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Habits of Successful People: Creating a Powerful Presence

Do you have the habits of successful people?

If you have ever met someone who commands attention simply by walking into the room, someone who receives favors and attention effortlessly, then you have met someone with a powerful presence. Individuals with a powerful presence appear comfortable and confident. They think clearly and speak influentially, even under pressure. They reflect on their situations, sentiments, and attitudes, and then quickly adapt to each new situation.

People with presence also take responsibility for their actions and present their real character authentically. A powerful presence can help you get a sale, job or business meeting. Creating a powerful presence will help you attract the attention of other people. When you are exhibiting a powerful presence, you can gain and maintain the attention of others with ease.

Despite how refined we would like to think we are, our primal instincts are still often what drives our behavior. As such, a person with a powerful presence is usually seen as a leader. There is very little that can trump the command of a powerful presence.

Think of it like this: it is impossible for you to tell others who you are and where you came from within the first few seconds of meeting. You most likely do not walk around distributing a copy of your autobiography or resume to people just so they know your accomplishments and personality traits.

Instead, it is your physical energy that is what will draw people towards you. The opinions people have of you are formed based on what they see. These opinions are typically formed within three seconds of meeting. From that point on, everything you do and say will be judged based on that opinion.

Keep in mind that job interviews, colleagues, friends, coworkers and others will react to you based on your presence. While your appearance is also important, how you present yourself and your physical body is also significant. If you are a person who wants to land your dream job or client, creating a powerful presence is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind.

The good news is that people are not born with a powerful presence; it is something that is developed. Which means you, too, can have one.

Here are a few pointers to practice in order to get you started developing your own personal powerful presence.

Body Movement

The way you move your body reflects your thoughts. While it is impossible for someone to read your mind, your body movement can help others to get a glimpse into your thoughts.

Your posture and movements tell others what you are thinking. Monitoring your thoughts is important as it will help you have a powerful, positive presence. Keeping a positive mindset will allow you to move with confidence and freedom. Your presence can change how people see you and support you.

Pressures are unavoidable, but you should not focus on negative thoughts. Instead, think of positive thoughts when you meet a new person or enter a room. Move slowly and deliberately. Try not to fidget.

According to Forbes, “…when your communication style lacks of nuance and subtlety, your over-exuberance can overwhelm (or exhaust) an audience. So in situations where you want to maximize your authority- minimize your movements.” These important movement techniques will help you begin to create an air of confidence and competence.

Eye Contact

People search your face to know your true intentions when you talk to them. Direct eye contact is viewed as a symbol of truth and confidence. When you maintain eye contact, it shows that you have complete faith in what you are saying. This manner of presenting yourself will draw more people in to see you and trust you as an expert in what you are talking about. Additionally, according to Psychology Today, eye contact will improve the attention of your listener and increase their retention of what you said to them.

Showing strength is required in some situations and a powerful stare can say a lot of things. It can control a situation better than a harsh statement. A powerful stare can influence how other people will behave around you. Just take a look at the animals in the wild and observe how looking an enemy in the eye can change the situation.

Conversely, making eye contact while listening to other people also shows that you are giving respect, concern, and interest to them. It is something they will appreciate. Looking the other person straight in the eye will also make you look smart, interested and sensitive.


Proper posture shows self-confidence and, in turn, people will have confidence in you. Always maintain a tall, straight posture. If you talk while slouching and look at the floor instead of your audience, others will automatically think that the information you are giving them is incorrect. No matter what you are doing, whether you are asking for information or selling a product, you should maintain an assertive, convincing posture at all times.

Your back should be kept straight and your feet should be shoulder width apart. Keep your head level and your shoulders broad. Stand on both feet evenly, and let your arms hang at your sides. This will present a confident image that will lead people to subconsciously respect you, trust you and start to agree with what you are saying.

In addition, a study by Doctors Dana Carney, Anne Cuddy, and Andy Yap found that these and other high-power nonverbals coincide with “elevated levels of testosterone, decreased cortisol (a hormone that causes a person to feel stressed), and increased feelings of power and tolerance for risk”. Notice how you stand in your next conversation or presentation and practice maintaining a proper posture until it becomes a part of your presence.

You can achieve great things in life. Never allow your weaknesses to put you down and prevent you from attaining your goals. If you do not demonstrate a powerful presence during an interview, no matter how smart and skilled you are, you are going to miss an opportunity that would have been for you.

Without a powerful presence, people will not see your talents, skills and good qualities. If you want to be acknowledged by people and treated accordingly, you need to create a powerful presence that will compel them to admire and trust you. You are sure to benefit from the resulting opportunities.

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