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7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Inner Drive Aflame

One problem many people face is that of not having the drive to achieve the things they want to achieve. For some, having the drive or zest to do great things is not the issue; they just don’t have the adequate amount to propel them.

For both those who have no drive and those whose drive is not as strong as they need to achieve what they aspire for, there is good news. Wouldn’t it excite you if I told you there are ways through which you can develop a drive or fan yours to flames? Yeah, that’s right. The steps below are sure ways to turn that drive on and switch it to its highest gear.

Have a realistic goal

If you want your drive to be optimal, then you must have a goal you want to achieve. And not just any goal – your goal must be realistic – something that’s achievable within reason.

You must have met some people that always say, “I’d be great in life; I just know it”, but having no goals they look forward to achieving to become great. More often than not, such people end up the opposite of what they declare just because they’ve set no goals. Setting goals keeps you focused and helps you channel most of your energy into those goals.

Write Down Your Goals

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By now, you must have seen how important it is to set goals you want to achieve. However, it doesn’t end there. Until a goal is written in clear terms, it is not a goal.

Have you ever wondered why businesses write their mission and vision statements down? It’s because goals in the mind are more liable to die than those written in clear terms.

A goal in your mind especially at the early stages gets mixed up with all the noise in there; and to be frank, it either gets faint in the background or completely gets ousted by that noise.

So, writing down your goal is one way to make it clear, distinct, and easy to be worked towards. It’s not a rule to write on paper, although it’s the majority’s favorite. You could also write on your electronic devices.

Master Looking At, And Reading Out Your Goals

Would you love a good and healthy dose of ambition for your goals? If yes, then you’d like to form the habit of keeping your written goals in front of you, staring at them often, and reading them out loud to yourself.

Staring at and reading them out frequently will help you commit them to your subconscious, so you’re consumed by your goals at your default state. These practices will come in handy especially for people who have phlegmatic tendencies or drag their feet at doing things.

Many great people, especially among the inventors, were people who mastered looking at their goals and saying them out to themselves.

If you’d love to make it a little more fun, you can save the audio of your goals on a mobile device and play it whenever you’re on the go. You could also paste those goals strategically in your house, either close to your bedside, on your bathroom door, or close to your mirror.

I’d advise you to read your goals to yourself every day before you start your day. That will keep your goals fresh in your mind, infusing you with the drive you need to achieve it.

Have A Role Model

One thing that’s most common among strongly driven individuals is having people they look up to. These people are not just anyone, but people who have done astoundingly well in the fields they wish to excel in.

For instance, you hardly go into a boxing gym without seeing, hanging on the walls, a picture of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. Rarely do you go to a reputable bodybuilding gym without seeing something that has to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Can you guess the reason boxers and bodybuilders keep their heroes’ pictures around their gym? It is to remind them who and what they want to become like. That’s a powerful drive booster.

No matter how self-driven you are, times will come when you’d need to look up to someone that excelled or is excelling in what you do, to implant some greater dose of that drive in you.

Sometimes, the role model that inspires you may not have done something related to what you pursue, but if they cause a boom in your drive to succeed, then stick with such people. Listen to them, read their books, pay attention to their achievements, and if possible, visit them often and talk with them. A role model will impart a lot of positive energy to you. Whenever there’s no zest or hunger for greatness, just looking at or listening to a role model has a way of lifting your spirit.

Surround yourself With Strongly Driven People

Well, this may be another case of “Show me your friend and I’ll show you who you are.” The people in your company will determine both the energy you absorb and the type you give out.

If your drive must be aflame, then beware of naysayers and complacent people. The former are pessimistic. They are those who make light of big dreams and goals. Sticking around them or keeping them as close friends can be very detrimental to your drive.

The latter – the complacent, are those people who have prepared in advance to settle for average goals and average lives. They are comfortable with the status quo and have a thing for their comfort zone. Such people won’t help fire up your drive. The best they can do is to persuade you to take it easy and become like them. It is hard to do, but you’d have to dissociate from such people if you have big dreams that need a big drive.

You can hang out on Friday evenings with those friends that only tell you jokes and aren’t relevant to your goals. But, for your closest and most consistent friends, they must be people who, like you, are strongly driven to achieve greatness.

Get a Coach

It’s not compulsory to have a coach. However, having a coach can help you if you want to fire up your drive. It’s either you have a generically professional coach or one that is relevant to your field.

Coaches are a powerful source of motivation. Most coaches have mastered the psychology of success and can instruct and push you to overcome hurdles and come out on the better side.

Ordinarily, human beings love to confide in others and receive support when they need one. And here is a coach who triples as a confidant, instructor, and motivator. The choice of whether or not to get a coach depends on your abilities and general attitude towards work.

It’s okay if you feel you can cope without a coach by applying the other tips listed in this article. Either way, you’d do great.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When most people talk about leaving the comfort zone, they refer to the actual work. To them, it means to put laxity behind you and go do great things. But leaving one’s comfort zone starts from the mind. Your mind needs to leave its comfort zone before your body follows suit. And how exactly does that work?

To be strongly driven is synonymous with being strong-willed. You must transform your mind from that which chickens out to that of a great person. Greatness requires a doing mind. A good way to master being strong-willed is by cooperating with your will in your little everyday tasks.

Make sure to not sleep on the items on your to-do lists. Things like insisting on getting off your bed immediately after your alarm rings help you train your will to become a doing and strongly driven will. It may also interest you to know that success has a way of begetting success. By the time you train and develop a doing will, and begin to register success in your small day-to-day tasks, your drive will experience a surge and you’d automatically be set up to reach greater milestones beyond your wildest dreams.

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