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How to Change Your Life in 30 Seconds or Less

Too busy, too rushed or simply too stressed to even think about how you could go about adding a positive spin to your life? Trust me, I know. It all takes so much time: read a book, make a list, talk to this person, etc. If you do have the time, do you have the energy and determination?

It’s tough. Sometimes, too tough.

As I tried to clear my head during a walk recently, something occurred to me. Things often change due to short bursts of action that last 30 seconds or less. Think about it, think of how potent and life changing a mere thirty seconds could be.

Experience Your Life Differently

The more I thought about it, I began to really notice and feel how long thirty seconds was. Try it. Do nothing but focus only on your breath (nothing else) for a whole thirty seconds. You’ll soon realize that thirty seconds is indeed a reasonable and worthy amount of time that can be used purposefully. Begin to explore all the things you can do with such a seemingly small moment of time. Wisely use it to make small contributions towards fueling new habits and stopping wasteful ones. Imagine, gradually, thirty seconds, by thirty seconds, you will be able to experience your life differently without really even trying.

Grow Your 30 Second Muscle

All, you need to do is hold your focus on a something positive for a whole thirty seconds (without getting distracted), and follow through with thirty seconds of positive action. Voila! In under a minute you’ve made a positive and valuable change to the flow of your life.

I’m sure you can find thirty seconds somewhere in your day, or better still, once every hour to make small, yet frequent positive changes to your life.

Here are some ideas.; take them or leave them. The point is that major change doesn’t always have to take major effort or major amounts of time.

    1. Start a 30 second savings habit
      All it takes is 30 seconds to grab some cash and deposit a coin or note into your daily savings jar in the kitchen. I have a little pink pig which I feed happily each day in under 30 seconds. 

What do you think? Can small decisions make major changes?

Written on 3/19/2009 by Carole Fogarty. Carole is the Editor of the Rejuvenation Lounge, a blog focused on sharing ways of living a relaxed lifestyle. Photo Credit: nattu
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