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GO GREEN IN THE OFFICE: 4 guidelines for a brighter future



There are many ways we can collaborate with an environmentally friendly work space. Some things are really easy to do because you can do them on your own, while others involve your team and the support of your colleagues. The most difficult tasks are those which require changing the company´s attitude and guidelines towards internal and external environmental issues. Most often, people think going green and taking good care of the environment is an easy task, but when they realize that they need to change their habits, routine and comfort, they normally drop off.

If you are one of these, remember that to achieve any goal, we need commitment, effort and strategies. These are the best ways to avoid the harm we have been causing to nature. There is no easy road anyway, and even if you are doing the best that you can, maybe you can do a little more.

These 4 easy steps can bring a positive impact to your work environment and they can also paint you as an environmental leader at work.

Being a leader does not mean you are better than anyone else, but that you can act as a role model, an example that they can rely on during these new changes and steps. Start simple, start small, but start somehow, and soon you will realize how many actions are linked together towards a greener and brighter future.

Reduce Energy Consumption

This is a frequent motto in terms of building a better future for the planet and for ourselves. Turn off everything that you are not using from coffee machines, to lights in the restroom and the constant recharging of your cell phone. Use the stairs instead of the elevator to reach your office, use a bike to go to work if possible, and avoid any kind of extra use of energy. That goes from electricity to gasoline.

Use the Same Water Bottle

What do you do when only 14% of plastic bottles are recycled, when you realize Americans spend more than 15 billion on water bottle every year and that more than 2.4 million tons of PET plastic discarded every year comes from bottled water? Say no, no and no to consuming it. Carry your own bottle everywhere—in the car, at your desk, to your lunch, and even to business meetings. Do not worry if people may look down at you or even think you are an “environmental bore”. Tell them how proud you are of doing your part to those astronomical numbers and soon you will see more people standing by your side.


There are many places that do collect selectively and have everything organized accordingly, due to city and firm laws or their own consciousness. Still, no matter where you are there is always something else that can be recycled and done to help the cause. Paper can be transformed into amazing and creative note cards; pens can also be transformed into art work and so on. Take advantage of book exchange circles. All you do is set a table where people bring books they have read and anyone who is interested can get one and then bring it back for another person to read and so on. Our problem now is that the table is too small for the amount of books we have been collecting, sharing, saving, and recycling.

Plastic Cups Should Be Banned

This is another immense waste which most companies still avoid addressing internally. The fact is, tons of plastic is being thrown away because people do not use the same cup over and over again. All we need to do is to carry our own mug and also one for guests and keep them washed at our desk. Feel like having fun at work place? You can promote a most creative mug contest in your office. I am sure it will become an environmental icon at your workplace. Now, there is one more last thing, once you follow these guidelines, you are running the risk of being called to handle more environmental projects? Ready?

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