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How Do I Straighten My Hair Without an Unfavorable Aroma?

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to wear hair is straight and simple. However, most women find that the easy look of straight hair is anything but easy to achieve. A hair straightener is often required, which also includes the need for smelly straightening solutions or burned ends. Luckily, there are several methods women can choose to rid themselves of the bad odor while retaining the glossy sheen of straight hair.

Do a Smell Test on Straighteners
Some hair needs chemicals for the desired straightness, but not all are created equally. Salons will allow their customers to smell the products before they agree to use them. The customer simply needs to ask. Likewise, some salons may have an odor reducer than can be added to the straightening solution before it is placed on hair.

Use a High Quality Conditioner
Dry hair will take on a burned quality with repeated use of hair styling tools of every type. Conditioner is made to turn dry hair into luscious, luxurious locks. Remember to use a deep conditioner once or twice each week as well. A leave-in conditioner is arguably the best choice for hair that is regularly straightened, though it should remain at the ends rather than roots.

Turn Down the Heat
Hair that is burned due to repeated use of a straightening wand may be suffering from heat that is too high or a wand that remains on the hair for far too long. If the wand has settings, try low or medium heat. In all cases, the user should not allow the wand to remain in the hair for any length of time. Long, even strokes create the straightest, shiniest hair.

Wash Hair Less
It may seem counterintuitive to wash smelly hair less often, but it can lead to excellent results. Most professional stylists recommend washing hair no more often than two to three times per week. Those with dry locks can wash much less often than this. Avoiding a wash can lessen the amount of time spent straightening hair and the damage that this entails.

Use Heat Protector
Most hair care brands use special products to protect locks from the damage of straightening wands. As with chemical straighteners, it is important to do a smell test to determine which is the best option. Be sure to use the product sparingly, as too much can create another unfortunate smell.

Step Outside
The easiest solution to removing odor from hair is to simply spend some time in the fresh air. If possible, brush hair in the open air as well. After a few moments, the smell should fade.

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