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8 Of The Most Iconic Cars From The Movies

Throughout the years, the big screen has featured some of the most iconic cars in the automobile industry, and in many cases, the actors have been upstaged by the actual cars!

Here are eight of the best movie cars.

Lexus 2054 – Minority Report

lexus 2054 minority report
Via imcdb.org

Lexus 2054 was a beautifully designed concept car for the 2002 Spielberg film, Minority Report. The Lexus 2054 came with biometric security systems and a 100% crash proof structure!

Director Steven Spielberg, a Lexus driver, approached the luxury car maker to design a futuristic model that suits the year 2054. It played a crucial role in Tom Cruise’s famous action sequences.

Audi RSQ – iRobot

Via industrialoutpost.com

The Audi RSQ was a concept car for the 2004 sci-fi hit iRobot. Although the car was never released, Audi does have a similar electric sports car and the design complements its typical automobile design. Director Alex Proyas came up with ideas for some of the revolutionary features that the car has, including spheres instead of conventional wheels.

DeLorean – Back to the Future

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The DeLorean DMC-12 appeared in the 1985 sci-fi classic, Back to the Future. To this day, it remains the most instantly recognizable time-machine of all time. The car featured in the entire trilogy became emblematic of the Back to the Future franchise.

The official Back to the Future DeLorean is at the Petersen Automobile Museum. The classic sports car has a loyal following and although the company no longer manufactures new models – in fact, the DMC-12 was only in production for two years – there are more than 6,000 units in existence.

Bumblebee – Transformers

Bumblebee was a robot superhero in the Transformers movie that was able to morph into a multitude of vehicles at will. Its most popular transformation though was turning into a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro. The car has been modified to include matte carbon fiber parts, including a custom rear wing and side skirts.

Taxi – Fifth Element

Via sciencefictionarchives.com

Although much of the mise-en-scene of the Fifth Element is almost unrecognizable, one can remember Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) driving a distinctive yellow taxi throughout. When the mysterious Leeloo literally falls into his cab, the two combined forces to protect Earth from an impending attack. At the time of its release, the movie was the most expensive film shot in Europe.

Spinner Car – Blade Runner

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The Spinner Car from Blade Runner is one of the most famous flying cars in any movie. It inspired a whole host of other airborne vehicles in movies, such as Star Wars Episode 1 & 2 and the Fifth Element. Featured in the movie’s 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049, the Spinner Car can work both on land and air. It can take off vertically, cruise with jet propulsion, and hover.

Lexus LC500 – Black Panther

Via motor1.com

The Lexus LC500 started off as a prototype. Then, it ended up going into production after rave reviews about its unique futuristic design. The car was featured in one of the most exciting scenes of the Black Panther movie and was definitely a worthy car for main character, King T’Challa. It matched his quick cat-like reflexes. To celebrate the collaboration with Marvel, Lexus created an original graphic novel launched at Comic Con.

Toyota Supra – The Fast & the Furious

Via imcdb.org

The 1994 Toyota Supra first appeared in the original Fast & the Furious film as a rusted car from a junkyard. It underwent restoration and modification to be even faster than a Ferrari in a street race!

The technical adviser of the film owned the Supra. To make it fit the movie, the car underwent many modifications including an engine swap, coilover suspension, and custom graphics. The car was eventually sold in 2015 for a cool $185,000 at the Mecum Auctions event in Indianapolis.

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