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Creative Problem Solving Techniques

Like most of you, when I have an obstacle to overcome I ponder the possible solutions, make a decision, and then move forward. The problem for me is that my “possible solutions” are limited to my own knowledge and are generally based on “what worked last time”.

Well, just because something worked last month doesn’t mean that it will consistently provide the same result. There comes a time when you have to learn how to come up with creative ideas that will provide a superior outcome.

This morning, Pablo (a DLM reader) forwarded over a site that he relies on for these exact circumstances. It’s a page that lists and very thoroughly explains over 15 different tactics you can use to become better at problem solving.

There is almost too much to provide you with an example but I will give it a shot. Here is an excerpt from 1 of the tactics:

Double-Entry A-Ha! Method (DEAM) is our latest little device, an idea-generating method which is surprisingly simple and surprisingly productive despite its simplicity. It’s as simple as writing on two sheets of paper at a time instead of on one.

With Double-Entry A-Ha! Method, find that you are able to —

    • Generate great ideas and answers with extraordinary ease and fluency, as part of almost any problem-solving method. DEAM originally was and is part of the extraordinary Evoked Sidebands method, also primarily an idea-generating device.
    • DEAM is a powerful tool for understanding almost any situation quickly, easily, and in meaningful, useful depth.
  • DEAM is a powerful learning tool, for any topic or subject where understanding is needed.

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