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Effective Ways To Backup Important Data

The other day my computer made a really unhealthy gurgling sound. To be honest, I feared the worst and spent half the day backing up my hard drive. It’s beyond me as to why I choose to wait until the last minute to create back ups. I think it goes without saying that this should be done automatically every day, or at least every week.

Truth be known, I believe that most computer users neglect PC backups; then the worst happens. Unfortunately, this isn’t a viable option for my business. If I neglect PC backups, I risk losing all of my business data.

I’m not a tech geek and make do with the things that work for me. Below is a list of backup options I’m currently using. Since I’m pretty compulsive about losing my backup, there are backups of backups. To me, one can never be too sure about keeping data safe.

If you wonder why I keep this data online and not on an external hard drive, it is simply for convenience reasons. Having the data online allows me to access it from any computer in the world. If a client sends me a frantic email and tells me he lost his articles, I can log in to my admin and resend the missing files, even if I’m working from an Internet cafe.

You can upload many different formats to Google Docs and Zoho. I prefer Zoho, since they also support zip files which is great to compact storage.

By the way, you can do this with memory sticks too. Next time you visit family or friends, why not take a 1GB memory stick with your photos for them. They make a great present and allow your loved ones to print out what they like.

I suppose, I just need to keep my computer running and go for it since I paid my membership already.

I guess some of you are not as freaked out like me when it comes to backup and to be honest, except for the photos, everything else is replaceable. At least most of it.

This software also allows me to schedule backups in advance which is handy because often I just forget.

Usually after I create a new niche blog, I back the blog up to the server. Then I set the scheduled backup and leave it be knowing I’ll always have an up to date copy of my blog available if something goes wrong.

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Those are probably the most popular forms of backup for your data. I would love to hear from you guys on what you use to backup your data. Before I end this post, I like to leave you with one sentence: “Go backup now!

Written on 1/30/2009 by Monika Mundell. Monika is a passionate freelance writer and pro-blogger. Her blog Freelance Writing helps new freelance writers to get started in this exciting industry. If you like to work with Monika, feel free to visit her Portfolio site. Photo Credit: avlxyz
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