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Freezer Feeding: How long can you go?

I have no idea why I never thought of doing this. The Help Your Money blog writes about a process named, “The Freezer Challenge”. The concept is simple, see how long you can go with only eating food from the freezer.

When I opened mine up, there were frozen dinners that I don’t remember buying and hamburgers with a date stamp of August 2005 (I think I’ll pass on those). That’s not all and I’ll spare you the details. Just know I found all kinds of nastiness.

But hey, if it’s not too old, I am not too proud to save some cash and eat it!

“When you open your freezer door do you groan at the sight of unmarked bags of frozen leftovers or scream because a pot roast you bought on its last day at the grocer’s lands on your foot? If feeling you just can not throw something edible away do you stuff it in your freezer planning to eat it another day? Or are you the warehouse shopper who buys in bulk but unfortunately throws a great deal of it away without using it? For many people the freezer becomes a storage space or just a stop for a meal before the trashcan.”

All of this reminds me of a Business Week article from yesterday. They go into detail on how long your foods last. I would take a peak at that before embarking on your thrifty freezer food eating campaign. I’d hate to see someone get listeria or something.

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