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5 Easy Ways on How to Change A Bad Habit Fast

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

Everyone wants to succeed.

That is why we try to change our mind and grow personally as well as professionally to achieve better results.

Unfortunately, the brain prefers negativity over positive information.

Studies show that the human brain leans more on the negative for a reason- that is so we can keep an eye out and prepare for any danger. As a result, you store negative experiences and thoughts in your mind more quickly.

Holding on to those thoughts builds harmful habits, defeats your progress, and keeps you stuck on the same level. This negativity in your brain is like the glitches that block your ability to think creatively and focus on the important things.

So, if you want success, start from your thoughts.

Life is a matter of decision. Instead of wasting your time in front of the computer day by day, invest it in something valuable. Focus on blocking bad habits and developing good ones.

Here’s a quick list of tips on how to change a bad habit.

Clearly specify what you want

Have you ever thought about what you want to achieve in three years from now?

To start any journey, you need a destination. So, set specific goals to succeed in life.

Identifying your goals is crucial if you want to explore your full potential. Once you specify what you want, you’ll be wrapped up in the process of taking steps to achieving something small while remaining focused on your primary goal.

Determining your goals by writing them down makes them real and tangible. Instead of using words like “would like to”, use “will” or even words in the present tense.

Imagine that you’ve already got what you want. Post your goals in a visible place to remind yourself of them every day. It may be your wall, computer monitor, bathroom mirror or any other place at your eye level.

Writing down your goals will help you stay focused and fixed on significant things instead of being anxious.

Turn every failure into opportunity

failure into opportunity


There will always be challenges so make sure to look for every opportunity to grow. Open-minded people are focused on progress and don’t panic when things get out of hand.

Instead of complaining, they believe that they have the power to dream big and achieve their ambitions no matter what’s happening around them.

What matters is that you don’t change the goals and give up when obstacles come. In fact, opportunities are everywhere. Even mistakes can be turned into teachable moments.

Failures are a part of human nature and instead of getting depressed, you can start learning from them. Every mistake will teach you a new lesson. And every lesson learned will draw you closer towards your goal.

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Expand your unfamiliar zone

Have you ever noticed when someone is afraid of being successful?

They take a few steps forward, make progress and right before achieving their goal, they give up.

People slow down because they are more comfortable with their past rather than their future.

If you want to move forward and succeed, you have to work on yourself. Staying at the same level requires no effort. But when you go outside your comfort zone, you place yourself in a challenging situation and that’s where the growth comes.

Find people to help you

No matter how motivated you are, you can’t achieve success under your own power. Even if someone else doesn’t help you directly, it’s a wise decision to choose a few individuals who can inspire and keep you motivated.

Surround yourself with people whom you can trust. Sometimes a faithful friend or mentor can provide you with valuable advice so that you won’t have to learn necessary lessons the hard way. Don’t underestimate people around you. They can help you fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Invest in deep thoughts

Distraction is an essential part of our everyday routine.

In this case, our thinking processes are often distracted. This can lead to more shallow ideas rather than deep thoughts.

But if our mind is shallow, what will our living be?

When you invest your energy into daily tasks, such as calls, emails, and meetings and you don’t pay attention to creating something valuable, you decrease your ability to come up with something innovative.

Make the right choice in this distracted world by investing in deep thoughts. Just a few seconds can change your whole life.

Are there any negative habits in your life? Do you know other effective ways on how to change a bad habit?

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