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How Changing Your Attitude Can Build Your Confidence

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.
Marcus Garvey

We will all face some very challenging time in our lives. Some as a result of our decisions and others we have no control over. Whatever the reasons are we cannot hide from hard times and will have to deal with them, or if allowed to will destroy us.
No one is exempted no matter how much money you have or how little. You will have to make difficult decisions and many of which you wish you didn’t have to make.
You can choose to be a victim, or you can accept the difficulties life throws your way and deal with them.
Should you choose to become a victim and wallow in self-pity you can be sure your confidence will be eroded? You will become a shadow of yourself and feel that the world is out to get you, and you are being punished.
If you chose to accept that things, unfortunately, happens, and you are willing to work through difficult times, you will build your confidence and self-esteem. It is all about changing how you perceive things. Instead of accepting the victim mentality you can choose to understand that these things happen to anyone, and you are no exception.
You may not be able to change the situation you are currently in, but you can change your attitude and, therefore, change the way you feel about yourself and life. You can choose to see your problems as the opportunity to make improvements in your life or as something to destroy you.

When confronted with issues that will shake your confidence do remember that:

You are not the first nor will you be the last

It doesn’t matter what you are currently facing at this time remind yourself that there are millions around the world going through the same thing or even worse and you won’t be the last. Change the way you look at your problem and remember you have everything within you to overcome whatever it is you are facing.

It too will past even though it seem to go on forever

When you are struggling with life’s problems, remind yourself that everything last for a while, and that includes your problems as well. It doesn’t matter how bleak it might seem at the moment; remind yourself it too will pass.

You can recover and do better

No matter how difficult the situation seem today you must believe that you can recover and do better than ever before in your life. You also have to remind yourself that you can recover all you have lost and gain much more.

You are stronger than you think

Difficulties are never meant to destroy or kill you but to make you stronger and more experienced. When you find yourself in situations that you perceive as difficult, do not forget that you are strong enough to overcome. You have to dig deep sometimes to find your inner strength but do believe it is within you. Never let your problems make you lose confidence in yourself.

Life is always teaching us something new

It is sad to say, but life gives us the test before it gives us the lessons. It is after we have passed the test that life show us the lesson we were being taught. You must be prepared to overcome your trials and tribulations to build your confidence. If everything was easy how then could you believe in yourself and what you can do?

You should not resist life

Many times life takes us on a road that is unfamiliar to us, and we resist. We are people of habit and anything new to us is feared. We have our lives planned out but do not understand that many times our plans are not the plan life has for you. Choose not to resist but to let your life unfolds for you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard and make decisions for your life, but sometimes life doesn’t always offer us the things we want and the way we want them. The reason we suffer so much pain is because we try to force life to follow our lead, and it doesn’t work that way.

Remain Confident all the time

Never allow your situation to dictate how you feel about yourself. You should be able to remain confident even when everything around you is falling apart. Never allow where you are in life to dictate how you feel about yourself. You must believe in your talent and abilities. Know that you can become anything you want to be.

Your struggles are there to strengthen you

Whenever you have gone through difficulties, you will never struggle with those issues again, and you will be more prepared to handle the stress of life? You will also realize then how strong you truly are. You will not know how strong you are until you have overcome some very difficult times in your life. You will then become more self-assured and confident because you would have experienced enough to know that you can withstand the hardship of life.

Stop trying to control everything

Too many of us spend our every waking moment trying to control every aspect of our lives and, unfortunately, many things we cannot control. We are therefore left feeling defeated, like a failure and our self-confidence is eroded. Work on changing those things that you can change and those that you cannot change work on accepting them the way they are.

Comparing your life to others is destructive

You are not doing yourself any good by comparing your situations to those of others around you. We all start life at different places and under different circumstances. Your life will not take the same path as someone else’s and vice versa. Our experiences will all be different, and the results will also be different. Focus on building your life and following the path life directs you but do not try to go the route someone else is taking hoping you will have the same results. There will always be someone who is better off than you, but you must remember you are still better off than many as well.

Take time to celebrate your achievements

Too many times we take for granted all the things we have achieved ourselves. We, unfortunately, belittle our achievements, and so we do not feel good about ourselves. When we feel good about the things we have done then our confidence soars. The opposite is also true. When you take the time to celebrate all you have achieved then you will not only feel better about yourself, but you will also notice the things you have ignored or overlooked.
We might not be able to control all the things in our lives, but we can always change our attitude towards those things. You can make mistakes and still be successful. You can fail and still recover and excel. You can fall but get up and become better than you ever were. Nothing in life is final except death.
Rose Costas is a big believer in the power of facing your challenges head on, and that boldly wearing your scars can help others triumph over their own challenges. An accountant by profession with a passion for writing and blogging, Rose can help you to get back the fire that once burned within you, starting with her eBook “31 Ways to Build Your Confidence Today.”

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