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“GATEKEEPER PRINCIPLES: “3 Keys To Build More Confidence and Overcome Fear”

I believe that we are all Gatekeepers of our own lives. We each have the power to rewrite our story and create the change we want to see. Often what is standing in our way are our own fears and limiting beliefs. I remember about six years ago, I was working for a large financial company. It was a good job, but something more was calling me. I always knew I wanted to run my own business, but for some reason I could not see a way out of my job. I felt like it was time to go out on my own, but the fear of not being able to succeed was threatening to stand in my way. What’s worse is that there were a few people who had left and then returned a year later.

I kept looking for a sign and I am also thankful that I had positive people in my life who supported my decision. One day I just decided that I had to take a chance, I had to bet on myself. It was my time now. I knew I would never become the person I wanted to be if I stayed in this job, and though I didn’t have all the answers, I decided to formulate my plan, trust myself a little more, take the leap, and never look back.

It’s really amazing what you find on the other side of your fears. My whole life opened up. I started my own business and have been working with some of the most amazing people all over the world. I even wrote a book which is now on Amazon called, I Am the Gatekeeper with 101 Daily Keys to Unlock Your Happiness, Overcome Adversity and Fulfill Your Purpose. Some of the keys that I believe gave me the confidence to fulfill my dream and follow my goals are:

#1 Overcome Your Heart’s Deception:

Sometimes we are afraid to pursue our most important dreams because we are afraid of judgement, disappointing our family or friends and most of all disappointing ourselves. That little voice inside always seems to creep up just as you are about to step into action saying “they will laugh”, “you can’t do it”, “you’re not an expert”, or “what if something bad happens?”. This is where you need to learn the difference between your fears and your inner truth. Your inner truth will never bring turmoil or confusion. For example, fear will say “don’t do this; you will break your leg”, your inner guidance will say “take this turn; you will land better”. One inner voice will use scare tactics and the other uses positive guidance. If you learn to discern the difference, you will find yourself taking greater action every day.

#2 You Are A Master Piece:

So often we do not give ourselves permission to acknowledge our own strengths and greatness. You are unique and there is no one else on earth like you. No one else will have the exact life experience as you do; therefore, the way you creatively express your strengths and passions will be unique. When we compare ourselves to others it weakens our confidence and removes the focus from what makes us, as individuals, the masterpiece that we are. What makes the world beautiful is that we are all different and see things differently. Acknowledging that you, as you are, are good enough for the desires you want to pursue can help give you the confidence to move forward. Yes you may need some coaching or training, but instead of staying stuck on what you lack, focus on creating a plan to get to where you want to go, and take action.

#3 Winning the battle of the mind:

At times when you are trying to make the shift from where you are to where you want to go, the mind becomes a battlefield. Your old habits seem to be determined to keep you exactly where you don’t want to be. It can feel like an internal tug of war. It’s like saying “I am a success” and suddenly the mental picture of that last project you messed up comes back to remind you that you are not. Still, you have the power to overcome this. Using daily affirmations and meditation are great ways to stimulate new ideas in your mind and help you build greater confidence. Over time you will find that the argument will lessen if you stay persistent. At first, it will seem like its not working ,but keep pressing on with imposing these new ideas for 30 to 90 days. You have to persist until your mind has no choice but to accept those truths. Instead of saying for example, “I am winning”, trying say “I am now winning”. Saying that whatever you want is now happening should lessen the internal argument.

You are a gatekeeper of your own life and you have the power to change it. Building your confidence by gaining greater awareness of your thoughts and changing them to become an ally to your success is key. Trust in your own truth and remember you are not reaching for your goals, your goals are reaching for you.


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