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You Can Burn Your Calories Just By Sitting

Sitting alone for a few hours is very detrimental to health. The less you move and the less activity you do, the less fuel you burn in your body which means you burn fewer calories that lead to obesity and other weight-related risks.

Fortunately, it is a good thing to know now that even in sitting alone, you can burn calories! You may actually lose weight and achieve your body goals even if your priorities require you to sit for a very a long time.

Hese are some ways you could burn those calories while sitting down:

Laugh A Lot

laugh a lot

Laughter is the best medicine. It is very true in this case because laughing makes you sweat no matter what you do or in what position you are. Laughing a lot throughout your day will make you lose significant amounts of calories. In addition, it creates a very positive mood for yourself and everybody around you.

Replace Your Chair

If you intend to lose some of those fats and calories, you may want to change and replace your current chair. Invest in an adequate chair that can help you shed those extra pounds.

You may actually check a new stability ball and use it as a chair. In fact, these exercise balls can help you lose an extra 100 calories an hour depending on your activity and how much you weigh. Moreover, an exercise ball will help you to strengthen your core, legs, and back for a more toned-looking appearance.

Keep Cool

Turn down the heat and keep it cool. Cold temperature can help you lose weight effectively. Your body naturally adjusts itself to maintain a balanced temperature. The cooler your environment, the harder your body works to keep you warm.

Dance In Your Seat

It is not prohibited for you exert those extra moves. You may want to turn up the volume and dance to the beat. You’ll be stretching your body and burning calories at the same time!

Snack Often

People who are in fitness and weight-loss programs know this rule very well. To keep you from eating way heavier meals, try to eat small and healthy snacks every now and then. It will make you feel full and hinders you from eating unhealthy and inappropriate meals like fast food fixes or sugary snacks.

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Stay Hydrated

It is always important to keep a bottle of water beside you especially when you are trying to lose some weight. In actuality, drinking water is a very effective technique when you are on a diet and weight loss program. Water is essential to a lot of metabolic processes in your body causing you to burn more calories.

Squeeze In Tiny Tone-Ups

Sitting doesn’t require you to only be in a dormant state. Do some stretches every now and then to keep your blood in proper circulation. These few stretching activities throughout the day can relax your muscles and burn a few calories.

Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply has many health benefits. It helps you to relax and reduce stress. Stress hormones are responsible for your sweet and unhealthy cravings. By reducing stress and bringing yourself to a calmer state, it is easier for you to avoid bingeing and fixating on sweets.

In addition, breathing deeply improves circulation which again aids in metabolism and helps burn calories faster.

Sneak In A Nap

Naps are as important as your 8-hour sleep. These are actually barriers from your hunger-regulating hormones. The more naps you take every now and then, the more your hormones get satisfied. As a matter of fact, researches today show that people could decrease 55% of their extra calories just by taking naps.

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Just by applying these little tips and tricks to your daily routine can have a big impact to your overall health and help you burn those extra calories. Good luck!


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