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5 Best Property Agents in Singapore 2024

Buying properties is one of the best ways to secure your financial future. A good property can be appreciated with time and earn good returns on money. Buying properties as a form of investment can yield returns in different ways. In Singapore, property agents play a crucial role in the process of purchasing properties for reselling, leasing, or renting. They offer expert guidance and access to a wide range of listings that cater to your specific investment or personal needs.

Buying properties for residential purposes is different from buying properties for investments. Buying a property for investments is influenced by a lot of factors. You will need to consider questions like, “Would you be purchasing a residential property or a commercial property?”, “Would you be renting your property or reselling it?”. When people fail to consider necessary criteria, they make gross investment mistakes. To give you a clearer view, let’s look at some of those mistakes.

Best Property Agents in Singapore
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Biggest Mistakes to Make in Property Investment

It is easy for investors to make mistakes when buying properties. Let’s look at the most common mistakes.

1. Unclear Objectives

Many want to buy an apartment where they can stay and also make money. It is best if you choose one goal. When you buy an apartment for a stay, you may find it difficult to sell due to bedroom size.

2. Lack of Exit Strategy

An investment can yield maximum profit when investors have a clear entry and exit strategy. When you don’t have clear signals of when to sell your properties, you may end up holding on to losses.

3. No idea of market cycles

Market cycles play a crucial role in your property purchase or sale. Market cycles help you understand what the market is doing, when to sell, and when to buy.

4. Zero Financial Planning

Many novice investors buy/sell properties without having any financial plan. They tend to trade properties based on random factors and opinions. This may lead to bad portfolio management and more losses.

All of the above mistakes can easily be avoided with a property agent. A skilled property agent will educate you on market sentiments and help you plan your property investment portfolio.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the top 5 Property Agents and Realtors in Singapore. Discover them below.

5 Best Property Agents in Singapore 2024

1. Matthew Lam


Basic Information

Website: http://mattlam.co

Email address: mattlam.propnex@gmail.com

Phone number: 65 9456 9398


Mathew Lam is one of the best Property agents in Singapore. He is one young champion senior leader at PropNex. He has successfully grown a team of over 700 agents and 23 leaders in PropNex. Mathew Lam believes in mentorship and having a personal relationship with his agents.

With over 12 years of experience, he has sold scores of properties and made millions in commissions for himself. He has also imbibed his skills and expertise to his members. Many of his members have hit 100k, 250k, 500k, and even a million in sales. As an expert property agent and consultant, he has also invested in quality properties.

As a leader, Mathew Lam has groomed his division members for success. He teaches them how to source for leads, manage relationships, and constantly follow up. All of these structured tools have guaranteed the success of many of his agents.

Although Mathew Lam is a successful leader, he still sells and buys properties. Currently, he has 22 listings for sales. He has properties in the City and South West, Orchard/Holland, East coast, Newton, North, and many other places. His specialties and Services include Apartment rental and sales, Landed House Rental and sales, mortgage advisory, HDB rentals, relocation services, official valuation, and commercial property.

Why Work with MattLam?

Photo: https://mattlam.co/

Mathew Lam is a skilled and experienced property agent and leader with PropNex. He has successfully grown a division of over 700 agents. Not only is Mathew Lam successful, but his division agents are also thriving. Agents can join the MattLam division for mentorship and success.

2. PropertyLimBrothers


Basic Information

Website: https://www.propertylimbrothers.com/

Email address: consults@propertylimbrothers.com

Phone number: 65 9745 7388


Melvin Lim and Adrian Lim founded PropertyLimBrothers. Melvin and Adrian met in 2004 during their prison officer’s training. In 2007, Melvin and Adrian left prison services and ventured into the real estate business. As they started, the Lims were concerned about serving their clients with integrity. Integrity has been a core value of the company over the last 15 years.

In 2017, Adrian and Melvin decided to adopt the name PropertyLimBrothers for their real estate company. When they started, Adrian and Melvin were concerned about making a difference in the real estate industry. They decided to present their properties with a home tour. They called it the video home tour presentation.

They were the first property agencies in Singapore to introduce video home tours into their brand and marketing. It was a creative approach as they utilized videos to keep the humanistic touch in their property display.

Before 2017 many real estate websites were selling properties with only pictures. It was too cliche and was becoming bland. Property Lim Brothers took steps to ensure that properties were well presented. The video home tour differentiates each property and draws out their unique aesthetics for their clients.

Property Lim Brothers is telling a story with each property and indirectly making selling easier for sellers. On their webpage, they have over 800 videos of properties. They have also completed over 1500 transactions and sold over 2100 properties.

Property Lim Brothers utilises a visual approach to make buying and selling easier. They have 3D experts who ensure properties are well presented and pass the right story. As an intermediary between property owners and buyers, they ensure that properties are in good condition. They also analyze and give accurate pricing to each property. This property agent uses home valuation tools, powered analytics, and home loan rates to evaluate properties.

For their services, sellers are charged a 2%-3% commission on every property sold. This price range applies to Landed Properties, Condos, Apartments, and HDBs. Sellers should expect their properties to be listed, marketed, and advertised within 3-4 weeks. Sellers should also keep in mind that PLB has a track record of selling 8 out of 10 properties in three months.

On the other hand, buyers are not charged for reselling private property. However, people buying resell HDBs will be charged 1% plus the property price.

Why Sell/Buy Properties with PLB?

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Property Lim Brothers assists sellers with tools, personnel, and media. It gets easier for sellers as valuation, listing, display, and property management will be carried out. With video home tours presented by a host, sellers are assured of sending the right message to their audience. Buyers are also assured of getting fair prices and a clear presentation of what they are paying for. It’s a win-win for buyers and sellers.

3. Shirley Seng

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Basic Information

Website: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/agent/shirley-seng-76640


Shirley Seng is a top property agent with PropNex Realty PTE LTD. She has roughly 12 years of experience in the property sales business and currently operates and lists properties in City and South West, East Coast, Newton, Orchard/Holland, Serangoon, etc.

Shirley Seng started against the wishes of her family. To them, Property sales do not guarantee a stable income. However, she was determined to succeed in her first year. Instead of going for a degree, Shirley Seng spent time servicing clients looking to sell properties. It took Shirley Seng 4 years and some months before closing a major deal with Alibaba’s co-founder, Mr Sun Tongyo. She sold him a $51 million Penthouse at Le Nouvel Ardmore. Before securing this deal, she had consistently sold properties to different clients. In fact, Mr Sun was referred by one of her previous clients at Marina Bay Residences.

Shirley Seng started at HSR International Realtors, where she stayed for four months. Then, she moved on to ERA Realty and worked for 4years. At ERA, she grew her network offered quality services to scores of different clients, and closed multiple deals. After ERA, she joined PropNex.

Shirley Seng prioritizes each one of her clients. She attends to them with speed and urgency by handling queries and inquiries within an hour or two. She also believes in going the extra mile for her clients. Even If that means helping them run errands or dropping them off at the nearest junction. All of these behaviors have fostered good relationships with sellers as well as buyers.

Shirley Seng Services include Sales and Rental of Apartment, HDB Rental and Sales.

Why Choose Shirley Seng?

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Shirley Seng has over 12 years of experience in property sales and rentals. She has successfully closed deals with top clients like Mr Sun of Alibaba. As a plus, she makes all her clients a priority. She clearly understands their needs and delivers the best services.

4. SG Luxury Condo James Lim Realty | Best Property Agent in Singapore


Basic Information

Website: https://www.sgluxurycondo.com/

Email address: enquiry@sgluxurycondo.com

Phone number: 65 9138 5008


SG Luxury Condo is one of the finest real estate providers that sell luxury Condos and apartments. Property agent James Lim leads the company. SG Luxury Condo is one of the best property agents in Singapore that assures clients of the lowest possible price for luxury Condos.

SG Luxury Condo is a Singapore firm differentiated from other property agents. They provide their clients with data analysis and market insights into the real estate market. SG Luxury Condo understands that the Real estate market moves in cycles. So, they provide adequate market analysis to clients for clarity. With these analyses, they can provide insights into where and when to buy a property.

It doesn’t stop at market analysis. The James Lim-led property consultancy firm, offers adequate financial planning and asset management to every client. They evaluate the client’s financial standing, previous property purchase, Loan standing, and every other criterion that will contribute to a successful property investment. Plus, they have created an ebook that will give clients sufficient knowledge of the real estate market.

SG Luxury Condo has sold over 40,000 properties, including over 2000 Condos and Apartments. They have luxury condo properties in South Beach residences, Wallich Residences, Boulevard 88, 3 Orchard by the Park, The Nassilm, and many other areas.

Why Buy Condos from SG Luxury Condo?

Photo: sgluxurycondo

They don’t just sell properties. They ensure that the property is the best option for clients. They combine market analysis with client examination to understand the best property for clients. As a plus, they have sold thousands of properties to satisfied clients.

5. Jay Lim – The Mindful. Space | PropNex Realty Pte Ltd


Basic Information

Website: https://themindful.space | https://jaylimrealty.com/ 

Email address: jaylim.jz@gmail.com

Phone number: 65 8885 6761


Jay Lim is one of the fresher faces in the real estate landscape in Singapore. He started the brand ‘the mindful. space’ with a single commitment, to create a more mindful property journey for his clients.

A homeowner’s journey does not end at selling their current homes, but rather, whether their next purchase will be a right fit for their needs and with potential capital appreciation. Jay prides himself in offering genuine 360-degree planning for his clients, rather than solely focusing on selling, he believes in market empowerment and “Selling right and buying right”. Through providing unbiased opinions, zero hard-selling, facts & figures, and many many hours of research.

Founded by Jay Lim, the mindful. space is a website that specializes in new condominiums, executive condominiums, and the private residential market in Singapore. Through this media company, Jay strives to narrow the knowledge gap for ordinary consumers to understand their choices before making any major property purchase. Jay shares news and articles that help empower consumers, while also providing a channel for consumers to reach out to him for consultations easily.

Navigating the property landscape in Singapore can be stressful and with a lot of uncertainty. With good financial calculations and frameworks in place to reduce that uncertainty, Jay focuses on building long-term relationships with his clients for years to come and not just for a one-off deal.


Graduated from the University of Birmingham with International Business Honors, Jay is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Singapore under #mattlamdivision of PropNex Realty Pte. Ltd.

He enjoys books written by thought leaders and business leaders to broaden his perspective and enjoys friendly conversations with his friends and clients on current affairs and business news.

Why Buy/Sell Properties with Jay Lim

If you appreciate being more mindful and having more transparency in your property journey, Jay should definitely be in your consideration.

You can reach out to him for a free consultation simply via WhatsApp (+65 8885 6761) or Email (jaylim.jz@gmail.com).


These are the top five real estate agents in Singapore. We have selected these agents and Realtors to help you make better real estate investment decisions. Not only are these agents experienced, but they are also fully committed to helping you make the best purchase or sale.


How much do property agents charge for purchasing properties?

Most real estate agents charge about 1% plus the price on HDB resales. However, buyers do not pay commissions on private apartment purchases. This is not a general rule of thumb. Some agents may charge you for other services that complement your purchase—for instance, market analysis and portfolio management.

How much do property agents charge to market and sell properties?

Many property agents typically charge 2% on condos, apartments, and landed properties. However, the fees may fluctuate depending on factors attached to selling your property. Factors like how long it took to sell your property. The rule is, that the harder it is to sell your property, the higher the commission.

Agents also offer additional services such as property portfolio management, market analysis, financial planning, etc. These services can attract additional charges.

Are real estate agent fees negotiable?

Absolutely. Real estate agent fees are negotiable. This is because the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) has set no standard rate or guideline on the commissions. However, costs are driven by market competition and other factors determined by the agent.

With no standard commission rate, investors can negotiate their fees, charges, and expenses with their real estate agent.

What characterizes the best property agent in Singapore?

Many things characterize experienced real estate agents. The best real estate agents will offer you the best deals and enable you to make an informed decision. They don’t just push properties on you. Instead, they prioritize market sentiments, financial planning, and financial calculation. Good real estate agents should be professional consultants.

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