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How to Calculate How Many Weight Watchers Points You Get

Weight Watchers is a popular and established diet and exercise plan that’s based on the concept of balancing calories in with calories out. It assigns specific calorie totals to a simplified point system, and you’re allowed a certain number of points per day.

This individual Weight Watchers point total depends on your current weight, goal weight, activity level, age, and several other factors.

<strong>Calculating Points For Individual Characteristics</strong>

To figure out how many Weight Watchers points you get, first start with your gender and age. Women are assigned two points and men are assigned eight. If you’re between the ages of 17 and 26, you get four points.

You get three points if you’re between 27 and 37, two points if you’re between 38 and 47, one point if you’re between 48 and 58, and none if you’re over the age of 58. After you’ve added these two, add in the first two digits of your current weight. Then add one point if your height is between 5’1″ and 5’10 and two points if you’re taller than 5’10”.

Give yourself six points if you spend most of your day doing physical labor, four points if you walk a great deal during the day, two points if you spend the day occasionally sitting, and no points if you spend most of the day sitting down.

Finally, add in 35 “fun” points per week you can use if you wish. Staying at or below your daily point total will keep you on track toward your weight loss goal. The Weight Watchers meal plans assign points to a variety of prepackaged foods, or you can also research points assigned to foods outside the Weight Watchers meal plans.

<strong>Using a Weight Watchers Digital Calculator</strong>

Weight Watchers now has several user-friendly calculators to help you keep track of your daily point total. You can purchase one of these digital calculators with your Weight Watchers plan, or you can download one of them as a smartphone app. Several free Weight Watchers calculators are also available on websites hosted by long-time followers of this diet plan.

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