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How to Install Installous on Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Installous is a program that was created by the company called that is designed to allow users to share iOS applications without paying for them. The apps that allow you to do this are called cracked apps, and they are usually available in pay structures, but they have been “hacked” to try and circumvent the ability to install them or try them out without paying for them first. It needs to be said that this is akin to pirating software, DVD movies, songs, or other things. This makes taking things for free stealing, which is why you cannot find installous in the apple app store. Explaining how they work is in no way an endorsement to purchase or find this program, or to express support for people who choose to illegally download any internet materials.

It should also be said that the later versions of iOS, 8 and up, are being met with a large number of bugs when it comes to installous. This is in part because has stopped upgrading the program, and is pretty much done with it. The other reason is because later versions of iOS are equipped with extra program blockers to try and keep these programs from working the way they once did.

If you want to find it anyway, then there is a three-step method:

1. Jailbreak your phone: An app like this is not supported by a system that is designed to work around the app store. You have to jailbreak away from this.

2. Plug your device into a computer, and without going through itunes, move a copy of installous into your phone’s memory, the way you would save a file on a usb drive.

3. Start it up, and test it out. There are a number of bugs that have become an issue with installous, and the company who makes it no longer does bug fixes or upgrades so many people have moved on to the alternative sites.
<li>i-Funbox: This desktop app is easy to use, and there’s not much of a learning curve.</li>
<li>V-share: The same as installous but with a few interface differences</li>
<li>IPA searchIt will help you find valid IPA files for your phone or touch.</li>
<li>Appcake: This comes with iphonecake repo.</li>
<li>AppAddict: This is a repository of cracked apps to try on your phone or touch</li>

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