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Five Productive Ways To Blast Through Your TV Addiction

Family Watching TV

Family Watching TV

America holds the prize for the highest density of potatoes – couch potatoes that is. Don’t laugh at us, other countries will soon get there as we continue to send aid, televisions, and potato chips.

I think one reason we’re so susceptible to this is because we either can’t think of anything to do or because we just don’t feel like getting up.

Just to have a running definition of smart, we’ll say that it means “showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness.” When you’re watching television you’re actually dulling your alertness, and not utilizing calculation skills. You have no need for resourcefulness other than figuring out a way to not get pizza grease on your remote control and that doesn’t always take priority either.

Television time in known as prime time. That’s generally the hours of 8pm to 10pm every evening during which the majority of people are at home, on the couch, and totally vegging out. We all know that TV watching is not exclusive to this time slot, so in reality an average person watches much more than 2 hours of television per day.

I’ve personally beaten down the TV habit and on the rare day that I’ll watch TV, it won’t be more than 5-10 minutes. I mentioned earlier that I think the main reason people watch so much TV is for the lack of something better to do (i.e. boredom). After doing some thinking, I’ve come up with some ways that I can enjoy life more and/or be more productive towards reaching my life goals, in the time I would have otherwise been watching TV. Here are some of the ways I chose…

Treating The TV Addiction

5 Smarter-Than-TV Tasks

I know it can be mind-boggling to look at the way you’ve let your area go, which makes it hard to get started. However, if you take 15 minutes a day in order to speed-clean a certain area, it will make it much easier, or unnecessary to clean on “cleaning-day.” This is a task I love to do while plugged into an audio book or into some speedy techno music.

Other than organizing your living area, you’ll also want to organize your mind by having yourself a…

At this point you must think I’m some kind of organization freak, even if I do only half of the things that are on this list. However, experience dictates a few very important facts about organizing your thoughts into task lists.

  1. If you trust your mind to remember what’s important, you’re going to forget.

Remember, planning is a time investment that earns huge dividends. Without constantly setting goals that make you reach outside of your comfort zone, you’re bound to settle into a life that is neither exciting nor anything greater than mediocre.

While measured output is a great way to spend time, another productive skill set to adopt is…


Prime time is a huge chunk of time that you can use to read. Reading is much better for your brain than television, because it’s ‘usually’ not full of commercial advertisements, and doesn’t flip between images every 7 seconds or more. With reading, you really have a much better chance of monitoring your brain’s input.

You can read novels for fun, self-improvement books, or books that will help you make money directly or through your field of work. It’s also a pretty nice way to unwind and relax after a long day of work while expanding your vocabulary.

All this sitting around is highly productive, but once that’s over with, it’s time to get your butt up and…

I don’t want to tell you that you’ll be happier if you get your body into stellar shape. It might, or it might not, that is really not of any consequence. What I can tell you is that you’ll have an overall feeling of well being if you do daily exercise, which will strengthen your muscles, give you more energy, and invigorate and focus your mind. Some of the ways in which you can do this are…


This list represents just a few things from an infinite list of activities that are better and more productive than watching TV. I’m sure you can think of even better ways to spend your TV free time.

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