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Top Career Advice For Virtual Assistants in 2024

As a virtual assistant as you keep growing yourself your skills, you can actually charge more and of course, you can provide better services for your client.

1. Constantly Upgrade Your Skills

The first Career Advice For Virtual Assistants that I do have and it’s probably the most important one is to constantly upgrade your skills. That indirectly makes you more productive to make more money online. The biggest reason why this is such an essential thing for you to do is that as a virtual assistant the more that you work on your skills the more you can actually charge.

Constantly Upgrade Your Skills
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That is the secret to this is the faster or more efficient they do certain things that you don’t have to be charging by the hour you can change things by a package.

The more freedom you can create for yourself and the more just efficient more things that you can get done in a day.
That’s why I’m putting this advice front and center is that as a virtual assistant as you keep growing yourself your skills you can actually charge more. Of course, you can provide better services for your clients. That’s number one is just to upgrade your skills as much as you can.

2. Create & Maintain A Portfolio

The Next Piece of advice is to create and maintain a portfolio. Even if you’re right now working really well with a client that you have still keep a record of all the different things that you create with them on for them.

So that later on if you do end up leaving them or things going haywire you still have a record of the things that you’ve been able to create for the company. Do keep in mind that there might be MBAs or there might be different copyright stuff but as much as you can try to always collect and keep building on your portfolio.

Even though you’re already currently working with a client. it’s always good to have a record of the things that you’ve been able to create.
You can either use that to launch yourself to the next client or have that as a reference point for yourself in the future.

3. Your Current Skills Can Be Used As A Virtual Assistant Skill

Career Advice For Virtual Assistants that I have especially if you don’t have any experience at all is that your current skills your mundane or normal skills can actually be virtual assistant skills.

Talk about the things the small things that you do every day your habits can also be applied to being a virtual assistant.
Let’s say you already are someone who likes managing your time, that’s something you just automatically do.

That is something that you can apply of course as a virtual assistant as a soft skill that you can show off to your client that hey I know how to do this.

4. Go At Your Own Pace

You Should always go at your own pace. What I mean by that and that actually is that everyone will have a different path. Just because one path worked perfectly for this person doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be the path that works for you. Just because it works for you doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your best friend or the next person that you teach how to be a virtual assistant too.

Everyone is going to have their own formula for what they’re comfortable with what they want to do you might be someone who prefers being a full-time virtual assistant or you prefer being a freelancer. It is up to you there’s no right or wrong answer really in this journey that you’re on. Being a virtual assistant there’s only what feels right to you and what makes sense to you with your goals your lifestyle and how you want your life to be.

That actually really goes with the rest of your life you know. Everyone will have their own path and you don’t have to feel restricted to following your own path just because that’s been the way that you’ve always been you can. Always pivot you can always find different things that you want to do as you go on through your journey.

5. Don’t Be Late

Career Advice For Virtual Assistants is ‘don’t be late’. What I mean by is that you want to try as much as possible to submit things as early as you can. Including attending interviews try to be there five to ten minutes before so then you can check for any technicalities or anything your internet your camera your microphone you can test for that.

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The same thing goes with your deadlines with the things that you need to get done. Try to always make time for it before the deadline you’re already done because then you have time to double triple check everything to make sure that you have everything in place.

A lot of the time we do procrastinate i know how that feels but it does save us a lot of time and money. When we have that time to check where everything is at rather than barreling through and waiting for the deadline before we actually work on that thing.

6. Create Your Own Brand

Start creating your own brand today. It’s really important that you build your brand. You have something to fall back on if you lose clients if clients change their minds. There’s always a way for you to be able to pivot and find the next one.

Keep that in mind of how you treat your clients how you show up for work the output that you create all that accumulates to who you are and who you’re going to be known to be.

Keep that in mind that you have to build your brand and you have to be conscious about it. You have to be intentional on how you want to build it.

7. Shadow Your Client

The Next Career Advice For Virtual Assistants is to shadow your client during the first two weeks. What I mean by this is try to find out what are they doing every day what are their habits what are the things that make sense to them that you can then attach to what it is that you’re doing.

Let’s say the first thing that they do in the morning is go through 50 emails then you start noticing that like hey maybe I can clean up your emails maybe I can go through your emails instead of you.

You can focus on other things inside of the business. Shadowing is more than just watching what it is that they do it’s then starting to pick apart the different things that you can do for them.

So that frees them up to be able to focus on growing the business. Which of course helps you as a virtual system. Because that means that you get to keep your job because they keep continuing on growing their business.

8. Soft Skills Over Hard Skills

Last but not Least advice that I really want to make sure that you guys get is soft skills over hard skills. What I mean by this is you should always prioritize your soft skills, not just the hard skills that you’re doing.

Hard skills are skills that you can measure like marketing sales legion those are all hard skills. Soft skills are ones that you don’t always see so communication skills your leadership skills your self-motivation skills. These are all soft skills that are really as important as your hard skills. You could be the most experienced person out there with all of the skills.

But if you don’t have the right soft skills you might not end up working with your client for a longer period.

9. Make Yourself Visible

The next piece of advice and it goes with working on your brand is to make yourself visible. not just collect your portfolio not just keep things of what are the things that you do. But share your wins on social media show people what it is that you do.

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For example for me, I do this all the time still where I show off what are different things that we’re up to. So people will see and are learning more about what it is that we do. You have this just word of mouth of how amazing you are of the different things that you can do. so the next time a potential client asks.

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