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Empire Flippers Review: A Legitimate Website Broker?

Are you looking to buy or sell a website?

Empire Flippers is the perfect place for anyone who wants to buy or sell a website. They offer an easy-to-use platform that makes the process quick and simple. Plus, they have a team of experts who are dedicated to making sure your experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In Empire Flippers, both the buyer and the seller can benefit from the vetting process because Empire Flippers offer a wide range of benefits that they can have. Moreover, the final selling price as a seller might deal up to millions depending on the value of your website.

Immerse yourself in this Empire Flippers review and know how the buying process can bring you to the perfect website for your need and if you wanted to sell your website, you can get the necessary information on how to sell it. So let’s get started! 

What is Empire Flippers?

empire flippers reviews
Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

Empire Flippers is a complete package online business marketplace where verified online businesses are chosen and offered at a premium, as well as a specialized crew to handle the website migration. In general, it is a site for buying and selling websites.

The big distinction of utilizing Empire Flippers is how they properly vet each of the sites they offer. In 2020, 51% of the 298 online companies sold were content firms, while 38% were eCommerce enterprises.

They guarantee that every site on their marketplace is authentic and that both vendors and buyers are safeguarded throughout the process, thanks to their stringent verification method. They examine all areas of the site, such as traffic statistics, revenue, Google analytics, backlinks, and so on.

To view the URL and begin their own verification process, each interested buyer must be verified to have the funds to purchase the site, after that you can unlock the listing.

Sellers also, on the other side, profit from partnering with Empire Flippers to trade their site since they have hundreds of prospective buyers that visit their platform on a regular basis. As of today, they’ve sold tens of thousands of websites.

Empire Flippers Overview

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How does Empire Flippers work?

Listing a website into their database is very easy and doing transactions with them is a piece of cake. The process of doing transactions will take two to three weeks upon the first transactions. All you have to do is to do the following steps below:

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

Step 1: Submit A Query

First, you need to fill out the online form on their website and pay the listing or registration fee. After that, one of their agents will contact you after processing your query.

Step 2: Give Necessary Information

Once an agent will respond to your call, they will ask for information about your site. Give all the necessary and vital information that you can give since it is needed to appropriately vet. This is also for them to verify your business.

Step 3: Verification

Systematically, Empire Flippers will conduct verification to your site and double-checks everything to make sure that your website will pass their standards. Details such as the history, traffic, earnings, and other data are considered upon checking.

Step 4: Approval

After the thorough verification, final approval will then be given. If your website has passed the quality test, their vetting or compliance manager will contact and make the final judgment if your business qualifies to be listed in their marketplace.

Step 5: Listing

Once you have gained the approval, your website will then be available for listing.

Step 6: Identity Verification

The last step is to prove website ownership. They will ask you to show evidence that you are the owner of the website thus you need to give evidence that you are the domain owner. Also, you need to give your available times in their online calendar for contact purposes with interested buyers.

What are the Features of Empire Flippers?

Empire Flippers credibility has been proven by any savvy business person that wants to seek future buyers in making money for the established businesses. Here are some features to keep in mind according to Empire Flippers website:

Offering A Variety Of Websites

They are an online business company that specializes in content sites and eCommerce and provides a more limited range of online enterprises. They provide a variety of additional internet companies, however, these postings are uncommon.

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

Sale Price Multiples

Empire Flippers only accepts online businesses that make at least $500 monthly in sales and profit. It is very uncommon for them to accept a content site that has been offered for less than $25,000 in value. As of today, there are numerous million-dollar properties on the high end which currently list at $8.5 million.

Back in 2020, Empire Flippers average sales for Amazon Associates have grown to 41x while advertisement sites had a sales of 35x. One significant distinction of Empire Flippers is that they offer a fixed price for their marketplace listing where auctions and biddings might develop into bid wards.

Aside from that, you may make a bid that is cheaper than the asking price and once the offer has been pre-accepted, it is then distributed for 24 hours just in case a new bidder submits an offer that is 10% greater.

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

Empire Flippers Marketplace

On Empire Flippers, selling established businesses is quick, particularly in the lower price bracket. Most of the time, a website that is found on their marketplace can be sold in a 48-day time frame.

According to the Empire Flippers team, 84% of websites in their marketplace listing have been sold successfully to any prospective buyer. They also are suggesting setting an alarm weekly that starts on Monday, when a fresh listing is released, so you can move swiftly on sites that might interest your preference.

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

Commission Structure

Commission fees are critical in every market. The fees are deducted from the seller’s selling earnings. As a result, prices may naturally increase to compensate for the fees in order to offset the loss. Because commissions might have an influence on final listing prices, it’s essential to note them.

Empire Flippers’ listing multiples have consistently been greater thus the commissions are covered. They also have more professional investors prepared to pay a premium for verified transactions, as seen by the greater multiples. Below are the rates of Empire Flippers:


Prospective buyers may also use Empire Flippers to ask the seller confidential questions over the website. If the listed price is more than $100,000, a call with the seller may be arranged.

High-Quality Listings/Content Website

Empire Flippers normally identifies high-quality sites that have passed their verification process due to pretty tight restrictions. According to Empire Flippers, around one-third of entries to the marketplace are rejected.

They want a proven history of at least six months of profits and do not accept sites in certain categories like gaming, and payday lending.  Buyers may be certain that the site is free of crucial concerns such as bogus numbers or undeclared PBNs.

Migration Process

Empire Flippers have a specialized staff that will handle the website transfer, which needs no help from the buyer or seller other than access to hosting accounts. Empire Flippers provides a hands-free and stress-free website transfer process.

Post-Sale Support

Sellers dealing with Empire Flippers are required to give at least 30 days of post-sale service to ensure a seamless transition, and several sellers are willing to provide further help if necessary.

Guaranteed Assistance

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

The Empire Flipper company’s vetting process assures that you will receive an unbiased review of the website in issue, with no false promises and deceptive claims. You may also have access to their tools to assist guide you during your buying experience, which can be quite useful when considering various offers from different firms.

They have earned a high level of respect in the market by providing excellent customer service in addition to their competence in online company administration.

Finally, both the buyer and seller will have access to professionals who are experienced with how these sorts of transactions operate best, providing both sides with additional details on what it takes to maintain your website up and operating efficiently.

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What information is listed on Empire Flippers Marketplace?

Website URL

To avoid direct rivals, Empire Flippers conceals the URL of every website on their listings. Buyers must submit evidence of money, such as a recent bank account, in order to visit the URL.

Following the authentication of available financial assets, Empire Flippers provides the potential buyer with ten “unlocks” that may be used to examine the whole listing, including the Google Analytics reports, URL, profit and loss statement, and earnings statements.

Buyers may only access listings up to a particular amount depending on the quantity of liquid money that has been validated.

Traffic and Engagement

Empire Flippers give website traffic statistics from Google Analytics and once you unlock a certain listing, they will immediately allow you to access it from your Empire Flippers account.

Cost and Revenues

Empire Flippers ask sellers to produce earnings evidence that is confirmed by Empire Flippers employees or an Empire Flippers representative. They need access to their affiliate website such as Amazon Business in order to extract information and verify other assets.

Seller Business Evaluation

On many of the postings, Empire Flippers include audio podcast analytics with the seller in which an Empire Flippers staff will ask the seller some helpful questions such as their experience and some great information about their already established site and how they expanded it.

Benefits of Choosing Empire Flippers Marketplace

Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

If you want to sell your website to a known and proven broker, Empire Flipper is the best choice for you. They have consistently made their branding solid throughout the years and today they are one of the best sellers of websites worldwide.

Below are some benefits that you can get from doing transactions with Empire Flippers:

Solid Branding

Throughout time, Empire Flippers have built a solid brand that website users have known around the world. They have built their reputation from the day that they have started and up until today. Currently, more and more websites are being sold at their Empire Flipper Marketplace and surely you can earn more from them.


Empire Flippers will give you a hassle-free service when dealing with your website. They will take care of everything from the day you decide to sell your website to the time that a buyer will get it. Having Empire Flippers will give you the assurance that you are in good hands.


Having Empire Flippers with you will give you the assurance that no scammers can benefit your website. They have the best deal in handling all the communications to weed out scammers so that you can have the time to concentrate more on developing your business.

Give Business Tips

Empire Flippers is the only broker worldwide that gives recommendations about new ideas and strategies to make every deal or negotiation successful. They will recommend deal structures that you can use to get the best deal and surely they will guide you if you are having problems with the negotiation part.

Quick Transactions

Currently, Empire Flippers is famous in the niche site space and every site owner around the world knows them. That’s why they are the best choice when selling a site because they have the connections that make it easy to sell one. You also don’t have to deal with Escrow or Paypal.

Fast Inventory and Turnaround

The regular number of existing listings is about 140+, but it’s crucial to remember that Empire Flippers is also pleased to take listings that are less than most other brokers would allow, as well as websites that have just recently been launched.

Inventory turnover looks to be reasonable, with most lower-end homes being on the site for at least a month. Higher-value websites, on the other hand, tend to stay in the marketplace for far longer, most likely because Empire Flippers have just lately begun focusing on the $100k+ side of the sector.


Photo: Empire Flippers Official Website

If you are a potential buyer wanting to acquire your own digital content or if you are selling a site, Empire Flippers is one of the largest and finest organizations to employ. They have a proven track record of thousands of successful transactions.

This well-established site provides a high level of security supported by years of knowledge, assisting your organization to prosper in the internet world.

Empire Flippers’ trustworthiness and experience make them reliable when it comes to ensuring you receive what you need from your online business transaction; they would assure that all parties concerned are satisfied with the outcome!

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What due diligence does Empire Flippers provide?

Due diligence is essential while browsing a business vetting webpage. Regardless of the quantity of material supplied by other brokers, as one of the other buyers who want to purchase a profitable website, you need to do your own research.

Remember that brokers are motivated to sell, so make sure you’re confident to find legit information about them. Also, Empire Flippers have a rigorous verification procedure and a dedicated vetting staff in place to weed out fake reviews, scammers, and low-quality sites.

All websites placed on the marketplace are subjected to expert quality screening and buyer business inspection to guide clients in their buying decision and ease up the selling process. This screening comprises the following:

  1. Google Analytics is being used to verify traffic.
  2. Examining expenditures
  3. Domain ownership verification
  4. Earnings verification
  5. Verifying the seller’s authenticity

Empire Flippers: How They Market?

Empire Flippers had launched promotional campaigns across numerous social media accounts and platforms and other Internet marketing channels. They also have their own Facebook page, where over 26K individuals have liked their page.

They look to be doing a significant Facebook ad purchase right now. Their purpose is to increase the number of internet customers and vendors. They offer a free report as an incentive to acquire connection references for better follow-up, just like any smart marketer.

Who is Empire Flippers Best For?

Empire Flippers are for those who have successful online assets that they wish to sell. It is also for those who want to acquire and invest in internet website companies. Most websites that are offered in their listings come from amazon affiliate links with income streams.

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Empire Flippers Pros and Cons

✅ If you purchase, there is an income assurance or you may pull away.❌ Empire Flippers are constantly in between the buying and selling, this it is impossible to interact directly.
✅ Deals that have been thoroughly scrutinized in their online space.❌ When purchasing a site, expect to pay a high multiple selling commission.
✅ Scams are unlikely to occur because they have serious sellers.❌ Rates are quite high as a website broker.
✅ Can speak with the vendor through a conference call.
✅ Takes care of the migration process.


Many have thought about diversifying your money sources, having a blog, and generating passive income, and perhaps you can. If you’re looking to purchase, Empire Flippers offers verified websites for more than $25,000, with the majority of them being worth more than $100,000 and reaching the high six-figures.

Empire Flippers offers a large number of high-quality listings and has assisted hundreds of businesses in effectively buying or selling their websites. These websites are more reliable and monetized very well.

There aren’t many quick wins, but there are lots of high-quality sites to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that meets your investing requirements. When it comes to selling, Empire Flippers offers high site appraisals and manages the full relocation procedure.

If you have a website and seeking to buy or sell your website, this organization might be ideal for you. You don’t have to be a knowledgeable businessperson because all you need is a desire to learn. Contact them for more information on how they can assist you in making your company successful online.

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Empire Flippers FAQs

What’s the best time to sell a website?

Every scenario dictates the optimum moment to sell your own site on Empire Flippers. When determining if now is the best moment to sell your online website, you should evaluate a number of aspects.

This will include how well it is operating and where market circumstances occur. Particularly if it is tied to the number of other sites Empire Flippers had for sale at the moment.

What payment does Empire Flippers accept?

Empire Flippers now accepts just PayPal as a payment option. This takes into account how much money individuals can generate by performing internet enterprises and maintaining websites. Most marketers should see this as a clear decision since it enables them to retain their revenue in one location.

Does Empire Flippers have a buyer and seller protection policy?

Empire Flippers has a full refund plan in order, however, it is only applicable if their service fails to meet its part of the deal. In other terms, Empire Flippers will give you up to 30 days after the transaction to make reasonable on your half of the bargain.

As a result, if they do not deliver what was agreed within that period, you could get your funds back in full.

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