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How Do I Set Up A Bluetooth Headset For My Xbox 360?

Modern technology has allowed you to become a multitasking machine. With a Bluetooth Headset, you can chat with online friends while playing your Xbox 360. This is how you set up your Bluetooth Headset for your Xbox 360.

<h2>Share Information Boast and Brag While Playing Xbox 360</h2>

The World Wide Web is amazing. You can share thoughts, music and gaming experiences like you are in the same room. Imagine if you are playing “Call of Duty” multiplayer in the midst of a great competition. You want to warn a member of your team about a potential ambush, but typing would take too much time.

What if you could just “speak” the instructions through your Bluetooth Headset while continuing to use your hands for operating the game controls? Now you can with a Bluetooth Headset for your Xbox 360.

Your Bluetooth Headset has up to eight hours of talk time. It has a convenient micro USB cord for charging. You can switch easily between your Bluetooth and Xbox modes.

<h2>Setting Up Bluetooth Headset and Xbox 360</h2>

The easiest way to set up your Bluetooth Headset and Xbox 360 is to go to Xbox Live. Customer support can help you troubleshoot any problems.

Otherwise, if you do it offline. First, you should start by turning your Xbox 360 off. DO NOT connect your Bluetooth Headset into it initially. Turn the Xbox 360 on. Insert the software program for the Bluetooth Headset. Each device has its own software driver for each hardware model.

The Installation process will take some time as you go through a series of menus. Wait until it is complete. Usually, you will need to reboot your Xbox 360 after the software is installed. After you reboot, check your program files to see if it is there.

Second, charge your Bluetooth Headset. You can use a USB cable to charge it. Just be aware that it won’t function while you are charging.

Third, plug your headset into your Xbox 360. Make sure that it recognizes the presence of your device. If you have any problems, you might need to re-install the software. Go into the software menu and check through the “Help” screen.

You can also connect your headset “wirelessly”. Turn on your console. Move the “Mode” setting to Green for Xbox. Press “Power.” Press “Connect” on the headset and then press “Connect” on the console.

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