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How To Give Him Space: 15 Productive Tips For you

You have come to the right place if you want to know how to give him space! Everybody is different when it comes to romantic relations. Many of us need our own space when something is off. Many of us want to stick around and not let the other person get out of our sight. None of it means that one of them loves the other person more than the other person. It is only the way they deal with situations. Also, there are two broad types: Introverts and extroverts. Therefore, it is essential for a person and a relationship to accept the way their loved one is and how they deal with problems.

It is crucial to accept it because people who need their own space in a relationship often end up with people who don’t. Often, those who cling to these situations are attracted to people who don’t. Honestly, these relationships can always flourish, but only if both people accept them for what they are and adapt themselves accordingly. Wanting space in a relationship has nothing to do with a particular gender. It is more of a personality trait.

Some many men and women want more space than others. Many men and women tend to be clingy in a committed relationship. However, for this article, the primary focus is on women in committed relationships with men who are constantly needing space. It is understandable how difficult it can be for a woman to give him space. Unfortunately, it is real, and it is possible. You only need to plan your approach. So, if he is asking for space and you don’t know how to deal with the situation, here are fifteen highly effective tips on how to give him space, with some relationship advice as well.

❣️ 15 tips on how to give him space ❣️

how to give him space

1. Enjoy quality time with yourself

Many women who tend to cling to a relationship might feel that their man is their life. It is only because they think about him all the time. It is understandable because he is also the person with whom you love spending time. And it is excellent, but in such conditions, it will also be great if you learn to take some time away from him as well when you give him space.

It is highly essential to have a love-life balance, and it is also not healthy to depend on a person for your happiness because it is something that should come from within. It can be hard to imagine, but what if you break up? If you depend on that person, then it will be very challenging for you to move on with your life. Nobody wants to be in such a condition. So, it will be a good idea to work on your interests and come up with other ways to spend quality time.

It can also be possible that you both could get sick of each other if you spend a lot of time with that person. The same goes for him, which makes it suitable for him to spend time on what he likes doing. So, both of you will enjoy it more when you spend time with each other after that.

It will be best to try to make the most of the time you guys are away from each other. You should spend time doing what you enjoy. It will be highly beneficial for your relationship.

2. Make him feel heroic

It can seem weird to treat the man you love like a hero when he wants space, but surprisingly, it is among the most counter-intuitive things you can do for those who ask why men have an inbuilt desire to earn the respect of their women. And if you are being a clingy and controlling person. It means that you are also not giving him the freedom he needs. He might feel like he has given in, and when you feel like you cannot act on your will, he won’t feel satisfied as a man.

It is also a new theory in relationship psychology that is proving to be highly useful at the moment. It also claims that men have a drive to man up for the woman in their lives and be her hero. This behavior is hero instinct. It is where the man wants to see himself be the hero for his woman.

Women kick this instinct in men. It can sound a tad bit silly, and it is also true that women do not need a hero or somebody to rescue them in their lives.

However, the irony is that men still need to feel like a hero. It is built in their DNA to seek relationships that make them feel like a hero. In many cases, it is unlikely for a relationship to thrive unless the hero instinct triggers in men. So, it will be best for you to come up with ways that will make him feel like your hero, which will trigger the hero instinct. It involves giving him his freedom and independence. James Bauer is the relationship psychologist who came up with this term and introduced us to this concept. He also reveals the relatively easy things that you can do today to trigger the instinct in your man. It will be best to go through it.

3. Work on other relationships with other people

Having an ideal social life is also necessary. An 80-year-old study at Harvard also suggests that the quality of our close relations with people is the most consistent predictor of our happiness. And we aren’t only talking about one close relation in particular. According to studies, having at least five close relations is the best.

So, it will be helpful to ensure that you are not neglecting other people in your life because you are too involved with your partner. He might be needing space, and honestly, you could also use it.

So, start making plans with the other people who are important to you. It only takes a small amount of effort. Don’t wait for it. Call your parents or your friends, and spend time with them. On the brighter side, you will also have a lot to gossip about with your boyfriend when you get back!

Please note that you don’t need to spend time away from your boyfriend only for the heck of it. However, developing your other relations is an excellent reason for doing so.

4. Spend quality time together

If you are trying to spend time on your interests, then there are high chance that the time you will spend together will be quality. And, the best way to ensure it is by making plans with each other together, going on romantic dates, and so on.

You can also organize trips, go on adventures, and even find some couple hobbies for getting involved. It will increase the strength of your relationship to a great extent. Also, when you spend quality time together and have a lot of fun, both of you will be less upset when you are away from each other.

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5. There is no need to text each other all the time

If you are in constant touch with him, if you text each other non-stop throughout the day, and if it involves all the tiny details, it can be high time to reign it in. Because if you both are in constant touch, even if you are away from each other, then it might mean that you both never really got a chance to focus on different aspects of life.

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When you see each other, it may not even feel like you have spent a lot of time away from each other because of the constant texting. Because of it, your man might not always get the opportunity to miss you. Furthermore, missing each other is a highly essential part of a romantic relationship because it gives flame to desire and passion.

So, if you think that he needs space, it will help a lot to cut down on the amount of texting. Now, it does not mean that you have to ignore him. You can still stay in touch, but make sure to keep it at a healthy level.

6. Respect each other’s differences

We have heard a lot about opposites attracting each other. It is indeed true for most relationships, and there are many fundamental differences between two partners. It is pretty healthy, and the fact that you want to show a lot of love to your man and spend a lot of time with him shows your feelings for him.

Also, the fact that he wants to spend time alone is great. All in all, it is healthy to date those who are different from us. Also, nobody really wants to date people similar to them, because if they did, wouldn’t it get boring? But, even when we are with somebody who is different than us, the differences can be pretty irritating at times. For instance, he might always hang around with his boys while you are waiting to spend a romantic night with him.

The question that might arise in this situation is how should someone get past these differences. For starters, the essential thing is to recognize them for who they are. Now, it doesn’t relate to compatibility, but it means that you are human. Therefore, try your best to appreciate the plus points of his personality traits that you usually consider to be negatives.

For instance, if he loves spending time with his friends, instead of getting angry, appreciate that he has a great social life and is a fun-to-with person. Similarly, take a look at yourself and think if anything about you annoys him. Even if you are a clingy person, that means that you care a lot about him, and you will always be there for him.

Lastly, remind yourself that the differences between the both of you can be good or bad. But, it is rarely wrong. In the end, it all comes down to your perspective. And when you learn to accept your differences, you will also respect and understand them better.

7. Line up your upcoming dates

When you are aware that you will be meeting him on a set date, it will help you give him space till then. You won’t also be feeling anxious about not seeing or meeting him for a long time. The question, in this case, is when and how long should you plan it.

It ideally depends on your situation. Generally, every weekend sounds like a safe bet. After that, if you don’t see each other during the week, you will feel safe because you know that you will at least be meeting each other on weekends. You will also feel better about the time that you spend apart from each other. And it will also give the man the space that he desires.

8. Trust him

Trust is the most essential building block for any relationship. It is also the foundation of it. By trusting him, you will also be showing him that you are thereby his side and you are concerned for his well-being.

Not only that, but you are also showing him that you trust him to keep you happy and safe. All of it is a vital trigger to his hero instincts, the benefits of which we have already discussed.

It is because men have a biological drive to earn the respect of their women. By making him feel that you have faith in him, you are also quenching his thirst that is there deep down inside the mind. According to a famous relationship expert, male desires are often misunderstood and not complicated in reality.

We all know that instincts drive human behavior, and it is valid for how men approach their love relationships. Thus, it will be best to show him exactly what you need and allow him to step up and fulfill your desires. Men also thrive on solving the problems of women. Therefore, if you want to fix something, you can always seek him out.

Men want to be helpful, and they also want to be the first person you think of when you need help. Although asking for his help can seem relatively harmless, it can trigger his hero instinct. Therefore, trusting him will always help.

9. Figure out your attachment with him

For those who have not heard of the attachment theory, it is a psychology theory that describes the nature of emotional attachment between human beings. Experts also say that there are certain types of attachments that adults adopt. The styles are as follows:

So, if you have a problem with giving your boyfriend space, you are highly likely to come under the second attachment style, which is the anxious style of attachment. However, the good thing is that you can change your attachment style, but it will take time and effort. According to theories, a person’s attachment style is also related to the degree of the positive or negative image of themselves and others.

So, if you have an anxious attachment style, you can always develop a healthy image of yourself and trust your partner. Also, as mentioned earlier, it will be best to find something you like doing, be passionate about it and make it an essential part of your own life.

But, always remember that you have to start by working out on knowing which style of attachment you have. Once you know that, you will be able to bring changes.

10. Don’t rely on your partner for your self-worth

You need to start by asking yourself a simple question: How and what do you feel about yourself?

A huge reason why many people often cling to their relationships is that they lack self-value. And since they don’t feel good about themselves, they try to look up to their partner for upliftment. Often when somebody feels unlovable, they cling to their partner because of the fear that nobody wants them.

All of it means that it is time to increase self-esteem and self-worth. If you can relate to all of it, it is high time you do it as well. There are chances that you define yourself completely, if not broadly, by your love relationship.

As mentioned earlier, your definition of yourself should also be based on other things and aspects outside of your relationship. And you can do that by having and developing your passions, and hobbies, and even by trying new things. By doing all of these things, you can surely build self-confidence and increase self-worth. Furthermore, here are some ideas that will help you out.

11. Try talking to him if possible

When you are confused about the next step, the best thing to do is to have a long and deep confrontation about it. Healthy communication is the bedrock of any healthy and serious relationship. So, it will help if you ask him why he feels the need to have space. When you understand the reasons, you might also start feeling better about it. But, it is essential to go about the conversation the ideal way.

Please remember not to start an argument, and let him know that you are okay with him having space. But, you have to tell him that you want to understand what he feels and thinks at the moment.

So, if you talk to him in this way, it is doubtful that he will be defensive about his freedom. Because you are only showing him that you want to understand things, after all, you both need to know each other pretty well if you’re going to strengthen your relationship. Also, refrain from asking provoking questions like why he is like this or what you did wrong. It is because it will sound like you are complaining, and it is not the best way to initiate what will be a productive talk.

Not only that, but he might also think that you are being overly clingy, which will also make him question his future with you. Listening is the most essential part of a conversation. When you listen to him, he will also feel better because he will feel like you are trying to understand him, which will allow him to open up to you.

The good part is that he will also repay the favor by listening to you when you want to open up to him. So, the key to good listening is not to judge and make others feel that it is a safe atmosphere for them to speak. It indeed requires a lot of practice, but here are some great tips for becoming a good listener:

Also, we only want to have a great conversation where we are honest with each other which will help us to know the other person better.

12. Don’t call him every now and then and don’t be too available

During the starting stages of a love relationship, it is perfectly normal and understandable to feel the urge to call him and talk to him several times throughout the day. But, you need to resist that urge and ensure that you are giving him space to breathe.

If you are always upset about him not texting or calling you, it might also mean that you are not allowing him to respond to you. All in all, avoid making him feel overwhelmed by calling him many times a day. Instead, keep virtual contact to a minimum in such situations.

Also, if you are always available for him, he might start feeling that you are obsessed with him. So, try not to do that too often. A kind gesture once in a while is always appreciated. But, you need to ensure to create a balance between doing what he likes and giving healthy breaks so that he doesn’t think of you as a clingy person. But, please note that all of it is not does not mean that you are supposed to ignore him and not be there when he really needs help. You only need to know where to stop. Because there is a fine line between actually helping him when he needs it and just being around him and waiting for an opportunity to get involved in his life.

13. Don’t intrude on his personal space, and don’t decide things for him

It is something that you need to remember from the start of the relationship. Some men take time to open up, which is entirely normal, and it is something you should also respect.

So, don’t snoop around his things or check his phone or other personal items for no significant reason. Instead, be patient, and when it is time, he will come to you to share his deepest secrets and negative feelings.

Also, your intentions could be nice and clean but never make decisions for him. Always remember that the man you love right now is a functioning person who has lived a life before you came into his life. Not only that, but it will also stifle many men if you decide things for them.

So, always remember to not decide things for him unless he particularly asks you to, which he won’t, unless it is something menial, like choosing an outfit.

14. Don’t nag, and don’t advance too quickly in the relationship

Nagging is another type of behavior that can drive your man away. Although it could be because of tiny things like him not doing something you asked him to do despite timely reminders. But, nagging incessantly because of these things can be pretty irritating for him as well.

Instead of being involved in even the smallest of things, try saving it for matters of the highest importance.

Also, if your man is taking time to take things to the next level, consider respecting his intentions and giving him the space he needs.

It is better than pushing him into living with you or other things that will take your relationship to the next level. Because if you let him come by himself after you give him space, he will also feel the need to take the steering wheel in his hands.

But, if you keep on forcing him, he might also try to avoid you because he might feel overwhelmed and pressured. Therefore, give him space and try diverting his attention into making the relationship better and healthier for both of you.

15. Don’t try changing him and understand that he has other priorities

The two people in a relationship need not be similar, which is also what makes the relationship unique and beautiful. Therefore, a relationship will flourish when both people involved will respect how amazing they are.

Therefore, if your man has specific traits and qualities that are different but harmless, don’t try to change him because it will make him feel that you are sabotaging his freedom.

Also, it is best to understand that he has other priorities. When he has to cancel your date night or meet-ups because of other obligations, you need to know that he has to pay attention to other aspects of his own life as well.

So, your support and understanding will not only give him the breathing space he needs while he tries to balance his life, but he will also feel thankful for your understanding.

Also, if he has close female friends, try not to be suspicious, try not to doubt him, and be jealous of them. The key is not to let jealousy get the best of you. Because nothing will suffocate him more than a jealous partner who will doubt and question his every move.

Furthermore, if there is trust between the both of you, your doubt and suspicions will decrease, and you won’t even feel jealous. So, the best thing to do is to develop trust and acknowledge the fact that he has a life outside of the relationship.

💌 How do you give someone space without losing them? 💌

When your partner tells you that he needs space, it is understandable if you get nervous because not everybody wants to hear that the person they love needs to be away from them. So, you might also start questioning yourself about where you went wrong in this case. Some might even begin to assume that this moment is the beginning of the end of the relationship. But, it is not that bad. Experts even say that space and some me-time can prove to be good for the relationship. The good news for you is that there are many ways for you to give space to your partner without losing them. They are as follows:

⫸ Don’t take his request personally

You might go into a lot of self-questioning when he says that he needs space, and many times, you have not done anything. Psychologists say that some people simply need more space than others in a relationship.

It has very little to do with you and more to do with how they get energized. For instance, if he is an introvert, he might feel better when he spends some time alone. Similarly, an extrovert might feel better when he is around other people.

Photo Credit: piqsels.com

So, as difficult as it may be in the initial stages, it is best not to take his request for space seriously. Because if you do, you might also fall into a pit of guilt and take steps like fixing things when it is not necessary, which will worsen the situation.

⫸ Thank him for coming clean to you about what he wants

If you want to give him space while still maintaining that bond, it is essential for you to acknowledge his request.

Even for you, it is better if you see his need for space in a positive way. Also, questioning him in such a delicate stage might be the last thing you want to do. It is, in fact, a way to create more distance between the two of you.

Therefore, instead of launching questions at him, try showing gratitude to him for being honest about what he wants. Honestly, things would have been really messy for the both of you if he lied to you and avoided you to get what he wanted.

Not being honest in a relationship can tarnish the relationship and make you lose trust in your partner. It is because trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and it develops from honesty. So, try thanking him for being honest about what he wants.

He will also appreciate it, and it will strengthen the bond in a way.

⫸  Try to come to terms with what space actually means for the two of you

If having space between the two of you means a few days to many weeks of silence, it might as well be an exit plan. Therefore, to avoid it, it is highly essential to define what having space means for him.

So, you need to figure out where and when he needs time to be by himself. For example, does he need a week with his friends, or does he only need some alone time to recharge himself?

According to experts, couples who want space in a relationship also value the amazing connection between them. It is only that they recognize that their life as an individual is equally essential for them.

Therefore, it is essential for both of you to know what ‘having space’ actually means in these situations. Having a good talk before the break will help establish the essence of it.

⫸  Control texting

It is relatively easy to stay in constant touch through texts or calls throughout the day, but it need not necessarily strengthen the bond. As mentioned earlier, it might also be overwhelming for him if you are constantly texting or calling him, especially when he needs space.

So, one of the best ways to give him space without actually losing him in the process is to put a hold or limit the texting throughout the day. If it is difficult for you, try keeping goals and being busy with other things.

For instance, you will only text him after you are done with your day’s work. Or, you will only text him before sleeping.

It is an essential step because, according to experts, when we are in constant contact with them, they might feel that we are coming in between their work time or me-time, which will make them feel like we are smothering them.

A very healthy way to control texting is by swapping the texting with checking in. For example, instead of long talks and questions, a simple greeting, or just asking him how his day is going or how he is can suffice.

Small texts and positive messages like ‘I hope you are having a great day can also remind him that you are thinking of him and you care for him even when he is not able to spend the day with you.

⫸ Make more time for your friends and family

In the initial stages of our relationship, we often drop all the plans and every other thing just to spend time with our partner. When you do that, you will also find yourself spending relatively less time with your friends and family.

But, it is essential to remember that nurturing those bonds is as crucial as working on your relationship with him. Not only that, but it is also a great way to give space to your partner.

So, take some time out to spend time with separate friend groups who share similar interests as you. It will allow for time and space for both partners to connect with other people and enjoy their interests.

Also, spending more time with your friends will improve your relationship. It is because true friends will help you look at your relationship in a realistic way.

They will help you see it for what it is. Therefore, having someone with an outer perspective will help you make the right decisions, which will benefit your relationship.

Romantic relationships can indeed be stressful, so if you talk to your friends, then you will also hear a lot of ‘I have been there’ or ‘This is how I went through it,’ which will help you as well. All in all, friendships and other relationships will provide you with a solid outer network.

⫸ Set new self-goals

It is probably the best way to give your partner space and not lose the connection. When you dig in and push yourself to do truly challenging things, it will take you out of your comfort zone.

So, when he says that he needs space, it can also prove to be an excellent opportunity for you.

And instead of waiting around, try to get busy with the things that you love to do.

Also, if you need more distractions, take on a challenging goal that will bring out a hidden or underdeveloped power of yours.

When we expand ourselves in a positive direction, our healthy relationships will also grow with them.

Similarly, our unhealthy relationships might be damaged when we grow, but even that will lead to a better and more positive change. Therefore, next time your partner needs space, it will be an excellent time for you to set new goals for yourself, explore new areas, and develop yourself.

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⫸ Let go of the fears of being by yourself

This one is especially for those who might be having unresolved attachment issues as a child. You need to know that it is understandable if your partner’s need for space makes you anxious.

However, it is also essential to remember that having some time to yourself can also be healthy. Although it is normal to be stressed when you give each other some free time, there is a great difference between worrying about rational problems and irrationally.

A solid and healthy relationship that includes a certain amount of personal time should generally feel safe and secure.

So, it will be best to let go of all the worries or being alone, because it is pretty enjoyable in reality! It is time to enjoy some space for yourself because even that is highly likely to strengthen your relationship.

And honestly, there is no need to worry at all, because, in the end, you will be fine.

◆ Simple Ways To Make A Guy Miss You ◆

Love is indeed strange because, in some moments, you want him to miss you, but you don’t know how to make him miss you. As a woman, it is natural for you to want him to miss you. But, not every girl knows how to make a guy miss you when you are not there.

A famous quote says that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But, it need not be the same thing when you are in the 21st century. Also, note that a lot of absence can also make the heart look somewhere else. So, here are some simple tips to make him miss you.

✅ Play the waiting game

According to a study, around 15% of men get in touch with a woman on the same night that they met. And, 49% of men get in touch with her the next night. It is because of the waiting game. Men wouldn’t want to show you that they already miss you. Thus, they wait for a day or two to get in touch with you.

Women can use the same trick here. You can make him wait for you to respond and make him miss you to call you back. So, if you are thinking of waiting or texting him, we suggest that you wait around for a while.

The key here is to make him wait twice as long as he takes to respond to your texts or calls. These things can make him want you to respond to his texts and calls, which will make him miss you, which will make him text you and call you.

If that is what you want, play the waiting game and make him miss you. Because sometimes, playing a hard-to-get woman pays off as well!

✅ Be the first one who hangs up or ends a conversation

The laws of attraction can be at their best when you are playing hard to get! So, if you are the first person to say goodbye or good night over text or call, then it can work as well!

The key here is to show him that you are not dying to have an endless conversation with him.

When you hang up first, it will make your aura more mysterious, which can make you curious and make you want to talk more to you. He will feel that there is a lot more to you, which can also make him chase you.

Ignoring someone you are attracted to is a fantastic way to keep the interest he has in you at its peak. The mysterious aura and the part where he chases you are all the fun part of the dating game gone right.

You are doing it right if you don’t go all-in with your cute calls and texts.

✅ Use social media to your benefit

Using it as your weapon will often help to make him miss you. You can do so by being active on social media and constantly posting updates and pictures of yourself.

Try posting those parts of your life that he is interested to see. If he is interested in you, there are high chance that he is stalking you on the Internet, which means that he will definitely be seeing what you are posting. Use it to your advantage!

Try showing your fun side as well by uploading some great photos of yourself. All these things will make him realize what he is missing out on if he doesn’t become a part of your life.

The key is to show him and make him believe that you are worth the chase!

All in all, you can easily use social media to your advantage to make him miss you. So, have you posted a selfie in your new gym outfit? Or did you share your holiday pics with your girl gang?

If you have, he might be wishing if he were there with you. He might be even going crazy, which will make him text you instantly!

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❣ Will it work if you give him space? ❣

Men and women are different. However, one difference that can cause problems in a relationship is when a woman wants to talk about what is on the man’s mind.

The thing is that most women love talking, especially if there is a problem in their life. Women like discussing their matters in-depth, and they like to express what is going on with them and inside their minds. It allows them to get clarity, and it also eases the tension for them.

But, men are different. When something is going on in a man’s life, many of them will require space. Most men need some time by themselves in such situations. Men often tend to become preoccupied when they have something in their minds.

They feel the need to shut out all the contact to figure out what they need to do. Also, until they figure out the problem, they won’t feel the need to let anybody else in to talk about their issues.

Here is where women take it personally. Or, they might perceive it as a sign that he does not care about her. But, I can assure you that it is not at all a problem here. In fact, it is far away from the actual situation.

So, when you see a man having space, don’t make the huge mistake of thinking of it as a sign that he does not care about you or that something is wrong with you or the relationship.

+Photo Credit: pixnio.comWhen it comes to a relationship, giving men more space helps because it will help them gain perspective, deal with their emotions, and also develop the strength to be a good partner.

☸ How much space should you give him? ☸

It is more of a trial-and-error thing. You can try for a few hours or a few days, or if that doesn’t work, you can wait for a week or a couple, or even a few months. But, it is essential to remember that it is necessary for you to work on yourself and enjoy your life during these times.

Be it a few months or weeks, there is no specific period for it, and it depends from man to man. But, you need to remember that during the time you give him space, keep the contact to a minimum, and try not to initiate contact. In this situation, many of you might be unsure about the future of the relationship. So, when you don’t initiate contact, but when he does, it will show that he is putting in an effort.

This quality time will also give you the opportunity to think about your future. It is a great time to grow as an individual for both of you, and it will help you understand where you stand when you are back with him. And when you both get back, there will be more mutual appreciation for the relationship you both share.

But, it is essential to remember that there is no fixed time for giving space, and it is equally crucial to remember not to call or text them a lot. When you follow all these things, he will feel like you respect his wishes.

Also, try to come to terms with what this situation is with him before getting into it. When you both have a talk about the two of you before you give him space, it will be better for you because you will know what to expect and what not to expect.

🔇 Does giving space mean no contact? 🔇

It depends on the person and the situation. For example, you are in a casual relationship, and he has decided with you that he needs space, and space in this situation means no contact for an undetermined number of days.

Here, if it is something that you are not okay with, and considering the level of commitment involved, it is a sign for you to reconsider why you are dating him in the first place. The same goes for those who were in the same type of situation but were about to make a commitment.

Back to how to give him space, it only means what it says. If your man is asking for physical and emotional space from you, it refers to the relationship. It means that he wants to reconsider things, think about things again, and consider every aspect.

There are chances that he might be feeling overwhelmed or crowded. Similarly, it can also mean that there might be other things going on in his life that are bothering him, which are not related to you.

Therefore, asking for space is drawing a line, and if you care about him, you should respect his request. So, if you are confused about contact, no contact, or limited contact, it will be best to ask him. But, it is highly essential to ask him in a way that will make him feel like you respect his requests. A text that starts with an acknowledgment of his feelings sounds like a great way to do so.

If he says no contact, then don’t initiate contact until he does. Even if he says that he is okay with you talking to him, it will be best to reduce contact and give him the space he needs to think.

There is no need to worry in this step because he will always come back to you if you both are strong, and if he has told you that he needs space only to figure things out, or if he has other commitments or problems in his life.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Temporary separation often looks like the logical solution if two people want to have space but don’t want to break up. There are various differences that make couples come to this decision, like quarrels or feeling crowded.

But, all of it only makes them think of putting a slight pause to the relationship, to think about things. It not only gives them time to think, but it also makes it easy for the couple to figure out if their relationship has a future.

These breaks are also the more popular option today because giving space to your partner without breaking up with him indeed sounds like the better alternative than a final breakup.

The temporary separation will give you the time to think about the direction in which you want your existing relationship to move. But, it is equally important to figure out what pulls him away and what brings him closer to you.

In these times, it is an added bonus if you also know how to make him miss you, which will make him come back to you with more love than earlier. All in all, giving space should make your relationship better and not worse.

But, giving space in a relationship is something that both parties must agree on. It is more of something that will provide you with an option to think about how to take it further. Also, there should be an essential talk about what is allowed and what isn’t during the space period.

It should include the mode of communication, the frequency, and many other factors. A pause will also help in forcing both partners to solve their issues. So, when you give space, not only will you be helping yourself, but you will also be helping your partner solve the problems.

It is not easy to hear that he needs some time away from you. But, it also does not mean that he doesn’t love you or that your relationship will be ending soon. However, the way you respond to it matters the most here. Therefore, if you follow all the tips carefully, you will be able to give him the space he needs while not losing him in the process.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ Does space mean to break up?

According to relationship experts, Having space or giving space in a relationship is completely normal. All of it certainly does not mean that your relationship is over or that it is falling apart. Not every hurdle can call for a breakup. It might be because of minor issues which might have annoyed one partner. These things can definitely be fixed by taking a little time off to be by yourself.

❓ Does space help a broken relationship?

Yes, space can help a broken relationship. Spending quality time alone will make your relationship healthier because it will give both of you a chance to reconnect with yourself. All in all, it will help a relationship that is crumbling because of the lack of individuality.

❓ Why do men lose interest?

Men end up losing interest because of feel too much pressure. In such cases, adding more pressure is not a good idea. So, even if you want to know your position at the moment, it will be best to give him some distance so that he can decide by himself. It can also eventually increase the chances of him choosing you!

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