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Does She Miss Me (12 Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Misses You)

You broke up with your ex-girlfriend a while ago, but you can’t stop thinking about her. You know, the one who was your best friend, who you saw every day and who was always there for you.

We all accept that relationships are complicated and messy, but they’re also rewarding.

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether our ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend see and miss us and vice versa.

It’s a difficult question to answer because we can’t know for sure what they’re thinking or feeling. That doesn’t mean we can’t try our best to figure out if they miss us!

🔯 Here are the 12 signs your ex-girlfriend misses you (Does she miss me) 🔯

 1. Your ex-partner disapproves of your new partner.

If your ex-girlfriend has found someone new, and that person looks as much like you as possible, this could mean that she likes them too.

If she enjoys their company, the chances are they’re not playing a game and sneaking around. She probably has genuine feelings for them, so much so that she’s pining away for you.

You might find it a bit easier if you just ignore the person in question, as you probably want to avoid her anyway.

2. They flaunt A New Relationship In Front Of You.

You may not be in love with this person or even dating them, but it’s obvious they’re in a good place. It’s like they want to give you hope that maybe you’ll get a second chance at something special.

Your ex-girlfriend is putting her new significant other up on a pedestal, and you know it. Why would she do that?

Perhaps your ex-girlfriend is a big fan of this person and she is trying to convince herself that things are better with this new person.

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3. There are no signs of a new relationship.

You didn’t pick ex-girlfriend talks or anything, but you’re still in contact with her. Your chats are lighthearted, funny, and friendly. She still calls you handsome. Her smile still makes you melt.

Is that a sign you’re in trouble or a sign you’re in a good place? If you’re sure you’ll stick with it and get over your ex-girlfriend, you don’t have to chase her.

You can be in a relationship and see other people, and your ex can be in the same relationship with someone else.

If they decide to split up again, they might want to talk to you because they still care about you. She might even send you a friend request on Facebook to show she still thinks of you.

Image credit: unsplash.com
Photo credit: unsplash.com

4. She wants to meet and “catch up.”

When someone has been in your life, they tend to become a big part of your life. They were the ones who got you out of bed in the morning, who always tried to get you to stay in a bad mood, and who listened to your concerns and worries.

Your ex-girlfriend was also the one with whom you shared happy moments. If she’s now happy and on a date with another guy, she may not miss you, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember what you were to her, and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel anything for you anymore.

It just means that she feels differently. However, if your ex-girlfriend does miss you, don’t worry. It’s a sign that you have something worth remembering and you didn’t break up.

5. She finds excuses to contact you.

If you had a good relationship with your ex-girlfriend before the breakup, and She’s missing your presence, she’ll use any excuse to check in with you.

She may make a phone call or send you a text, but if she still calls, it’s because he wants to be with you. Ex-girlfriends who feel strongly about you will want to be with you. You send them sweetly romantic texts and pictures.

They probably do miss you, but they don’t necessarily want to be with you. Maybe they miss the physical touch you shared, or perhaps she’s feeling you or maybe you’ve romantic feelings for each other, but they’re scared to take the next step with you.

Ex-girlfriends who are comfortable in their skin will know when it’s time to end things, but most guys who are hesitant to make a change won’t feel comfortable breaking up with you.

6. She wants to be friends after the breakup.

Friendships are tricky because we all have our habits when it comes to befriending people. If you’ve never liked a friend, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be friends with them.

The ultimate sign that your ex-girlfriend misses you is when she asks to drop by to see you. If she’s willing to make that kind of sacrifice for you, she’s definitely thinking about you.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

7. She never misses your birthday.

Maybe your ex-girlfriend remembers your birthday every year. It’s OK. Perhaps she is still feeling. If this is the case, you may have to accept that she is missing you.

8. You see him everywhere.

First of all, if she was a part of your everyday life, she’d probably see you everywhere. Maybe even walking through the door at that restaurant you were just at or stopping by to say hello to the guy friends she works with.

She definitely would have some idea where you are and probably where you spend most of your time. That said, it’s not a sure sign that she misses you.

She probably still feels strongly about her current partner. Maybe she was dating them before, and it’s a relationship that’s super serious.

9. She shows up at places when you’re there.

When you find out that your ex-girlfriend is coming to a party you’re at, you know it’s a safe assumption that she wants to see you.

You may even say hello, but she may leave before you even have a chance to ask her how she’s doing.

10. Your ex-drunk calls or texts you

If your ex-girlfriend tries to call you drunk or texts you while she’s drunk, it’s almost certainly an indicator that they’re missing you.

That’s how deep your connection was and how much it meant to them. They may not miss you at that moment, and it could be a clear sign they’re still upset because of the broken relationship and aren’t ready to give you a chance, but you know it’s the beginning of a good connection. Keep your head up! It’ll get better.

11. He stalks you on social media.

No, you’re not going crazy. You’re not still “sleeping together” and posting photos of you and him on Instagram.

This is not a cute way to show you’re still “hungry for him.” If he’s stalking you on social media, then this is a big sign.

Sometimes, stalkers will go so far as to message you on social media and ask you to take them back. This is creepy, and we wouldn’t advise being flirty with this guy again.

12. Your ex asks around to see if you’re dating anyone.

Now, to some women, it’s not weird for a man to date several women at once. But if you break up with your girlfriend, it’s a bit different.

If you ask her, she will say that she’s happy for you, but it’s OK if you want to date someone else for now.

You won’t want to hurt her feelings by dating other women, which is why it might be essential to get permission from your ex before you start dating someone else.

✪ What will make her miss you? ✪

Do you want to know how to make her miss you? Well, here are some tips that can be used to create the emotion of missing.

These are different types of feelings that every person has. You would not want to give them any more than you wanted or less than they expected.

Remember that these six tips are all about creating the feeling of missing your partner, so do not use these methods on someone who does not want to be with you.

They will only make them feel like they are being forced into something and could push them away even more.

⏹ Never get caught in her frame.

She is gorgeous and knows it. Use this to your advantage, and present yourself as the best thing she is missing in her life.

And when you take her on a new date and all the things you have planned for the evening, make it more exciting and keep her in the frame of mind that she is missing you.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

⏹ Have fun with her and then bounce

If you are always busy with your woman, she will not appreciate it. You may not be interested in having fun with her, so be the same person she fell in love with, and they will love to be with you again even after a broken relationship.

Girls love to be sexy and playful. If you play with your girl in a non-sexual manner, she will get some cute ideas on what you can do the next time you spend time together.

This will boost the bond and bring back some excitement and desire in the relationship.

⏹ Use texting only for dates & logistics.

When you want to make her miss you, it is better to use texting for all sorts of things than for dates. All you have to do is send her a text that is short and simple.

In most cases, she would find it annoying. All you have to do is come up with texts that she finds funny, cool, or relevant.

Sending a text like that may not make her miss you, but it will make her think you are an idiot.

⏹ Put yourself & your purpose ahead of her.

This is the most crucial point and will take some work. It means that you need to convince yourself that she is important enough for you to get rid of everything else that is not as important.

Remember that there are other people, other women that you can date instead. Your primary focus should be on how you can make your partner happy.

Once that is settled, let go of all that and concentrate on your future and your child.

⏹ Give her what she needs, not what she wants.

Let’s take this example of dating someone for a while. They love you, which is why they keep asking you for your attention.

However, if they ask you to spend more time with them, you should consider her needs. She doesn’t want you to spend the whole night with them.

In this case, they don’t want you to spend the whole night with them. They would much rather spend the same time with their friends or do something else.

So, in the same way, you should not say “yes” to spend the night. That is a direct indication that they do not want to spend the night with you. It is a bad sign. Give her what she wants and get what you want.

⏹ Be extremely comfortable with being alone.

Being able to be alone in your thoughts is not always so easy for many people. Having no one around, and wanting to be left alone, can be confusing for many people, especially in the case of dating.

You do not want your partner to get the impression that they have to come to your place every time they have some spare time to themselves, because that would only make them think they have to do that because they are missing you. Don’t use that as an excuse, but only if they ask.

⏹ Don’t be afraid to lose her.

You should not be afraid to lose her. It is not her that is your reason for trying to lose her. It is yourself.

You want to be free to do what you want, make the decisions you want, and do not have to worry about things she does not know about.

⏹ Pass her tests with flying colors

If she is the one who is giving you these tests, she is testing your ability to pull it off. Don’t think that you have to perform a miracle here.

The important thing is to know how to be a good match with her. You can only do so by giving her reasons for why you like her and what you want from a partner.

If you can do this, she will start to miss you by how much she wants you to stay.

⏹ Be prepared to lose everything to gain everything.

The next step in generating this effect is losing everything you have to give in your relationship. Suppose you have not known that already; these are all things that you and your partner have in common. Just think about it.

We are all fundamentally similar to one another because we all have a few common traits. So if we lose a little bit of ourselves in our relationships, we should not feel anything at all.

But if we lose our other halves, it should be enough to make us miss them for a very long time.

💟 Signs She Is Madly In Love With You 💟

Have you ever wondered if a girl likes you? Have you ever been curious about what she’s thinking or trying to get a read on her? I have been in this situation before. Sometimes, it is hard to read whether a girl is interested in me or not.
Some so many signs and feelings that can tell you if she likes you! Here are some signs and feelings that indicate she is in love with you.

⏺ She wants to spend some time alone with you.

When you first meet someone, the first few days or even weeks can be pretty chaotic. You might be trying to get to know each other and are already spending more time together than you probably want.

This type of relationship might be described as “high-school” or “crush” status. It’s typically where you see each other for 15 minutes in a school day, you hold hands and are usually very quick to ditch each other to go off and do your things (all your friends do that, right?).

Although this is typically a temporary stage of your relationship, this stage will eventually come to an end.

If your girl wants to spend time alone with you, it means she feels a strong bond with you and wants to continue to spend more time with you.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

⏺ She looks attractive next to you.

This one is obvious! Girls always like to be near handsome guys. So you know, if a girl smiles and giggles a lot when you’re around and looks you straight in the eye or wears a cute dress and high heels, she’s likely to be attracted to you.

Notice if she flirts with you or ignores you and when she ignores you, how much she looks around and smiles at other guys.

⏺ She gives you presents.

If a girl spends money on you, it tells you that she’s interested in you. The present of choice is flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or other sorts of expensive treats.

If a girl spends money on you, it tells you that she’s interested in you. The present of choice is flowers, chocolate, jewelry, or other sorts of expensive treats. She tells you she’s interested in you.

⏺ She checks you out

The moment she is checking you out once in every few weeks, you’re in. She’s attracted to you, and she’s looking to pursue a relationship with you. You can never be sure if a girl likes you or not until you experience it for yourself.

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⏺ She remembers all the small details about you.

Let’s say you go out with this girl for the first time. After the date, you go back to her place and hang out with her.

If she asks you where you went and what you did, you will know that she likes you if she cares enough about those details.

After you make out with her, she will usually start to tell you all about her day (sometimes starting off the day with the date), even if you haven’t asked her questions.

She will also tell you that she likes you (or you know that she’s close to it), or she will tease you and make fun of you. Some girls are just so into you that they will poke fun at you while making you feel very close to them.

Some girls may even want to tell you everything that’s going on in their lives, even if they’ve barely told you about their day.

⏺ She makes eye contact.

Eye contact is a huge sign that she is interested. She may not even look at you, but she looks at you in the face.

If she looks at you with a confused look or a questioning look, she may just be having a bad day and needs you to provide a little sympathy or even pick up the groceries for her.

Eye contact can indicate a lot about her, so pay attention. She seems scared or worried when she is with you.

If she seems scared or worried when you are with her, or if she has to run away from you to avoid being embarrassed, then you should watch out.

If she looks scared, then that might mean she likes you. She shows physical affection by hugging you.

⏺ She’s jealous when you’re around other girls.

Dating a girl can feel the same way like a rollercoaster ride. It is easy to get mixed signals from girls, so it can be hard to know if she likes you or not.

When she gets jealous of you being around other girls, it means that she likes you. It can also be used as a way to make her jealous if you can win her over to another girl’s company.

When you break up with a girl, you usually see this in her behavior. If you guys were together for a while and then suddenly split up, she will have some sort of “mourning period,” where she will find a way to express her hurt feelings.

This usually makes it easy to see whether she likes you or not because it usually starts when you break up. When you ask her about what she’s thinking, she will usually be honest about how she feels.

⏺ She wants to impress you.

Sometimes, a girl may be confused about her feelings for you, so she tries to put on a show for you.

It can be easy to get confused about whether a girl is in love with you, and you may have to read between the lines and pick up on her intentions.

💧 Signs that your ex has finally moved on 💧

It is not easy to get over an ex. Sometimes, it feels like they are on your mind every moment. You might even feel the need to stalk them endlessly on social media.

It’s hard for you to enjoy new relationships because you constantly compare new people with your ex.

However, there are some signs that your ex has finally moved on. Here are some signs that your ex has finally moved on and some ways to move past them.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

🧿 It’s not flirty at all when you talk anymore.

It used to be that you would only say hi to your ex when you needed something from them, and they always expected you to say hi back, be flirty, and even suggest that they wanted to see you.

Now, they don’t even do it if they see you. Your ex had accepted that you are now single before they moved on and started flirting with other people; they would just ask what’s wrong and try to find out what’s causing you to be upset.

Once they get this information, they would know what they can do to fix it, or if it’s not fixable, they would know that you aren’t over it, and they will finally move on too.

They will treat you the way you were treated before they started dating other people. They would treat you how you used to be treated and would do whatever they could to get you back.

🧿 He never contacts you again

It’s pretty much a universal truth that when you break up, your ex-boyfriend never contacts you anymore. But if you suspect that your ex is still contacting you, there are things you can do.

First of all, always make it clear to your friends that you want to be informed of their activity. One way of doing this is to place an online/phone number blocker on your phone.

🧿 They are Too Busy With Their New Girlfriend Or Fiancée.

When an ex-girlfriend decides to move on, she usually has a lot of things going on. They are usually happy and bubbly, too.

It’s so obvious because you would never have known that they are in any kind of pain if they were in your life. This is a sure sign that your ex has finally moved on. They seem more alive than ever.

🧿 He doesn’t rush to respond Immediately to you when you reach out to him.

If he doesn’t immediately reply to your message, then he might not be that into you anymore.

Although he might be more cautious about responding if he is still mad at you, it does not mean that he doesn’t have feelings for you.

If he has moved on, he will surely not take you and your relationship lightly.

🧿 He has started being very busy.

If your ex has started spending a lot of time with someone else, he is most likely not interested in you anymore.

However, if he has started spending a lot of time with you but has also started getting a lot of attention from a new girl, he might be pursuing another relationship.

Remember that he is probably spending less time with you now because he is either busy with work or a new and healthy relationship.

🧿 He asked you to return his things.

It’s one thing to bring back his belongings. It’s an entirely different matter to ask you to come back. It shows that he is genuinely trying to let go. Also, you’ll be happier doing the work. He reconnected with his friends and family.

Are you still being compared to your ex? You can’t enjoy doing new things for a long time because you’re afraid people will find out you were together. Decide to move on by reconnecting with your friends and family and learning to love yourself again.

He’s dating new people and showing interest in your friends. Your ex is not the one. If he’s trying to date someone new, he’s moving on.

He’s no longer thinking about you. If you decide to move on, take into account that your ex might not appreciate your company anymore.

⛔ Important Signs When You Should Stop Contacting a Girl ⛔

You might think that chasing a girl is romantic – and it can be – but there are times when it might not be the best idea.

Here are some signs you should stop contacting a girl because she either doesn’t want to talk to you anymore or because you’re annoying her.

✅ She’s always busy.

Do you work with a girl and she never has time for you, or does she call you for a few weeks and won’t answer your calls?

Probably, she doesn’t want to talk to you and will say so straight to your face – she just wants to be left alone. She doesn’t like you. It’s not a classic sign if a girl constantly tells you that you’re a nice guy, but she doesn’t like you.

You can be nice to her, but it shouldn’t be that you have to be nice to her all the time. It’s been days, weeks, or months since you’ve contacted her.

It usually takes about 3-6 months of constant contact before she starts getting annoyed when it comes to girls. The longer it takes you to call, the less likely she will be talking to you anymore.

✅ She’s too nice to say no.

When you approach a girl, and you have her attention, that’s when it’s easy to gain her trust and move forward with the date. But, the problem with being too nice can be that a girl might not want to do anything with you.

So, what do you do? Do you have to approach them anyway? This is a tricky situation, and sometimes you might not even know what to do or say. It’s better to leave and move on.

You don’t gain her confidence. When you’re talking to a girl, you want to show her that you’re confident enough to be talking to her, and you want her to trust you, right?

Well, if you’re asking a girl out and you aren’t fully confident, she won’t feel confident enough to go out with you.

✅ She’s still getting over a breakup.

If she is dating after a breakup. She might get back with the other guy and this is hard to swallow. There might be trust issues.

If she’s texting you like crazy to apologize for being stupid and assure you that she didn’t have a relationship with the new guy, just let it go.

If she’s still talking about the new guy and you haven’t talked to her in months, she might be getting back with him. She’s not interested in hanging out.

Instead of going out and having fun with you, she’s probably in bed, lying in bed, having sad thoughts about the guy she just broke up with.

She needs space to think about what happened. She’s just not ready to date you, so she is still thinking of getting her ex back. Stop asking and stop trying to hang out. There’s no point. You’re going to ruin her life.

✅ Her texts are always formal.

If she has horrible social skills, this probably means that she’s not looking for anything serious. For instance, if She doesn’t send you pics of her face or body on social media.

This is because she probably didn’t ask for them in the first place. This is the first thing to look for.

If you think that there’s a possibility that the girl you’re interested in might already be dating or might have a boyfriend, then stop contacting her.

Of course, it depends on how sure you are about her. She hasn’t told you that she’s interested in you. The only way to figure out this is to be direct and tell her you like her. If she’s not interested, she will be the one who will tell you. She doesn’t get back to you on every text.

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✅ She creates an emotional barrier.

You might think that you have a lot in common with a girl because you have something to relate to, like a passion for something. But if she blocks you because you do that – just because you can relate to that – you might be too intense for her.

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✅ She’s not responding.

This might mean that she’s busy or that she just doesn’t care anymore. Sometimes you’ll meet girls who just don’t want to talk to you – but this can be because they don’t want to.

There’s no shame in that – you might just have to be OK with that and move on. You were never serious about her.

Maybe you met her, and she seemed like a cool girl, and you had a lot in common. But it’s time to be realistic – you’re not in love with her.

✅ Her phone is more important than you are.

This is the same thing you probably already know even after the no-contact rule– but it’s hard to put into practice. If you’ve been trying to catch up with her for the past day and she has been ignoring your messages, that means that she doesn’t want to hear from you.

Feel free to try putting her first before your need to keep texting her – this might help her see that you’re the type of guy she wants to get to know, and she might start to respond to your messages more often.

When she ignores you or when she’s barely responding – this means she doesn’t want to have a relationship with you and it is not about the no-contact rule anymore. It may seem like the girl you’re texting is still interested in getting to know you.

✅ You are always treated as a friend.

If a girl doesn’t seem interested in your feelings, it’s good to assume she’s not interested. It’s also OK to ask her directly and make a real connection.

You start giving her reasons why she should continue talking to you, which means you only want her to be your friend.

✅ You are asking her for another person’s information.

When a girl is not interested, her answer will not be “sure.” She’s either not interested at all or doesn’t want to talk to you.

✅ You’re calling her too much.

If you get so close with a girl that she feels obligated to speak to you, and you’re calling her all the time, or she’s avoiding you, she’s not interested.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Breakups are never easy. Even in the most amicable situations, there is healing to do, whether you get back together in the end.

A lot of the pain we experience when a relationship ends is the result of our illusions about the relationship, our ex, and ourselves.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ How do you know if your ex still wants you?

The first thing you need to know is that there are some tell-tale signs that your ex still wants you. And the most common one is that they will try to contact you. They might want to talk, text, or even meet up with you.

But the truth is that there are many more ways for an ex to contact us, and it’s not always a good sign.

For example, if they want something from us – whether it be emotional support or some kind of material goods – they likely don’t want to rekindle the relationship with us.

Still, they just want something from us instead. Or if they have been contacting us for some time now but have not asked for anything in return, then chances are they just want attention.

❓ What are the 3-day rule?

The three-day rule in dating states that you should give someone you want to date three days before contacting them.

This guideline is supposed to be followed when the person you are interested in has not contacted you yet. The three-day rule is not applicable when it comes to married people or people who are already in a relationship.

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