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5 Best Tailors in Singapore 2024

Very few things or attires make a man look as classy as the suit. The modern suit appeared in the 19th century but its history can be traced to the elaborate court dresses of the 17th century. At this point, bespoke suits are here to stay and they are by themselves deal-closers. But only when made to measure and worn the right way with the correct accessories.

Best Tailors in Singapore
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You would agree with me that wearing custom-tailored suits is the easy part, the hassle is being able to get quality fabrics and to have this fabric sewn correctly. For this, you would need the service of professional tailors in Singapore. Just any tailor in Singapore would not suffice, for your wedding suits and any other tailor-made suits you might need, you should only employ the services of the best tailors in Singapore.

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Finding bespoke tailors is much easier said than done, just as hard as it is to find bespoke suits. These days you can not make such substantial investments based on recommendations, doing so sets you up for potential disaster.

This difficulty in finding the right tailor in Singapore necessitated this post. Here, you will find tailors for your wedding suits and other custom-made suits for any occasion.

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Here are the five best tailors in Singapore 2024

  1. Mohan’s Custom Tailors
  2. Ron and Rich
  3. A Gentleman’s Tale
  4. Ehkay Corner Tailors
  5. Meiko Tailor

The 5 Best Tailors in Singapore 2024

1. Mohan’s Custom Tailors


Mohan’s Custom Tailors is one of the oldest and best tailoring establishments in Singapore. They have been in the business for over fifty years and claim to have sewn over seventy thousand suits. Founded by Max Mohan in 1971, the business has been operating out of the same place for forty years now. Sometimes, the status quo is comforting. They deal primarily in custom-made and bespoke clothing apparel. Their range of products includes shirts, trousers, and suits for men; blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses for women; wedding suits; and uniforms for corporate organizations.

They were listed as “The Best of Singapore Excellent Services 2007” by the Singapore Tourism Board and they haven’t regressed since then. Rather, the business has made some significant strides of progress.

Mohan is located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, Singapore. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and from 9 am to 7 am on Sundays and Public holidays.


When we patronize a business, we expect to get a better deal than elsewhere. Why, then, would we go for Mohan? There are a few reasons that are listed below:

  1. Customer satisfaction: The purpose of every service that caters to customers is to satisfy them. Here is where Mohan comes in. They consistently reiterate the importance of following the customer’s instructions while guiding them on what would be best for them.
  2. Reliability: In the end, how reliable a business is, is an important marker of rating it. When Mohan says they’ll get your stuff ready in five days, you’ll get it in five days. There are no “But xx happened so we couldn’t get it ready” with them.
  3. Quality materials: No one wants pants that rip suddenly, no? I know I do not want that. Customers have over a thousand materials to choose from, depending on the style and purpose. They use only the best quality materials from England and Italy, including silk, wool, linen, and cashmere.
  4. Speed: We sometimes want our clothes made very quickly. But how do you do that without sacrificing quality? It can be done. It HAS been done. Mohan typically has your suit ready seven days after your fitting. But they also have a program where you can get it in as soon as twenty-four hours without reducing its quality.
  5. Delivery Service: Mohan has a worldwide delivery service via DHL or FedEx. Your product can be delivered to you anywhere you are, far or near.
  6. Affordability: Mohan’s is one of the most pocket-friendly tailoring establishments in Singapore. They deliver quality clothes for you at an affordable cost.


Mohan’s Custom Tailors’ range of products is quite diverse, and so is their price list. Their products have relatively cheap base prices that increase with specifications.

For men:

Shirts start from $55

Trousers from $75

Suits from $295

Wedding suits start from $350.


For Ladies:

Blouses start from $110

Skirts from $105

Pants from $95

Dresses from $180


For Corporate organizations looking to make uniforms for their workers, it starts from $280

2. Ron and Rich



One of the things that Singaporeans and residents in Singapore value most is their look. And looking good is not just about having a great wardrobe. It’s also about owning clothes that fit you perfectly. This is why you should get yourself to Ron and Rich, the bespoke tailoring brand that has massive experience in custom-made tailoring services. They are one of the best tailors in Singapore.

We see it all the time – stars wearing designer outfits or custom-tailored suits, and as they walk down the red carpet, it becomes painfully obvious that they’re wearing something that’s not off-the-rack. There’s a major difference between a bespoke suit design and one you could just buy in the store, and Ron and Rich are here to offer you that difference.

They aim to provide you with the looks that kill, not the John Wick style, but looks that kill off bad vibes, and bizarre styles. Their bespoke suits are designed to give you that extra style, that extra comfort, and that extra confidence.

When you need a tailored suit, trousers, or a custom-made shirt, Ron and Rich is the store for you. With the use of quality fabrics and dedication to your style and preference, they have perfected the art of personalized tailoring to ensure that every customer from all walks of life has their needs met.

Their location at ‘10 Anson Road, International Plaza #01-30, Singapore 079903’ is not the only way to reach them, they can also be reached via their website.


Ron and Rich bring contemporary classic tailoring to anyone who hopes to look and feel their best. Their passion is to make every piece unique in style and flair and fits your purpose and occasion.

They offer a wide range of tailoring services, from bespoke suit designs to shirts and trousers designs.


Fashion, style, and dressing up are always an integral part of Singapore culture. With so many people wanting to be good-looking, it’s hard to find a brand that makes you the luxury look at fair prices. Ron and Rich provide premium bespoke tailoring for you at prices that are worth the style and quality of service.

Perhaps you are in Singapore and need tailoring services, don’t look too far, I  recommend visiting Ron and Rich for your bespoke tailoring services. They are the go-to place for exquisite wear, suits, and fabrics.

3. A Gentleman’s Tale



Excuse me. I am a gentleman, and l have a tale to tell. It is about a tailor in Singapore.

This tale started in 2015 with two people traveling around Singapore by public transport and offering tailoring services to people. They went along with cabin luggage and a backpack that contained samples of fabrics and working tools. The following year, they managed to get a small van that they used as a mini showroom. They fitted the van with rack hanging samples, drawers and shelving units, a full-length mirror and a pop-up changing room.

By 2017, they had modified a container at River Valley to a showroom for the sake of the clients who feel more comfortable with that. The showroom catered to walk-in clients and carried a wider variety of fabrics. But it did not end there either. They have since then upgraded the showroom van to a bus that they equipped with 3D body scanning technology and a walk-in wardrobe.

The suits from A Gentleman’s Tale are made locally by over seventy tailors, cutters, quality control supervisors, and seamsters in the company’s tailoring facility. It typically takes seven days for a shirt to be ready and 21 days for a suit.

I have a Gentleman’s tale to tell, but it is not only for Gentlemen. It is for ladies too. The bespoke tailor initially targeted men alone but soon extended its services to women too.

In the company statement of A Gentleman’s Tale, they emphasize the belief in building their business through a good and trusting relationship with clients. Some of their core values include having integrity, being passionate, and always striving for excellence. The team is committed to accompanying men and women through milestones in their lives, as they believe every outfit tells the story of different stages and occasions in their lives.

Their showroom is open from 11 am to 8:30 pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays.


The most important positive with A Gentleman’s tale is their dedication to the convenience and satisfaction of customers. Mobile tailors are not new to Singapore, but few have the resources A Gentleman’s tale has built to make life easier for their clients

Almost all the changes made by the business since its inception have been to make potential customers comfortable. From upgrading to a van from public transportation to getting a bus fitted with 3D body scanning technology to getting a permanent showroom, they have consistently been reinventing their working processes while sticking to the core mandate of satisfying clients.

How many of us have wanted to get tailored clothing but could not find the time to visit the tailor shop because of a busy schedule? A Gentleman’s tale’s mobile tailoring service solves this problem. They come to you and you get your measurements taken in a few seconds with a 98% accuracy. The time is less than it would take to drink coffee or tea.

In the end, your clothing is delivered to you. It is a seamless service.


The cost of a tailored suit from A Gentleman’s Tale starts from $599, with additional charges that depend on the customization required. Custom-made shirts start from $86.

4. Ehkay Corner Tailors




You are in Singapore and you need a suit for work, prom night, wedding or even a dinner party, I am sure you would want to dress in your best self for any of these events.

When it comes to dressing your best self there is nothing better than wearing a suit that feels right and fits your personality, style, and purpose. You may ask, “where do I get a suit like that?“ Well, the simple answer is “Ehkay Corner Tailor”.

Ehkay Corner Tailor is the finest, a bespoke tailor in Singapore. With over 40 years of experience, this premier brand is known for making exquisite suits and garments with high-quality fabrics.

“Had a stellar experience with Dinesh who took time to advise me on various fabrics/ cut/ designs with candor and a keen eye for a modern fit and my body type as well. Communication was clear and swift and the final work was delivered with finesse and ahead of schedule as well. Each visit to Ehkay was marked with hospitality and warmth and in totality, a great tailor through and through. Thank you, Dinesh.” 

Timothy Joshua

Wondering who Dinesh is? He’s the founder’s son who has since taken over the helms of affairs at Ehkay Corner Tailor, little wonder “Ehkay” is more than a name, it’s a tradition and history of exceptional bespoke tailoring service.

The testimonial above were the words of one of their clients who has experienced the expertise of a master tailor brand that provides a maximum level of confidence and comfort in every suit and garment.


Ehkay Corner Tailors offer bespoke tailoring services, their services are designed to allow you to make the best choice without confusion or clumsiness.


With over 40 years of experience, they have made several clients happy with their exquisite wear and suit at affordable prices.

Hey, a brand like this might sound like it would cost you an arm and a leg to purchase their services! You’ll be glad to know their services are at affordable prices.

Want to see for yourself? Then head on to their website.

5. Meiko Tailor

Contact Information

Website: https://www.meikotailor.com/

IG: @meikotailor


Appointment: 65 8180 6418 


One thing that is evident the moment you walk into this cozy atelier is that it’s unlike other tailoring outfits. You are greeted and welcomed with warm hospitality, friendly service, and they are ever so patient to go through with different types of fabric, style and cut.  It almost makes you feel right at home.

This should not come as a surprise anyway considering the Meiko Tailor is a family run business, helmed by Master Tailor Chung (aka Uncle Chung) and his daughter, Adele. It initially started out as a husband-wife team but has metamorphosed into a father-daughter duo, with a passion of continuing the family trade, crafting quality garments serving generations of their customers to come, whether it’s for wedding occasion, business purpose or leisure wear.

This atelier is best known for their bespoke suit construction, having only their suit made the bespoke way, full-canvas stitch by stitch, under Uncle Chung’s supervision as all of their suits are made locally at their own production workshop. Their quality and fine workmanship are also exhibited in their well-cut tailored trousers and stylish dress shirts. 

This seems to be echoed by the following of fans and reviews from their customers and dignitaries alike; one of whom customized a bespoke tailcoat to receive a knighthood from Prince Charles.


Meiko Tailor brings contemporary classic tailoring to individuals who want to look good and feel confident. They offer a wide range of custom tailoring services, from bespoke business suits to wedding suits, business casual shirts, formal trousers to bespoke jeans. They also custom apparel for ladies looking at power suits and modern qipao.  Other services include:

Personal Styling – Adele who is a trained and certified style consultant who is more than happy to help you with simple styling advice and identify the color profile that flatters you so you look your absolute best even in your daily wear.

Door Service – They go the extra mile by coming to your workplace or premise (within 3.5km radius from their atelier). They would be happy to bring along a curated selection of fabrics and have you measured up.

Overseas Orders – Once you are a customer, your measurement is kept on file, so you can easily request for a suit or jacket to be made based on the existing measurements. To add, their bespoke services are not limited to Singapore’s borders. They have also introduced an online 3D body scan measurements for new and overseas customers where one can do a body scan of your body measurement. This will be followed by a zoom consultation on your preferred style and fabric selection. A mock-up piece will be couriered to you with a video consultation to assess the fit. The only drawback is the to-and-fro and longer lead time, but that’s because they do not want to take away the experience of personalisation. 

Secret Sauce

This is a relatively difficult question to answer because tailoring is more art than science. It is open to expression and interpretation, but if I can pinpoint what Meiko Tailor’s secret sauce is, I’d say the versatility of its house cut. Their bespoke suit offers an evolved style that handshakes English, Italian and Japanese cut. The fluidity between these different tailoring styles make Meiko Tailor a recognizable name amongst the bespoke tailoring scene in Singapore. 


Upper Room Membership

Meiko Tailor believes in giving value to its customers and one way they continue to do so is with its membership sign-up. You can sign-up as their Upper Room member,  which is at zero joining fee, when you visit their atelier at the Pan Pacific Singapore.  It allows you to enjoy cash back savings each time you place a custom order for any of their services. Other perks include alteration discount, dry cleaning services and a birthday treat. The ultimate VIP experience. 


There you have it, the best tailors in Singapore. They stand out because of the versatility of their tailoring services, how they can easily whip up a spectrum of styles ranging from wedding suits to formal wear for a reasonable price. All that is left is to contact the above listed best tailors in Singapore and be on your way to looking classy without hurting your pocket.

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