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Building Self Discipline For A Strong Personality

Raise your hand if you’ve started a diet only to break it two hours later? How many times have you promised yourself to start going to the gym from tomorrow then six months later, you’re cancelling your gym membership. And how many of you promised to work for those washboard abs or flat tummy only to reach out for that last cookie?

Self discipline is a habit wanted by all but owned by only a rare few. Most of us wish we knew how to increase our self discipline but we just can’t seem to be able to.

Yet, all successful people possess self discipline. They knew what they wanted and they kept at it until they were finally successful. It is vital for a strong personality.

Self discipline doesn’t just improve one’s chances of success; it has been proven to make our lives healthier and happier. But it’s easier said than achieved. Learning how to increase self discipline requires time and effort. It’s difficult but it isn’t impossible.

To kick start your journey, we’ve shared some techniques for how to increase self discipline below:

Set SMART Goals


It’s important to have a clear, precise goal in mind as it acts as a motivator. It’s easier to step away from the cookie jar if you know why you’re stepping away. Yet most goals are often defined in vague or unclear terms.

SMART goal setting is an alternative that ensures that goals are set and accomplished. It is often recommended to people who want to learn how to increase self discipline.

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SMART Goals are:

Specific: What particular behaviours/attributes do you want to gain or get rid of?

Measurable: How will you know you’ve achieved your goal?

Achievable: Are you setting yourself up for failure or is your goal realistic?

Relevant: How does your goal fit in with your dreams and hopes?

Timely: What time frame have you set to achieve your goal?

By having a clear ideal to work towards, it makes it easier to increase self discipline.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will you magically gain tons of self discipline in a number of hours or days. It can be a hard and discouraging process but the reward is ultimately worth it.

To quote Plato:

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.

The trick is to start immediately and do a little, every single day. Over time, it will become much easier to stick to the goal and it will start feeling more natural too. The idea is to keep at it, no matter how hard or tiring it gets. Always keep the finish line in mind and use it to motivate you when the going gets tough. This will help you greatly in learning how to increase self discipline.

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Trying for that perfect beach body? Stop stocking chips or cookies in the kitchen. Instead, fill your refrigerator and cabinet shelves with healthy snacks that will let you indulge cravings minus the guilt trip! Hummus, crackers, and pita chips are all healthier alternatives than chocolate chip cookies.

Temptation is the biggest problem people face when they want to learn how to increase self discipline. Temptations can break the best of us and there’s nothing worse than going on a binge and breaking that perfect streak.

The solution? Out of sight, out of mind. The less temptation there is, the less inclination to go off the course.

Building self discipline can be an arduous, difficult task. Ultimately, it’s about conquering the negative habits in one’s personality and growing as a person. Learning how to increase self discipline is the first step in growing professionally and personally. Having a strong personality is a key component in being successful.


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