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How Online Blogging Is Influencing Business Trends

Nowadays, online blogging is one of the most useful strategies for attracting traffic and customers. Most businesses take advantage of their blogs in order to leverage their customers and increase their brand awareness.

Blogging for business is part of the whole “content marketing” concept. Let’s take a look at how blogging has certainly influenced business trends nowadays.

1) Influencers: A New Way of Advertising

Have you ever heard of online influencers? These individuals are very well known and followed by thousands or even millions of people. There are many types of influencers.

For example, a well-known influencer is Snoop Dogg. The rap star and highly successful entrepreneur fits our description. He’s a great influencer for the marijuana niche. If you have a brand that creates marijuana t-shirts, Snoopy would be your best influencer.

You would contact him, try to convince him to wear your brand during his shows, and create a contract. His advertising actions will cost you a lot.

Another example of an influencer would be a YouTube gamer who has a long list of followers. He can shout out your advertising messages while recording his game play.

You get the idea.

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2) Quality Content is a MUST


Back in the day, quality didn’t mean much when it came to content market. Most online blogs were posting crappy 200 word articles with very thin content. The “click-bait” was a great strategy that worked for a while.

A click-bait is typically an interesting article title that makes you very curious. Once you open the article, you instantly realize that it’s a very low quality article. But that doesn’t matter. The webmaster has made his money by making you watch some ads.

Thanks to Google and rankings, it’s a different game altogether nowadays. If you really want to succeed, you need high quality content. By high quality, you need to make it very valuable and useful. It needs to solve problems and fulfill the potential customer’s needs.

That’s the only way to attract your target audience. Write longer articles, get closer, show the way, and your target audience will become a long time loyal customer.

3) Quality Design = Better Performance

As technology evolves, so does the market. There are a lot of services that offer great design solutions for webmasters who have low skills in design.

If you want your blog visitors to stick for a while, you should welcome them with a professional design. While content is King, it is still undeniable that many readers are very visual and can be drawn in by great visuals.

Think about the person who’s looking at your website. Do you think that he likes what he sees? If the answer is no, then you should really start optimizing your blog’s visual performance.

4) Visitor Engagement is the Biggest Factor

Traffic matters. If you have a lot of traffic, you may perceive it as a numbers game and focus less on the details.

Alternatively, you can choose to focus on engaging your followers. By creating engaging content that directly communicates and interacts with them on a personal level, you can easily transform your readers into converting followers.

Engage with your readers on social media channels. Ask them about their problems, tell them to suggest topics for your new articles, and create a connection.

5) Online Blogging + Social Media = PROFIT

If you choose to leverage social media, you can boost your online blog awareness. It can help you widen your brand’s reach big time.

If you have the budget, you can also choose to use advertising tools offered by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and so on. Otherwise, you can create a social following by constantly sharing your website’s content on your social profiles. If you gather a list of followers, your traffic will automatically increase its volume and so will your profits.

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Online blogging is a very big influencer in today’s business world. Every big company already has a content strategy that constantly brings new customers to their feet. You can choose to do the same and create better results for your business.


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