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Brain Boosting Foods to Cheer Up Your Bad Mood

There are plenty of reasons that we all get stressed out from time to time, and more often than not, we end up in a bad mood as a result.

But what can we do about it? Well there are plenty of ways to cheer up when you’re in a bad mood, and none of them are hard to do.

Let’s examine some activities and foods that will help to cheer you up when you’re in a bad mood.

Cook Yourself a Delicious Meal

Many people answer a bad mood with good food, and even more people say that doing so is a one-way ticket to weight gain. But did you know that there is plenty of Brain Food to keep you happy, healthy, and fit? Certain foods possess compounds and nutrients that can actually help you to feel happy. Many increase endorphins and cause the same reaction in your body and brain as a good laugh does.  There are more extensive lists of healthy brain foods and some more in-depth examinations of brain foods, but the following are easily accessible and readily available brain boosting foods that can cheer you up right away:

• Bananas
• Dark Chocolate
• Popcorn
• Strawberries
• Green Tea

Think of the Good Stuff

One way to rid yourself of a bad mood is to focus on positive things, such as positive memories or positive reflections of plans and your futures. Instead of dwelling on whatever negative thing that has gotten you down, try to think of the things that will bring you back up. Positive thinking is one sure way to stimulate the overall good-feeling of your body and your mind, and can easily rid you of that bad mood.

Practice a Random Act of Kindness

It has been tried and proven for years, even centuries, that doing things to make other people happy can make you feel happy. Often when you help someone or doing something nice for someone else, you feel proud to have caused a positive reaction in them. Thus you build your confidence and improve your mood. Why focus on the negativity when putting a smile on someone’s face can bring so much positivity? It isn’t hard to be nice to others, and performing random acts of kindness can not only make them feel good, but can make you feel good for doing it, and can make your bad mood seem like little more than a memory.

Do Fun Activities

One of the best ways to bring yourself out of a bad mood is to keep yourself active and focused on having fun. Many people find that exercising when they are in a bad mood not only helps them to relax their minds, but helps them to feel generally more positive. Physical activity actually increases the flow of endorphins and other brain chemicals that cause happy, positive feelings and improve your mood. Focusing on staying physically active and engaging in fun activities can help to significantly improve your mood and can provide all sorts of healthy benefits to you as well. Some fun activities you may consider trying including:

• Writing
• Bike Riding
• Jogging/Walking
• Reading
• Singing
• Gardening
• Sewing
• Swimming
• Hiking  

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