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Eight Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels

Day in and day out I hear the same complaints from the same people. I hear how tired they are, how stressed they are, etc. A week will go by and those same exact complaints will be repeated, by those same people. Complaining is natural and we all do it. The key is to correct the situation versus standing idle and accepting it.

One of the more common complaints generally comes right after lunch. Yes, we’re talking about the afternoon slump that occurs because something has sucked out every bit of energy you had. This lunch coma can be a huge show-stopper for some.

However, the good news is, you don’t have to feel like that every day. There are countless ways to raise your energy levels quite naturally and intentionally.

A heavy breakfast takes far too long to digest, while a juice is light and preserves your energy.

As a result, I did the radical and cut coffee from my diet for a while. I have to say it did work wonders for my energy levels and my nervous system. Today, I’m a coffee lover instead, meaning I have to have one good brewed coffee a day to get my fix.

Biscuits, cakes, most cereal, lollies and other high carb snacks should be banned from your household. Not only will you feel better by cutting out those fake foods, but your waste line will also thank you for it.

A great way to refresh your energy levels in the afternoon is to do a 10-minute stretching session. Stretch your legs, toes, torso, arms, hands, shoulders and neck with gentle movements.

I like this one because you can do this at work without being caught by your fellow workers.

Conventional suggestions tell us to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, but this has been the cause for many discussions, because people who live in a hot climate need a lot more water than those who live in colder regions. Remember the golden rule on this, if you are thirsty, drink water.

Repeating the same behaviors everyday but expecting a different result is a fool’s game. If you get tired every day, shake things up a little!

What do you (or will you do) to kick your energy levels back into gear when the afternoon slump hits you?

Written on 10/31/2008 by Monika Mundell. Monika Mundell is a passionate freelance writer and pro-blogger. Her blog Freelance Writing helps new freelance writers to get started in this exciting industry. If you like to work with Monika, feel free to visit her Portfolio site. Photo Credit: littledan77
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