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Do’s and Don’ts Learned from James Bond

For all of his jet setting, super-spy ways, designer tuxedos and decades of hot babes, James Bond isn’t the greatest of role models. Bond may be hitting the big screen once again, but that doesn’t mean you should suddenly go out and try to find your own “Quantum of Solace” (whatever that is).

Instead, consider 007 as the Goofus and Gallant of international intrigue. There are some things Bond does very, very well and there are other traits he has that should be avoided like Oddjob’s iron-brimmed hat.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t of the James Bond lifestyle:

Do: Have a style all your own. If there is one thing Bond is known for is his signature drink of a vodka martini – shaken not stirred. If you want to stand out in the crowd, it’s best to develop your own tastes. In clothes, drink, books, film and habits, you should be unique and not just go with the crowd. Make something your own and develop an expertise in what you like.
Don’t: Drink too much. Honestly, how many martinis can one man have and still have a steady trigger finger? Enjoy your signature drink, but don’t make it a punchline (or a catchphrase) because you’ll drink it a little too often.

Do: Have skills. Bond is ready to adapt to tough situations. He can sit down and play world class poker at the Casino Royale, scuba dive, and converse with a Russian bombshell. The more you know the better you will be able to be flexible and successful in a turbulent situation.
Don’t: Be a manwhore. Saturday Night Live had a skit a few years back in which James Bond found out he had every STD known to man. Bond’s prowess with women, though a box office draw, is not a trait you’d want to emulate.

Do: Be quick witted. While Bond may use a ton of puns, there’s nothing like them to keep a foe off-balance. Not only do you have control of the situation (and the conversation) with a quick wit, but they’ll stay busy thinking of what you’ll say next.
Don’t: Say too much. Whether it’s a state secret, the confidence of a friend, or company strategy, often the best idea is to keep your mouth shut. If you keep your word and don’t turn into a gossip (or a pillow talker), you will gain respect.

Do: Be calm under pressure. In “Casino Royale”, Daniel Craig’s Bond took a serious below-the-belt beating but he didn’t break. You won’t be strapped down in a basement somewhere, but being cool in the face of chaos and argument can show your control of the situation to the people above and below you. Great rewards soon follow.
Don’t: Be blind to your weaknesses. Arrogance, women, knock-out gas? James Bond has had to deal with all of them. You need to understand what your weaknesses are and work to either overcome them or make them negligible.

Do: Respect your tools. Gadgets that were once science fiction on Sean Connery’s dashboard are now real. James Bond was always able to have the right tool at the right time. Before you step into a situation, do a quick inventory of the gadgets, tools and web apps you have at your command that could make solutions come easier.
Don’t: Disrespect the toolmaker. James Bond was always a little dismissive of Q and the boys down in the lab. If someone hooks you up with a great program or Leatherman, give them their respect. They’ll give you something even better the next time.

Written on 11/18/2008 by Mike Koehler. Mike Koehler is a multimedia journalist in Oklahoma City working full-time to save the newspaper business, while helping his wife raise three kids under age 8. In his spare time he sleeps. E-mail Mike at Photo Credit:
Sony Pictures


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