lie, gentlemen — even if you’re telling your girlfriends or wives. Spending your Saturday or Sunday morning in the fresh air cutting and cultivating your lawn is about as therapeutic as heading to the local bar to watch the game with the fellas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be environmentally conscious while grooming your landscape. Whether it’s using an electric mower, a battery-powered one, or a push-type reel, there are plenty of clean ways to make sure you have the best looking lawn on the block — admit it, it makes you feel manly.

See, you don’t have to sacrifice your manliness to care for the world you live in. You might not think any of this helps to make it a cleaner place, but every little counts. Before you know it, other men will follow in your footsteps.

Written on 3/12/2014 by Hailey Robinson.

Photo Credit: We-Wood

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