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First Day at Work? How to Make a Good Impression

Your job interview is over and you are confidently getting ready for your first day at work. But now it’s time to make sure you can make a good impression on everyone – your management, co-workers, and other team members you are going to work with.

Why does it even matter, you might ask. Because every company expects to hire not just good professionals, but also good team players who will gladly acquire new skills, show enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate.

A good first impression is not just about being good in someone’s eyes. It will help you achieve the following:

– Undeniably successful trial period
– Friendly and easy-going relationship with other team members
– Easier conflict management in a team
– Faster promotion to higher positions and salary rise
– More trust from the management
– Better reputation at your workplace
– Higher job satisfaction

Now let’s see what you can do to make it happen.

Look Professional

Your clothes can tell a lot about you. No matter what job you have, too informal clothes might create an unfavorable impression about you. If you are going to deal with clients, you’d better wear some formal clothes. If not, it’s enough to find a good combination of formal and casual styles.

Try to remember what others were wearing when you came for a job interview. It will reduce your confusion a bit. Make sure that your makeup, accessories, and clothes reflect the image of a professional career person.

Be Open to New Knowledge

be open to new knowledge

Every employer expects to find candidates with the appetite for new skills and expertise. Don’t ever say that it’s not your job to do something.

Don’t leave the workplace as soon as your workday ends. Stay for a few minutes or even for an hour longer to show you are really interested in your new job.

Ask questions whenever you are unsure about something. Keeping yourself from asking questions may lead to misunderstandings later on and you might end up re-doing some of your work.

If your managers assign more materials for you to read in order for you to get to know your job and the company better, welcome this opportunity instead of complaining. You can even ask for more advice on honing your skills, or finding really useful literature and resources. Employers take note when they see employees making an effort.

Become a Part of the Company

Emergencies and deadlines are usual things. You might face them on the very first day at work. If you do, remember that it is not anyone else who has to deal with them. Show your willingness to help, especially if you have the necessary skills.

If you are asked to stay at work for a bit longer, don’t show your unwillingness and dissatisfaction. Your company’s success is your success and your company’s failure is your failure. You need to show that you care not just about job responsibilities, but also about the company as a whole.

If there is an opportunity, introduce your creative ideas into everything you are involved in, be it a project or upcoming entertainment event. As a new employee, there will be situations where you do not have the big picture yet but many employers will appreciate hearing fresh ideas and new takes.

Avoid Gossiping

You might notice that some of your coworkers spend a lot of time gossiping, browsing the web or simply chatting non-stop. It doesn’t mean it’s appropriate in this company and you should do the same. Just do your job as you have to. If this chatting distracts you, just put on headphones and concentrate on your work.

While some gossipers might consider you a nerd, your managers will appreciate your focus on your job. As you are a fresher, your progress will be strictly monitored. You might even be asked at the end of the day to show what you’ve done. Every minute of gossiping and chatting will make your results look poorer.

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That’s not to say you really have to be an antisocial nerd. Build a friendly relationship with other team members during lunchtime or short tea breaks. Engage them on “safe” and positive topics like leisure activities within the company, their job responsibilities, and the most interesting projects. Avoid speaking badly about your former job. Be friendly and optimistic.

Mind Your Time

Being late is a bad habit that says a lot about you. Make sure you get to your workplace on time, especially if the schedule is not flexible. Take traffic and other factors into account to make sure you are there when the workday starts. Otherwise, it might say a lot about your inability to meet deadlines or respect company rules.

Time is also important when you are given certain tasks during the day. Do your best to do all them in time. If you are falling behind on a task, inform your manager and ask for more time. Similarly, if you finish ahead of time, inform your manager that you are already finished and ready to move on to the next task. It will say a lot about how responsible you are and that you don’t feel comfortable wasting your time at work.

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Often, people’s first impressions depend largely on personality types. However, the rest is still in your hands. You already succeeded when your resume passed a stringent screening process and when you aced your job interview. The first days of work, however, is the time to prove that your employers made the right choice when they hired you. Just remember how easier it will be for you to build your career, deal with coworkers, and simply enjoy your new job if you make a positive impression.


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