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Vitapost Green Coffee Plus Reviews: Does it Really Work?

Green coffee beans boost energy in our body but surprisingly, they can also accelerate metabolic mechanisms. From there, a new possibility to weight loss emerges and scientific studies have approved this.

Unlike other weight loss supplements, VitaPost Green Coffee Plus contains unroasted coffee that possesses several health benefits. Thus, manufacturers claim that this supplement is made to achieve weight loss goals and to offer some general health benefits.

How does Green Coffee Plus function and does it have any side effects? We will know answers to these questions in this review.

Green Coffee Plus Reviews: Product Overview

green coffee plus review
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VitaPost Green Coffee Plus

Veggie Capsule

Green Coffee Plus is a plant-based supplement that supports weight loss and general health benefits.

$0.49 per pill

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

People who consume Green Coffee Plus claim to shed an effective amount of fats in some weeks or months. These are some positive reviews from those who actually experienced the promised results from the product.

“I’m a mother of 2 children and believe me when I say I was in a rough patch, feeling overweight and having no energy after pregnancy. Green coffee plus has been amazing for me. I’m not a big coffee drinker either, so capsules were perfect for getting the energy I needed for my day.”Zoe Moore

“I have been taking this product for 19 days and have lost 12 pounds!! I am truly satisfied with the product and it’s outcome! It is making me feel better about myself. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.” Molly

“Green coffee plus has definitely given me more energy and no side effects to report. I’ve only been taking it for about 1 month and lost 5 pounds.”KM

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What is Green Coffee Plus Supplement?

Green Coffee Plus by VitaPost is formulated to treat the root cause of stubborn weight gain. It is a dietary weight loss supplement made of green coffee beans and their natural components.

The manufacturers claim that these green coffee beans included in the supplement are sourced from Texas and extracted during their raw form. Thus, the supplement does not create any adverse effect on consumers.

Taking Green Coffee Plus regularly, you can expect your metabolism to get boosted naturally and achieve your weight loss goal efficiently. Besides, Green Coffee Plus veggie capsules also support the restoration of general health and wellness.

The benefits of green coffee beans featured in the supplement include improvement of focus, energy and endurance level. Thus, you can continue the workouts for long hours and enhance your fitness.

Green Coffee Plus is also found to be rich in antioxidants that can promote youthful skin to increase the beauty of consumers. Besides, the supplement can improve sleep, and promote cardiovascular health.

Adults of any age can consume the Green Coffee Plus supplement and reap the promised benefits. It is made in the US with FDA manufacturing facilities that follow GMP guidelines.

How does Green Coffee Plus work?

Green Coffee Plus has a rich source of green coffee bean extract that includes potent antioxidants and popular ingredients in weight loss supplements. As the formula contains coffee extract in its raw form, it provides an abundance of nutrients.

The supplement primarily targets the cause of slow or unhealthy metabolism. The unroasted coffee beans included in the supplement provide the vital nutrients that consistently boost metabolism.

Thus, the formula with chlorogenic acids and antioxidants which are called green coffee antioxidants (GCA), helps accelerate calorie burn. This helps melt stubborn fat in several parts of the body including arms, thighs, belly, etc, and convert them into energy and pave the way to a slim and fit appearance.

The caffeine found in green coffee bean extract increases chlorogenic levels in the body and promotes reduced absorption of excess fat and glucose in the gut. As a result, Chlorogenic acid can help lower insulin spikes that support a healthy metabolism.

This way, Chlorogenic acid helps the body shed excess weight effectively. This helps increase energy levels and improve the performance of daily activities.

As chlorogenic acid helps reduce elevated blood sugar levels, it is also effective in reducing the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. Besides, the compound also helps support cardiovascular health.

Rich in green coffee antioxidants (GCA) Green Coffee Plus also helps fight free radicals that help treat inflammation. This helps promote general health and wellness and restore the healthy function of the body.

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What are the Benefits of Green Coffee Plus?

Photo: Green Coffee Plus Official Website

By taking Green Coffee Plus, consumers can achieve weight loss goals in a more possible way. Besides, they can expect the following benefits:

Promotes a lean and youthful appearance

Green Coffee Plus contains chlorogenic acid and caffeine that help accelerate the fat burn process. Thus, the excess fats in the body melt away converting them into energy and offering a healthy shape. Besides, antioxidants in the Green Coffee Plus helps tighten the loose skin resulting from fat loss and improve the bodily appearance.

Offers cognitive support

Many studies show that chlorogenic acid in coffee helps improve focus and concentration. It boosts cognitive function and improves mental clarity so that consumers can perform tasks in a better way and excel in skills. Coffee bean extract speeds up the performance of the prefrontal cortex to improve brain function.

Helps in offering cardiovascular health benefits

The antioxidants present in Green Coffee Plus helps prevent inflammation whereas chlorogenic acid and green coffee bean help treat heart diseases and blood pressure. Green coffee antioxidants (GCA) and green coffee bean extract also eliminate food cravings, facilitating the feeling of fullness. This way, the supplement helps in weight loss and helps control blood sugar.

Encourages healthy heart function

With chlorogenic acids, Green Coffee Plus helps regulate cholesterol and insulin levels. This helps have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and reduces the risk of various heart diseases.

Supports healthy sleep cycle

Green Coffee Plus offers the essential nutrients to shed stubborn fats by improving metabolism. With a healthy metabolism, the body finds some relaxation and the sleep cycle improves. When the body achieves calorie burn at a normal rate, you can start observing overall health benefits also.

Why is Green Coffee Plus Effective?

Green Coffee Plus is a green coffee extract supplementation that helps lose weight efficiently. However, it does not end here. It has more to offer.

Supports Natural Weight Loss

According to the National Institutes of Health Dietary Supplements, green coffee bean extract helps reduce the absorption of sugar and speed up fat or calorie metabolism with modest benefits. As Green Coffee Plus is made of primarily green coffee beans, consumers can expect natural weight management.

Contains Antioxidants

The formula is filled with potent antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E that helps fight against free radicals and improve bodily functions. Besides, these antioxidants help offer many general health benefits such as gut improvement and inflammation treatment.

Made In the US

Green Coffee Plus is made of only natural ingredients, mainly green coffee beans. It is also manufactured in the US with an FDA registered facility that regulates under GMP guidelines to ensure the quality product.

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What are the ingredients in Green Coffee Plus?

Photo: Vitapost Green Coffee Plus

VitaPost Green Coffee Plus includes only a few ingredients that are all plant-based or natural. So consumers can reap weight loss and general health benefits without suffering side effects.

Green Coffee Antioxidant: Green Coffee Plus contains 50% Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) in weight. GCA is also called chlorogenic acid helps fight against free radicals and promotes healthy metabolism. It is found primarily in coffee. Besides, many fruits and vegetables such as apples and pears also contain chlorogenic acid.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: According to the official website of Green Coffee Plus, a supplement contains coffee bean extract sourced from unroasted or raw coffee beans. Many studies show that, unlike roasted coffee beans, green or raw coffee beans are rich in caffeine, antioxidants and other compounds including chlorogenic acid that help in the metabolic process. It can also help regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

Who is Green Coffee Plus best for?

Green Coffee Plus is made for both men and women who want to reduce excess weight using green coffee beans. The supplement is effective in increasing metabolism and melting unwanted fasts with natural ingredients.

It can be best for any age above 18 who struggle in maintaining a healthy weight and remain fit for a long time. Those who have tried every possible way but do not achieve anything beneficial, can opt for this supplement and enhance their weight loss journey.

Green Coffee Plus Pros and Cons

✅ It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to ensure general health benefits such as restoration of blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevention of heart diseases. If you are pregnant or under any kind of medication, you need to consult the doctors before using this supplement.
✅ The product is made in the US with only plant-based ingredients processed under an FDA approved facility. VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is available online only- Not allowed retailers to sell at physical stores.
✅ VitaPost Green Coffee Plus supports natural weight loss and improves bodily functions. Consumers need to consume Green Coffee Plus consistently to reap the benefits.
✅ Not only bodily fitness, but it also supports cognitive health.
✅ It also offers a refund policy.

Green Coffee Plus Cost and Discounts

Green Coffee Plus is one of the weight loss supplements from Vita Balance Inc. that has over 35 health brands. It is one of the trusted health supplement manufacturing companies.

According to the official website, consumers can buy Green Coffee Plus in three different packages.

Photo: Vitapost Green Coffee Plus

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The lightweight package comes with a single bottle at $29.95 and lasts for one month. If you want a medium package, it contains two bottles at $45.90 and lasts for two months. Finally, the most popular package consists of four bottles including one bonus bottle at $68.84.

Though the packages are affordable themselves, creators also offer some discounts for buyers in bulk orders. The medium package can help you get $14 off whereas the bulkiest package can save $50.96 for you.

Green Coffee Plus Refund Policy

Thousands of people have been consuming Green Coffee Plus for many months and they are quite happy with the results. There have been no complaints from the first produced unit. However, what happens if a rare unit befalls you and does not benefit you or you are not satisfied with the results from Green Coffee Plus?

In this case, manufacturers offer a 100% refund policy for buyers. Yes, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee offer to help consumers ensure that they have taken genuine products.

Anyone can return the unopened Green Coffee Plus bottles to manufacturers or companies and claim their refund. Manufacturers readily accept the unopened bottles or bottles with the original company’s seal.

You can contact the company or manufacturers via the following:

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VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is a weight loss supplement made of green coffee extracts. Antioxidants and other potent components in the formula help increase metabolism, lessen glucose absorption, and reduce fat accumulation that overall contribute to natural weight loss.

Besides, this supplement also provides overall health benefits including the restoration of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels. Consumers also can feel more active, energetic and more focused in their daily lives.

So, if you are looking for a plant-based weight management helper for you, blood pressure can be the best option. As the product is made in the US with the direction of the FDA registered facility, you can not doubt its quality.

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Green Coffee Plus​​ Reviews FAQ

Does Green Coffee Plus help lose weight?

Yes. Green Coffee Plus has powerful ingredients like chlorogenic acid and caffeine that promote weight loss without creating side effects. Besides, consumers can also expect some general health benefits including increased metabolism and energy level and restoration of healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and others.

How to take Green Coffee Plus pills?

It is recommended to take 2 pills a day with a sensible diet and exercise to lose weight effectively. However, you need not increase the dose to get faster results.

How much does it cost?

Green Coffee Plus is available in three packages:

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