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10 Expert Tips for Sustaining a Blissful Marriage

Being bound to one another for the rest of your life may seem like a daunting possibility at first. Yet, you find millions of people around the world undergoing the ritual of marriage, vowing to share their space and their soul with each other. The thing is that the human need for companionship grows stronger with the passing times. No one wants to end up alone in a dissociating world.

That is why people often go out of their way to make their marriages work. According to a famous therapist, marriage is not a simple exchange of rings. Instead, it is a balancing act which takes conscious effort to maintain.

To guide you, here are a few tips on how to keep a happy marriage.

Have a Life Outside the Relationship

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Have you heard about a flash fire which burns with an unmatched intensity in the beginning, but then extinguishes within seconds once it has exhausted itself?

This happens when you are over-invested in your relationship. So, take the moderate approach to your marriage and serve yourself while serving the bond, too. Properly cater to your rich personality outside the relationship and encourage your partner to do the same.

That way, when you finally get some time together, you’ll truly cherish it.

Don’t be Afraid to Compromise

Interests vary and that is a natural fact. It is up to you how you bring a conflict resolution within your marriage.

Remember, compromising in a marriage should never be one-sided because that is destructive. It destroys the person, both physically and psychologically to a point that they stop caring for their partner at all. Since there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, make sure both of you are in it equally, through thick and thin.

Extend your Trust

This point cannot be stressed enough. Whether it is about relationship loyalty or significant decisions, trust that your partner has enough potential to carry it out successfully. If you are constantly paranoid that the marriage is not going to work, it will just kill the relationship.

Bridge the Communication Gap

Face it. You are not just two strangers living under the same roof. You are equal partners bound in the beautiful bond and institution of marriage. That is why it is super important for you to be there for each other.

That won’t be possible without proper communication. With that, convey your mutual concerns open-heartedly and deal with them together. Keeping your concerns from each other and letting them build inside you will only lead to self-destruction.

Listen, share, resolve, laugh, and repeat.

Keep the Attraction Alive

A point might come in your life where you would be tempted to let yourself go. Do not! Stay prim and proper for your partner. Try to keep the passion alive, at least on the physical side. Experiment with new things, experiences, times spent together and a way to breathe some life into your relationship.

Make Spontaneous Plans

Resurrect the early relationship rush of excitement by coming up with spontaneous plans, which can be anything from a beach day out to an international trip. Read up on couples’ only packages offered by travel sites online. See if your partner is into gaming; have a gaming night planned with your high-speed internet geared up. Experiment with a whole lot of possibilities to keep the energy alive. Some ‘us’ time will do your marriage a whole lot of good.

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Recognize Mood Swings

Human beings have various shades of personalities. If you really want to know your marriage partner, you should be able to hack into their mood mainframe and recognize the swing patterns. This way, you can adjust your approach to their mood accordingly.

Catch the Little Gestures

Circumstances are not always great and that might put a strain on your marriage. You might be temporarily blinded by negativity to such an extent that you stop seeing the kind little gestures that your partner is doing for you. This could easily jeopardize the marital bliss. So, always keep a lookout for these gestures and appreciate them verbally.

Be Realistic

Expectations are the cornerstone for any relationship. They might lead to disappointments if they are not realistic enough (which they usually are not). Understand this point to retain mutual bliss in your marriage.

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Don’t Hesitate to Give

Take the initiative to spread love whenever you can. Open the door for your partner. Make them breakfast. Take their calls. Do not feel ashamed or think too much about giving first. It does not make them any big of a person or you any smaller. This is a universal principle to happiness.

In conclusion, the road to a blissful marriage is in the aforementioned pointers, which may be only a few but certainly enough to begin with. Do give them a go.

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