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How To Be Extraordinary In Any Walk Of Life

We all want to be extraordinary.

Sadly, most of us struggle to believe it’s even possible. We stare at those singers, athletes and entertainers on TV and see them as people we can never be. We think they’re cut from a different cloth.

The truth, however, is that knowing how to be extraordinary is only a part of the equation. To be one, you must work hard to have that strong will power to stand above the rest.

Here are a few insights to help you out

Develop Discipline

When superstars perform on the grand stage, we only see the finished product.

We don’t see the hours they spend repeating the same routines or the months of practice they had just to improve their acts. We don’t see their failures, embarrassments and rejections.

While ordinary people balk under these pressures, extraordinary people struggle on. They continue to practice way past the point where it’s enjoyable. They sacrifice so many of life’s pleasures and train to the point of exhaustion.

Despite these things, they still turn up every day- even when they’re tired and frustrated. They continue to work hard even if their minds and bodies convince them to stop.

That’s the type of discipline and dedication extraordinary people have that separates them from the rest. That’s how to be extraordinary.

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Develop an Extraordinary Mindset


As humans, it’s relatively easy for us to find a million excuses to slack off. This can make it difficult for us to make the changes we aspire to have.

These three tricks can show you how to easily achieve the right mindset.


The easiest way to cultivate endless motivation is to find your ulterior motive, which is your purpose in life. Once you are able to know your purpose, you’ll feel a motivating force that’s stronger than any other force you’ve felt. With this newly found passion, no excuse can slow you down.


The fastest way to ‘turn pro’ is to practice your passion every single day. Once you feel motivated, your mind will experience this strong momentum where your body starts to feel the hustle and your brain starts learning faster.

Persevering becomes easy. Pushing yourself for improvement becomes autopilot. With this kind of momentum, each small step you take to becoming extraordinary appears effortless.


When you take care of your brain and body, staying motivated becomes easier. You can do this by doing both mental and physical exercises. Give it a rest by meditating and getting plenty of sleep. Make sure to nourish it with a healthy diet without any drugs or alcohol, too.

Once you start taking care of your mind and body the right way, you’ll witness how extraordinarily strong you’ll become.


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Be Prepared to Work

Talent is defined ‘as a natural aptitude or skill’ in the dictionary. That’s why I won’t describe any top celebrities as ‘talented’. To say that defies the decades of effort they put into perfecting their passion.

However, in my eyes, you can also be considered as extraordinary even if you haven’t reached those long years of mastering your craft.

Take for example those reality TV stars and social media sensations.

They’re not particularly skillful, but they’re still willing to put their full personalities in front of the public eye. They don’t pretend and they’re prepared to promote themselves hard. They’re willing to work tirelessly even when criticism rains down on them from all corners.

They hustle harder than any other person and that, in itself, is extraordinary.

Choose To Be Extraordinary

Whether we choose to be a writer, social worker or shark whisperer, we all have the potential to stand out and make a difference. We just have to know how to be extraordinary and choose to be one.

We must decide to step where others won’t dare to tread and plow forward even when things get painful. To put it simply, it’s just like fulfilling your own prophecy.


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