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10 Handy Tips for Avoiding and Fighting Expensive Parking Tickets

When you are running around trying to get things done, the last thing you want to see is a glaring orange piece of paper under your windshield wiper. Well, you can pay the fine and move on with your life. But parking tickets aren’t cheap, especially in places like New York City. 

Here are some useful tips for avoiding parking tickets in the first place. 
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Here are some useful tips for avoiding parking tickets in the first place. 

① Carefully Read Signs

Before parking in any spot, make sure you read the signs carefully. In addition to determining if the parking is legal, check the parking hours. 

② Set An Alarm

Whether you are shopping or running an errand, it’s easy to lose track of time and forget that your car can’t stay parked forever. Rather than parking longer than what you have paid for, you should set an alarm on your phone. This will help you get back to your car before the parking meter expires. 

③ Remember Where You Parked

Do you often struggle to remember where you parked your car? Setting an alarm won’t be of much help if you’re unable to find your vehicle on time. Luckily, your smartphone can be your trusted guide. Apps like Google Maps allow you to save your parking location and easily navigate back to your car. 

④ Use Apps

Many municipalities have created their own apps, which have considerably simplified parking. These apps can inform you if the time is running out and even allow you to extend time without returning to the meter.

⑤ Beware of Street Cleaning Days

You are responsible for moving your car on the street cleaning days. That being said, street cleaning doesn’t make double-parking legal. If you can’t find a nearby parking spot, maybe just drive around for a while until the street sweepers have passed. We again suggest you set up a reminder on your phone. 

⑥ Follow Common Parking Etiquettes

You should always keep basic parking etiquette in mind. You must park at least 15 meters away from a fire hydrant. Moreover, make sure you are not blocking any part of a crosswalk or designated bike line. Also, carry up-to-date registration and insurance.

However, if you do end up getting a ticket, paying for it is not the only option. You have the right to contest the ticket, and here’s how you can do that.

⑦ Don’t Neglect It

Ignoring a parking ticket won’t make it magically disappear. You either have to pay for it or fight it. So rather than sticking the ticket in your glove box, decide how you want to proceed. In New York, an additional $60 will be added to your infraction for not paying the penalty for more than 90 days. After 100 days, your unpaid parking ticket will also start accruing interest.

⑧ Read Your Ticket

We urge you to meticulously go through your parking tickets to discern any discrepancies. There is a chance that the issuing officer wrote down the wrong model of your car or missed out on any other key detail. Such errors could be enough to get your ticket dismissed. 

⑨ Gather Evidence

If you received a ticket for something you didn’t do, it’s always a good idea to gather evidence. For example, was the parking meter broken? Take a picture of the broken meter, and that may get your ticket dismissed.

⑩ Take Assistance From an App

Understandably, contesting the ticket in traffic court can be time-consuming. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that hassle with WinIt. This platform allows you to easily dispute parking tickets.


Final Words

Driving and parking in busy cities like NYC can be complicated. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will prevent parking tickets from creating a major dent in your monthly savings.

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