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Can an iPad Connect to a Wireless Projector?

There are various methods for iPad users to establish a wireless connection between their mobile devices and projectors. Some methods require the use of docks, adaptors, apps, or specific projectors recommended by Apple. Some advanced wireless connections between iPads and projectors are very seamless and can even allow users to walk around as they control their devices and deliver their presentation.

In general, no major tech skills are needed to connect an iPad to a wireless projector. Here are the most common methods:

<strong>Using a Networked Wireless Projector</strong>

Epson and Panasonic are the two consumer electronic brands that most people think about when talking about digital projectors for the office and the classroom these days. These wireless projectors connect to other devices by means of wireless fidelity local area network (WiFi LAN). Connecting iPads and other mobile devices powered by iOS to these projectors is simply a matter of installing the app published by the manufacturer.

Panasonic’s app is simply called Wireless Projector for iOS. This app features a neat pointer function and a crisp projection. The Epson app is named iProjection, and it provides additional support for accessing files kept in cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

<strong>Using AirPlay</strong>

Even since Apple released iOS 4.3, iPad users have been able to transmit their screens to other devices by means of the AirPlay protocol. The basic requirement is that the protocol should also be installed on the projection device, but this requirement can be bridged with Apple TV.

Before Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, there was some level of uncertainty with regard to the company’s future in the living room. Apple TV was developed to ease Jobs’ vision of personal computing devices being used to augment the television-watching experience with WiFi LAN.

Apple TV connects directly to projectors, monitors and television sets via adaptors such as USB, VGA and HDMI. A wireless network able to detect Apple TV via the AirPlay protocol will also be able to perform a handshake with an iPad. Once these devices are in a network, presenters will essentially stream their iPad content to the projection device. This content is not limited to videos or Keynote files; users can open MS Office for iPad files, PDF documents, Photoshop projects, and more.

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