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7 Best Live Streaming Service • Top Live Streaming Service Products of 2024

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have to stay at home for safety. No matter how hard the situation, it gives us time to loosen and enjoy by turning into our favorite live channels.

What other best thing than facing the big screen while eating snacks with your home buddies? It is a comforting leisure activity unless your cable channels are limited.

According to Nielsen, 71.70% have avail live tv streaming services this year. In addition, Sykes company also reveals that limited choices of entertainment channels encourage American households to subscribe to TV streaming services.

The best live streaming services must come with convenient features, flexibility, and affordability to let you order extra pizza. Be wise to shop details here for the on-demand streaming services; is it better than satellite TV? Let us find out!

Best Live Streaming Service in 2024

Live TV streaming services have risen its popularity as a cheap alternative to cable. This platform is notable for its availability on mobile devices and other streaming devices like notepads, laptops, and computers.

Based on surveymonkey.com results, 22% of 500 Americans subscribe to a combination of live tv streaming services and cable tv. Meanwhile, 27% of adults ages 18-29 years old select streaming services.

In addition, 10% are looking for on-demand content in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Hulu TV, while 16% prefer satellite TV like Dish Network or Direct TV.

Aside from local and national news, streaming tv services are packed with hundreds of entertainment channels and sports channels. Another massive flex is its capability to run using multiple devices with the best video quality for premium subscribers.

Scroll further in this article as we serve you the seven live tv streaming services.

7 Best Live Streaming Service in 2024

7 Best Live Streaming Service

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: OneStream.live


It is a current streaming service for live and recorded streaming to more than 40 social media platforms at once. The OneStream partners with several social media platforms to air live content.

How does it work?

With robust scheduling and multi-streaming capabilities, OneStream is for businesses involved in live streaming and marketing, although anyone can use it.

OneStream enables all-important video presentations and qualities. Worry less, as the server will encode-decode your video to essential specifications for live streaming to the target platform.

OneStream.live offers the following 12 unique features to set up and watch your favorite live show in your social media choice.


To content-creators, you can set up pre-recorded episodes of your shows/programs following these steps:

  1. Select a pre-recorded video file-select the video content in your cloud or drive (Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, etc.) that you wish to play live.
  2. Schedule a live show– select your desired date and time to run your content.
  3. Select streaming endpoint– OneStream will automatically stream your content according to your setup.

For live-streaming, you can also pull it off by following these three simple steps:

  1. Set up your streaming settings (RTMP)-copy Stream key and server URL from the Onestream control panel.
  2. Organize Streaming Tool– Ready your external software for streaming like Zoom, XSplit, Wirecast, OBS, etc., and send the stream to OneStream servers.
  3. Select streaming endpoint– choose multiple streaming platforms to disseminate your content.





Basic Price: OneStream basic features are worth $10/month

Standard Price: to access additional features, buy this plan for $39/month

Professional Price: for the ultimate streaming experience, avail of this plan for $89/month

Check out OneStream Live here

#2. Best for Blended Streaming: Hulu Plus Live TV


Hulu Plus Live TV is perfect for streamers who want to get the best of live channels and local TV programs. It offers 76 tracks and 50 hours of streaming on cloud DVR, which attracts more than three million users for the record.

 How does it work?

The application displays four titles at a time with a brief description. The seasons’ details are on the left side—meanwhile, episodes on the right with a short description.

The home screen projects a custom-made list of favorite channels, movies, and shows of each user. Hulu’s streaming service guide is a cross-platform grid, showing what is currently playing and what comes next.

Using the DVR, you can record content directly from the channel guide. Moreover, it is easier to choose what to watch with search results grouped into “Top Results,” “Episodes,” and “Movies.”

Although Youtube TV has unlimited DVR streams, Hulu’s on-demand content is wide-range and is something worth watching. You can enjoy on-demand movies and cable channels like USA Network, Food Network, and more in this TV streaming service.

Since the Walt Disney Company owns it, it offers Disney channels and ESPN+ sports and game content. Hulu live TV runs in Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire, and selected smart TVs.




Basic Price: (Hulu Plus Live TV with ads): $64.99/month

Advance Price: (Hulu Live TV with no ads): $70.99/month

Premium Price:

Note: Has seven days free trial upon signing up

Check out Hulu Plus Live TV here

 #3. Best for Budget Streaming: Sling TV


If you’re looking for at least 10-20% cheaper alternative streaming TV service, Sling TV is the answer. Join the two million-plus subscribers who enjoy 50 channels and 50 hours cloud DVR stream from two subscription deals.

How does it work?

Sling TV is a cost-cutter option for cable tv users. It contains channels that are available on satellite TV. The new menu system is comparable to Disney Plus which contents are arranged horizontally on the left side.

The Menu is now as simple as Home, Search, DVR guide, and OnDemand. Let’s go straight to the package options. The Sling Orange package offers CNN and ESPN on your plate, while Sling Blue has Fox News, FS1, and MSNBC.

However, it only allows one streaming at a time unless you purchase the Sling Orange+Blue package to unluck four simultaneous streams. If you purchase the AirTV 2 extension, you can tune in to local channels in your area.

The channels depend on each package. One of the other does not have a discovery channel or cartoon network like Nickelodeon. But Sling has more options for customizing channels than any of its competitors.




Basic Price:

Premium Price:

Check out Sling TV here

 #4. Ranking Sports and Live TV streaming: Direct TV Stream


DirecTV Stream (former AT&T TV) offers an unfailing sports and Live TV streaming experience that ranks in each category for 2022. It prides the ability to accommodate many simultaneous streaming, international, and premium sports channels among its 1.3 million latest subscribers.

 How does it work?

DirecTV Stream proposes four options: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier monthly plans. But the only advantage in switching Direct TV plans is to get your favorable channel counts.

It helps that you can screen the results by content type. For example, when you search for football/soccer or boxing match, TV shows, and sports will appear as the results.

In the Account Settings, you can manage the subscription to activate parental controls or change the subtitles. Interestingly, a selection to play live TV at a startup cannot be disabled on the web.

However, DirectTV stream will make you think twice about their costly plans than a cable subscription. Also, most of the users desire to upgrade to the service standard DVR plan.

Despite excellent customer satisfaction, there are little things to keep in mind. When you go for DIRECTV, you will be signing a 24-month contract that includes a bills surge after the first 12 months.




Entertainment Plan: Offers 65 channels for $69.99/month (includes local affiliate channels, news channels, Lifestyle and Entertainment channels, and live sports channels like NHL network).

Choice Plan: Offers 90 channels for $84.99/month (includes the majority of entertainment and sports channels plus various travel and weather channels).

Ultimate Plan: Offers 130 channels for $94.99/ month (with this plan, you can get all the inclusive channels in the Choice Plans and a lot more plus kiddie channels like Starz).

Premiere Plan: Offers 140 channels for $139.99/month with a significant addition of Cinemax, HBO, Starz, and Showtime. This offer also allows you to add international media with extra fees ex. Korean (11 channels for $30/month).

Check out Direct TV Stream here

#5. Moneywise Streaming: Philo


Named after the Founder Philo Farnsworth, Philo is a live streaming provider that supplies 64 diverse channels with 800,000 subscribers. It is the fittest tv streaming service for a household that finds comfort in numerous entertainment channels at the most affordable prices.

How does it work?

Besides unlimited DVR, T-Mobile users have the advantage of streaming several top cable channels. With Philo, you can explore galore entertainment channels like MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS, Food Network, HGTV, and History.

The charge is exceptional for a robust package deal of amusement channels, however, do not expect too much with this charging fee. News, sports, and local channels such as CNN, NBC, and ESPN do not affiliate with this service.

Philo-compatible devices include Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, and Smart TVs. However, it is not available on some devices such as Bluray players and game consoles. But it is not much dismay as Philo does not require a cable box or a contract. You can watch inclusive channels using your TV, mobile phone, iPad/tablet, and desktop.

Philo’s point is plain and simple -you can get a basketful of channels that you like on a lower bill than you pay in satellite TV. It is a cheaper option than other live TV streaming services like YouTube TV.

Many experts say they are satisfied with Philo’s interface. Another advantage is the “review” function that allows users to see everything in the last 72 hours (even if they do not have a DVR).




Basic Price: You can have Philo for only $25.00/month with a seven-day free trial

Premium Price: To get add-on channels such as Epix and Starz with $6.00 and $9.00 fees in addition to the base price.

Check out Philo here

#6. Dominating Social Media Streaming: Youtube TV


Youtube TV is a high-end yet cheaper option to watch real-time shows through various streaming devices connected to the internet. It is the best keeps for DVR enthusiasts, sports fans, and families with a whopping record of four million subscribers.

How does it work?

The Youtube TV app is pretty simple to operate. There are three pinnacle-stage tabs divided into Library, Home, and Live. Your DVR content material is in the library and home page. The Live tab is a familiar-searching grid for ongoing live shows.

Since 2017, it has been the best for live tv streaming through its outstanding range of channels and supreme user experience. It offers 104 caliber channels of the top 100 Networks-the highest among top streaming tv services.

It also covers four local networks naming ABC, Fox, CBS, and NBC plus local channel access. You got to get the 4K streaming upgrade for an additional $20/month with Tokyo Olympics, Discovery, Nat Geo, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and more.

Youtube TV has enhanced cloud DVR in which you can store records of shows available anytime within nine months. Further, it has streaming support like Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Select, and Apple TV.




Basic Price: The base price of Youtube TV is worth $64.99/month with 14 days trial

The additional subscription options include:

You can also try the Sports Plus package ($10.99/month), including FOX College Sports, NFL Network, FOX Soccer Plus, MAVTV Motorsports Network, GOLTV, Stadium, and TVG.

Furthermore, you can purchase its Entertainment Plus add-on bundles for $29.99/month, including Showtime, HBO Max, and Starz.

Check out YouTube TV here

 #7. Award-winning Sports Streaming Service: Fubo TV


FuboTV is a top-of-the-list company of sports fanatics in the household. Housing 700,000 subscribers, it also got the “2021 Tom’s Guide Award” for Best Sports Stream Service.

Fubo TV user interface in TV, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and Notebook

How does it work?

This stream live tv store large sports channels you’ll have in mind. Count in professional sports leagues like NBA TV, MLB, NHL, or College sports league like ACC, SEC, Pac-12, and Big Ten.

Fubo has minimalistic interface grace with 87 channels consisting of mainstream sports TV and cloud DVR usage for 250 hours. The web comprises several tabs like the home, guide, and recording with different features to achieve a quality viewing experience.

FuboTV’s search function is swift, but it’s not as accurate as YouTube TV (which pulls related video content) or Philo (which has both episodes and shows on the results). Also, it does not includeVia-com networks such as Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

The plugins include two first-class channels and various packages to suit diverse interests, mainly in sports. The live TV streaming freshly added the NHL Network and MLB Network + MLB StrikeZone.




Basic Price: The Starter plan costs $64.99/month with a seven-day free trial

Premium Price: The Ultra plan costs $84.99/month with the inclusion of Fubu Extra and Sports Plus

Note: The two methods are available for six accounts and customization of contents.

Check out Fubo TV here

How We Rank the Best Live Streaming Service?

The following live streaming services are analyzed, reviewed, and arranged with the following characteristics:

How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Service?

In this review, several factors highlight what customers look for when canvassing live streaming TV services. In a nutshell, it is best to choose based on features, the number of subscribers, channel inclusions, and Price.

As a pro tip, list down your ideal channels in these categories: News, Entertainment, Educational, Home and Lifestyle, and Sports. Do not hesitate to ask your family members regarding their choice of channels to enjoy the streaming service equally.

It is also advisable to add mainstream channels to entertain your guests of all ages. If you seek technical information, you can search for legit reviews about your streaming services candidates.

Conclusion: Best Live Streaming Service

Switching cable TV to live TV services is a good move for the ultimate viewing experience in this time of the pandemic. But remember to select streaming services according to your budget, channel preference, and features to avoid dissatisfaction.

Based on this extensive review and other reliable review sites, Youtube TV conquers the top of the list. It attributes to supreme qualities such as user-friendly, top-notch channels, unlimited DVR, and many support devices that justify its Price.

Take home a mix of cable and live TV services with Hulu Plus TV or Direct TV Stream. It will tour you to leading international channels and live sports competitions.

If economical is your priority, Sling TV and Philo will satisfy you. It might not hold as many features as the abovementioned streaming TV services but still let you experience significant channels.

Are you looking for specialized TVs? Subscribe to Fubo TV to satisfy your craving for athletic content. If you aspire to make money in the streaming industry, partner with OneStream in efficiently managing your live program.

Live Streaming Service FAQs

 What is a Live Streaming Service?

Live streaming service refers to content that can be watched live over the internet using streaming software or the web. It is comparable to live TV channels, but users have more selections on watching the content.

A live streaming platform is an online amenity that allows you to stream video content in real-time. Some streaming services also allow uploading pre-recorded content for live streaming social media.

Live video is a popular way for content creators to engage with and grow audiences; In fact, 24% of all video content streamed globally was made via live streaming platforms in early 2021.

Some live broadcasts are for the public and can be streamed by hundreds to thousands of people. Some live broadcasts may also be private. For example, video conferencing like Zoom or Skype use live streaming technology for you to communicate with invited people.

What is the best live tv streaming service?

Inspiration for video streaming services comes from YouTube and reality shows, where you can stream any content themes around the world.

Live streaming attracts kids and teens nowadays. It allows them to be creators or be seen and heard by an audience and connect with their favorite stars.

Various live streamers enjoy the feeling of being “in the moment” and mingling with friends, family, or international audiences. There are countless ways to film exciting or essential events in our lives, from birthday greetings, talk, or game shows.

These are the best live tv streaming services according to leading review site US News 360:

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