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6 Myths You Were Told About the Common Cold and Flu

You start to feel tired and develop a case of the sniffles as you think to yourself that you simply can’t be getting a cold as you are way too busy. Frantic, you call your mom, trusted friend, or browse the Internet looking for natural remedies and popular treatments. But, it only takes a few minutes before you realize that folk remedies and online solutions have little, if any scientific basis.

Read on for six myths about the common cold that won’t speed up your recovery time.

MYTH #1 – You Can Sweat Out a Cold

Old wives’ tales include piling on clothes or blankets to sweat out a cold. However, that’s not effective as the virus just needs time to run its course through your system. Even so, do what you need to feel better, including eating chicken soup, keeping warm or using natural, effective remedies to relieve your symptoms.

MYTH #2 – Receiving a Flu Shot Means You Won’t Get Sick This Year…

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a flu shot prevents the flu about 50 to 60 percent of the time. If another strain of the virus attacks your body, the shot won’t work.

MYTH #3 – Get Up! You Have to Go to Work…

sick at work

When you are run down, your body feels tired, and you want nothing more than to curl up under the covers. There’s a legitimate reason for your exhaustion — your body is trying to recover.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you risk compromising your immune system. You desperately need restorative sleep to heal.

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For adults, this means seven or eight hours of sleep each night; teens should average nine or 10 hours a night. The need for sleep increases for younger children.

Though it can be hard to miss work, oftentimes your fellow employees will thank you for staying home. Not only do your coworkers want to avoid the virus you’re carting around, your body really does benefit from extra downtime at home.

MYTH #4 – You’ll Catch a Cold if You Don’t Wear Your Coat…

Actually, you can more easily catch a cold indoors as viruses cause them. Physical activity year round can help you build your immune system.

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MYTH #5 – Eat What Your Appetite is Calling For…

Often times we hear that your body has the natural ability to let you know what it needs. If you’re craving red meat or dirt (weird..) you’re most likely low on iron. While this is fine and true, there are much more beneficial foods for your body that will help it heal than just the strange things you find yourself craving.

If you’re intentional about your eating, you can aid your body in overcoming a cold or flu faster.

Some interesting choices include:

Spicy salsa to break up congestion
Chicken soup — yes, really!
Yogurt to increase probiotic production
Broccoli and red peppers for extra Vitamin C and
Sweet potatoes containing loads of Vitamin A.

MYTH #6 – All You Can do is Let The Cold/Flu Run its Course…

You can speed up your recovery process by paying attention to what you eat. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can dehydrate you. Stay away from sugar as it can promote infections and inflammation. Milk and dairy are also known to increase mucus production so it’s beneficial to avoid that, as well.


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