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How to Handle or Strike up a Conversation



I have not been shy about admitting that I am an introvert. While it’s true that I am in successful in sales, the fact is that I work from home and in that environment, I am a whirlwind. But – get me in front of a person one-on-one, and I am plain old dopey if I am not talking about work. Social situations simply are my downfall.

So, for people like me, how do we overcome that? How do us introverts get ahead or at least coast in social situations if we freeze up? Here are some of the things I have used successfully.

These are simply good conversation pieces and frankly it’s a good source for a different view of life.

So what did you really say? Nothing, nothing at all. You entertained someone for a second.


That’s all I have guys. As I mentioned, I clam up at the sound of thunder so if you have some good tips on conversation, let me know. Spending 15 hours a day at a computer has seemingly removed some social skills from my repertoire.

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