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How to Overcome Gaps in Employment

Are you worried about gaps in employment?

With the severe economic conditions and widespread layoffs, more people are faced with the threat of losing their job. The negative trends affect all sectors of the labour market and even the best workers can get laid off. Unfortunately, a potential blow may have a bigger impact on your career that you suspect.

The effects of long–term unemployment are evident in the division of the labour market. There are two well-defined groups – people that have been out of work for less than six months and those who have been out of work longer.

The reason is that most employers and recruiters are less likely to hire job seekers that stayed unemployed for a while. Recruiters assume that something is not right with them and they are not suitable candidates. Fortunately, it is not impossible to break the stigma of long-term unemployment.

Here is how to get a fresh start in your career and overcome gaps in employment.

Overcome the psychological effects of unemployment

effects of unemployment

For many people the effects of losing their job extend beyond the financial impact. It’s natural to experience lower self-esteem after getting laid off.

Since our personal and professional identities are closely aligned, our job can largely affect our perception of who we are. In this sense, it’s not simply your job that has been taken away, but your identity as well.

Feelings of anxiety, sadness, insecurity and hopelessness can grow and lead to more serious consequences. It is important to recognize these negative patterns and improve your mental attitude:

Fill the Gaps

As mentioned earlier, recruiters are less likely to hire someone who has been out of work for more than six months. You can turn this around by using your free time for meaningful activities that will enrich both your life and your resume.

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Level Up Your Resume

Your resume reflects not only your work experience, but also your individual self. Long gaps in employment can give the impression of lack of ambition and abilities. These unexplained blank spaces in your work history may also imply that you are incapable of landing a job.

Here’s how to handle the employment gaps in your CV:

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Although long-term unemployment can be tough, there is no use getting discouraged and bummed-out. Life throws challenges that seem impossible to past through until you actually overcome them.

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