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3 Things That Make An Effective Banner Ad Design

Before there were “banner ads” on the internet, there were banners. Printed banners that advertised a sale, drew attention to an event or made a rock band look like seasoned professionals at the annual park festival.

Printed banners are still an essential part of the image you want to project for your business or event. They’re one of the most durable, affordable, and memorable forms of advertising out there – even today.

But not all banners or banner printers are equal!

Here are three key things to look for when you want a professionally-printed and highly effective banner ad design.

Gets the image right

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These days, there’s the right technology to get an image or logo just right.

So, when you’re talking to your printer about your banner project, ask them how they plan to match the colors you need. Do they have the scanning, printing, and screen technology to do the job right?

With today’s numeric color-matching equipment, you should expect your printer to do better than create a rough approximation of your logo, photos, or other images.

Insist that they get the match exactly right.

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Protects the planet

What kind of ink will your printer use for your banner project?

Some printers will run your project using solvent-type inks that can be disastrous for the environment. They’re toxic and really hard to get rid of properly when the banner’s mission is accomplished.

The best printers use non-toxic, biodegradable inks for all their banner projects. Latex ink, for example, is durable and vibrant enough to create the most attractive images while treating the environment with tender loving care.

Want a lower carbon footprint for your business or event?

One easy fix is to insist your printer use eco-friendly ink on your banner.

Has a great finish

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Obviously, you’d want your banner to be well-finished.

Look for a printer that can sew your banner’s edges or maybe even hem-in some handy rope you can use in hanging the banner. Reinforced grommets are a must. You might want to have the finish include sewn-in pole pockets, too. They can make mounting the banner on display poles a breeze.

In Conclusion

Your printed banner makes a statement about you, your business, and the events you want to promote. You’ll want that statement to be as strong and positive as you are.

With the right images and colors, the peace-of-mind offered by eco-friendliness, and the strength of high-quality finishing, you’ll have a high-flying banner which can easily impress anyone.

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