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“Do I Like Him? Do I Really Like Him?” (35 Signs to Be Certain)

What to Know if I Do I Like Him-Catch the Drift!

Do you ever ask yourself these questions: “Do I like him?” “What should I do?” “Do I like him?” “How can I tell if he likes me too?”

That’s because, at some point in your life, you’ve probably had a crush on someone. But you want to know for sure whether or not they felt the same way about you.

Though love is a fantastic thing, it may not be always easy to tell whether you really love someone or you just like the idea of him.

Do I like him

And when it comes to dating advice, there are two schools of thought. Some say that every sign is telling us something important (and we need to pay close attention). Others say it’s better just take a chance and go with our gut instinct.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are definite signs to tell if you like him! So ladies, why not try? Follow this list to find out!

✪ 35 Signs to Help You Recognize How You Feel About Him ✪

1. You are willing to do a little bit of extra work and attention when you’re with him.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for him, it might mean you’re really into him. If you’re willing to make a little bit of an effort in how you look when you see him or put on your best behavior during a date, he’s probably worth your time.

2. There’s no question that if he asked you out on a date, you’d say yes!

Men like taking their women out for a good time. If he asks you on a date and you’re ready for it, this is a sign that you like him. You don’t have to jump for joy when he asks you out, but you should at least be excited.

3. You feel comfortable around him and aren’t constantly trying to impress or prove yourself to him.

If you can just chill out and enjoy his company, he’s probably a good guy for you. If every time you see him, you have the urge to become someone new; put on a

The fact that you would be willing to go out of your way for him is a pretty good sign he has won your heart over.

4. You’re checking his Facebook page and Pinterest boards obsessively!

That could be a good sign, or it could mean you need to stop avoiding your homework. Just kidding! Checking his page obsessively might be a sign that you like this guy.

5. You’re always watching and waiting for when he’ll call or text next.

Most times, you may be sitting by your phone with pining eyes and an open heart waiting for his call or text. Well, there’s no question you have deep feelings for the man.

This guy has got you so hooked that not even a text message from another cute boy will make you jump off of the love train. The only decision left is whether or not you’re willing to do something about it.

6. He makes you feel like a million bucks!

When you’re with him, he gives you butterflies and makes your heart flutter. If he seems to be the one who has made your world go round in the past, then it might just be time for you two to take a step further.

7. You’ve been on more than five dates with him over several weeks.

Dating is always an adventure. But when a date turns into six, seven, eight, or more dates regularly, there’s definitely something going on. This is a sign that you like this guy!

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8. You make an effort to communicate with him every day.

If the two of you aren’t constantly messaging each other online, it might be a sign that you are growing apart. If he’s not initiating conversations through text or Facebook, take his lack of communication as a hint that your relationship is probably on its way out.

But if you consistently reach out to him and can’t wait for his messages in return, there’s no denying the fact that he’s pretty into you! You like this guy.

9. You’re positive that he likes spending time with you just as much as you like spending time with him.

This might seem like something obvious, but if this guy has won your heart over. Maybe you won’t be 100% sure about his feelings until he tells you.

But if there’s no question in your mind that he enjoys spending time with you, he probably does!

10. You get butterflies when talking to and about him.

If you get the classic “butterflies” every time he talks to you or even just when someone mentions his name, he is most likely feeling the same way about you as you do for him.

However, if it’s been months since either of you have had this reaction to one another, the chances are good that your relationship will wither away from neglect soon enough.

11. When he tells you something personal, it feels like your secret too.

If you want to know you like a guy, check whether the two of you are sharing secrets and he feels like a part of your life. If that’s the case, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t feel like he’s more involved than just a regular friend.

If you feel like you can trust him with anything, you probably can. And the two of you might have something special on your hands! You’re ready for a romantic relationship.

12. You miss him when he isn’t around and still think about him even when he is.

You’ll know you like someone if you’re always missing him when he is away. You always want to spend time with this man, and your feelings for him are intense.

Whether you two are in the same room or just a mile apart, you should find that your thoughts travel to him at least once or twice throughout the day.

If you’re constantly thinking of him and how much fun he is, this guy might be more than a friend to you.

13. You smile when you think about him.

If you can’t stop the little grin from creeping onto your face when he texts or calls if it’s after midnight, you should consider yourself smitten. You like this guy.

He might be thinking about you too, and if he is, this is a sign that you two could go places soon.

14. When he sends you a text, it’s the highlight of your day!

Sure, when you get a text from your best friend, it’s exciting. But when it particularly comes to this guy, everything is just so much better!

Even if he doesn’t say anything special, the fact that he chose to contact you should be enough to make you feel flattered. If this memorable feeling hasn’t worn off after a few months together, probably it’s because he thinks about you all the time!

15. The thought of breaking up with him makes you sad.

If the thought of letting this male friend go already makes you sad, maybe he is your soul mate! This is the biggest sign that he has feelings for you too.

You’ll even get jealous when you imagine him loving another girl! You should take your time with this guy and cherish him because when you finally do end up together, you’ll have to make it count.

16. He is always on your mind!

If he never leaves your mind, this guy is worth your time and consideration. Luckily for you, if he feels the same way about you as you do him, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be together soon. Assuming the two of you aren’t related or have a negative past together, there’s no reason to doubt that love will conquer all!

17. You consider going out of your comfort zone to be with him worth it because he treats you so well!

If you’d be willing to go the extra mile to keep this guy in your life for as long as possible, consider giving him a chance! Even though you might have never felt this way about a guy before, something in the pit of your stomach is telling you to go for it.

If he’s already asked you out or has asked about your relationship status, it can only mean that he feels the same way!

18. Your friends know that he is someone special in your life and they want to meet him already!

Are your friends eagerly awaiting an opportunity to meet the guy who makes you so happy? There’s no reason why they shouldn’t get their chance. If they’re already anticipating the two of you meeting, it means that he probably has a good relationship with your closest friends and family members!

You might not be at the most serious point in your relationship yet. But this is how much he means to you, it’s only a matter of time.

19. As much as you hate admitting it, his flaws make you love him even more!

Do you look past this guy’s flaws and imperfections? Maybe you should end your search for a life partner. It means that he is your one true love. He’s not like any other friend, and your feelings for him are strong.

No matter how much time or energy has gone into trying to ignore or deny his less desirable traits, if you always seem to get back together, there’s no denying the two of you are meant for each other!

20. You’ve started planning future dates together.

If you’re already picturing what your future life could be like together, there’s no reason why this guy shouldn’t have an equal spot in your future. Even if the two of you are nowhere near being ready for a serious relationship, don’t search anymore!

21. You appreciate small details about his personality that you never really noticed before!

When you find yourself appreciating all of the things that made him stand out to you from the beginning, know that you like him. If this is how much he means to you after a few weeks of being together, just imagine how wonderful your life will be once he’s a part of it!

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22. There is something about the way he holds your hand or touches your face that makes you lose track of time when you two are together.

Now is the time to take action if the way he holds your hand makes you feel like you’re in a dream world. Even if it might be too soon to plant one on him, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t tell him how much he means to you!

He could already feel the same way about you and will probably be nervous about taking things to the next level, too!

23. You like this guy if You’re always laughing when you’re with him because he is just so funny!

If this guy has a habit of keeping you laughing even when your life seems like it’s falling apart, you have a crush on him! Even if you’ve never had a relationship with someone who makes you this happy right off the bat, there’s no denying that he’s really good for your well-being

24. When he is doing something stupid, rather than getting mad at him, you find yourself muttering “Oh my god” under your breath with a playful smile on your face.

If you’re always finding yourself laughing at his mistakes and mishaps, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in your life forever. Well, you might not know how to tell him that you like him.

But if this is your reaction to the littlest things about him, it can only mean that he makes you feel about him in a very special way!

25. You like a guy if you’re willing to give up a little bit of your own time so you can spend it with him!

When you find yourself willing to give up a little bit of your own time so that you can spend it with him, know you’re interested in this man. Don’t let the feelings fade away.

Even if the two of you just started dating and things are going great, there’s nothing better than finding someone who wants to make as much time for you as you do for them!

26. You can’t wait to see him after a long day because he always lifts your spirits and makes you feel better than ever!

Are you always feeling better about yourself after spending time with this guy? If the answer is yes, you two should be more than friends.

If things are going great and you can’t wait to hang out again, don’t let a little fear of “what if” ruin something that’s already perfect. A guy means this much to you after only a few weeks, why wouldn’t he be the one for you?

27. You feel the need to be extra careful about how you look when you’re around him because you want him to think you’re pretty.

When you like someone, you’ll be willing to put in the extra effort just so that he can see your good side. As such, there’s no quiz if he should be in your life forever.

If it feels like a little too soon for this type of thinking, it can only mean that you’re the perfect match!

28. When he talks, it feels like what he’s saying is directly meant for you and only you.

You’re interested in a guy if all of his words seem to be directly aimed at you. It means you already have feelings for him. Don’t let anything or anyone ruin what the two of you have.

This guy might turn out to be the person who’s always there for you, so consider the idea of planning your future together.

29. You can’t stop thinking about your future together.

If you’ve been spending a lot of time daydreaming about where the two of you could go or what kind of wedding you might have, it’s time to take your daydreams into the real world. If you’re not thinking about it yet, but you feel like something is brewing between the two of you, let your mind wander just a bit!

30. You are excited to introduce him to your friends and family members!

If you have the idea of introducing him to everyone in your life, it can only mean that he’s a special person. Even if things are going great after only a few weeks and the two of you haven’t gotten as serious as others have gotten, there’s no denying that this guy has someplace in your heart!

31. Your friends have noticed his positive impact

If everyone around you is always talking about how great he makes you feel, they probably think that he’s pretty special too! Bonus points if he can make your friends laugh.

32. Your feelings for him have grown so strong that they feel almost superhuman at times!

If he’s brought out feelings in you that you never knew you had, it can only mean that he’s the one! You might have just started dating and things are going great. However, there’s nothing better than finding someone who makes your feelings stronger than ever.

33. If you’re looking for an excuse to get closer to him physically, he is more than happy to oblige!

No matter how long you’ve known each other, if you’re willing to get closer physically, he’s more than happy to oblige. If this is how much physical intimacy means to the two of you after only a few weeks, there’s no quiz he cares about you!

34. He describes your relationship as better than most people’s best relationships, and he’s probably right!

If you both agree that your relationship is pretty awesome, there’s no reason why it can’t last forever. Even if the two of you are still very young and having a successful relationship is unheard of this early on, he might be the one who makes all of your dreams come true!

35. He only has eyes for you, and he’s not afraid to show it.

When you find all of his attention is on you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with him. Even if things are going great after only a few weeks, don’t let anything or anyone ruin what the two of you have!

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This guy might turn out to be the person who’s always there for you, so don’t mess it up by wasting any more time!

⭐ 5 Things That Make Girls Like Guys? ⭐

➊ Girls like guys who are nice and treat them with respect.

If a guy is respectful and treats a girl with the utmost kindness, she will likely like him back.

If he does nice things for his girl and she has a good connection with him, it’s pretty much set in stone that she will date him eventually.

➋ Girls like guys who are kind and take care of them.

If a guy is always sweet, caring, and giving towards his girl, she will most likely fall for him. He should make her feel comfortable about anything.

But if he’s too controlling, it can be very overwhelming for both of them.

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➌ Girls like guys who listen to them and have mutual interests as they do.

A girl will crush on a guy who shows her that he is interested in what she has to say, especially if they have the same interests. The more they connect over their favorite things, the better for them.

Having similar interests shows that they both value each other’s opinions and enjoy each other’s company.

➍ Guys with a sense of humor.

A man should be doing everything to make his girl laugh. Guys fall in love easily with guys who have a sense of humor as they talk.

➎ Girls like guys who give a genuine compliment.

If a guy can make a girl feel special with his words alone, she will probably like him even more. Girls love sincere compliments, especially on things they look forward to hearing every day.

💞 Difference Between Appreciated and Admired 💞

Does he appreciate or admire you? In matters of love and romantic relationships, these two words are very often used for one another. Let’s look at each.

⊳ Appreciated

The word ‘appreciate’ means recognizing the worth or importance of being thankful for what one has, does, or receives, and understanding or realizing fully. Other people might not recognize such qualities or actions, though they’re important (i.e., I appreciate your patience).

“Appreciated” would also mean “to like” in a romantic context. It describes how someone feels about somebody and may be more significant than just the physical aspect (i.e., he appreciates me because he likes me for who I am).

⊳ Admired

In a romantic context, “admire” describes the feeling of being overwhelmingly impressed by someone. So if a man admires you, he may be attracted by qualities like personality, beauty, generosity, humility, etc. He looks up to you with a sense of positive disposition.

When a man admires you, the signs are obvious. He wants to be in your spotlight. He will strike up conversations with you when he sees you, so much so that his friends roll their eyes, causing an interruption in the conversation because they don’t want to get involved.

◧ Why Admire?

A man will sometimes admire you for your dedication to achieving your goals, your self-belief that you’re capable of doing anything, and how you refuse to allow hardship.

A man might even be impressed by your ability to forgive others, both the wrongs they’ve done and those they’ve caused within himself.

Your sense of humor and how you can be yourself in all situations are also things he’ll admire.

◨ What Is Love?

Love is a word that gets thrown around far too much. It is something people feel when they’re infatuated with someone or when they feel a deep affection for another person. Love can be expressed in many different ways, whether it’s by the words you say to someone or your actions toward them.

If you’re truly in love with a man, then he might feel that from how you behave around him. He’ll also know when you have feelings for him because he can see it written all over your face.


When looking for signs to be certain that you like him, there are a few important things to consider. And now you know what to look for to be sure you like a guy. If he is meant to be yours, he will love you back, and you will build a lasting relationship together. Follow your gut and enjoy the love.

Feel free to post in the comments section the signs that make you certain you like him.


Q: How to know if we are meant to be, or is it someone else?

A: If you think he’s the one for you and can’t imagine ever being with someone else, then it’s probably you. If you’re not sure if he’s right for you, but just know that he is right here and now, then, either way could be true.

Q: How to spend time more with someone I like?

A: Spend more time doing his favorite things with him because not only does it help him to feel loved by you, but you both get to do something that makes you happy too.

Q: What are the personalities that common girls like?

A: Girls will appreciate many different things, but most girls love a guy who can make them laugh and is confident.

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