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11 Best Funeral Services Singapore in 2024

We all know that Singapore is a fairly expensive country to live in. The cost of living is high. Thus, making frugal choices make a lot of effort to sustain and live within our means.

How about dying? Can our last rites in this expensive city also be frugal? Can we still hold dignified funeral rites and arrangements despite the high cost?

Whether we are organizing a funeral service for our friend, relative, or significant other, dealing with overwhelming tasks and processes may be too much for the bereaved family members.

The best funeral service provider offers comprehensive funeral services and funeral solutions that perfectly suit our needs. This article will unveil everything you need to know to find the best funeral services in Singapore today.

Read on and learn more of what you should expect we will be discussing in this article, such as:

Different Types of Funeral Services in Singapore

As everyone varies in their views, faith, and traditions, funeral solutions differ depending on the culture and community norms.

These factors may affect the preferred venues for funeral services, the flow of the funeral service, and the required religious services, such as a wake before the service or burial rituals afterwards.

In Singapore’s culturally diverse population, you need not be concerned about being a minority. The best funeral service provider offers a wide selection of funeral solutions that matches your unique attributes, such as:

Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore

Most of the ethnic Chinese population in Singapore has a solid affinity for Buddhism. Their belief is centred on the search for inner peace and harmony, as well as compassion and kindness towards others.

That is why a Buddhist funeral may appear different from a traditional western funeral. The typical components of a Buddhist funeral may require:

Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

Taoism is another religious belief that is quite popular in Singapore. Its teachings emphasize a natural way of life, with a strong focus on acceptance and non-resistance.

It may appear so close to Confucianism, and other Chinese religious denominations, but Taoist funeral services are different as rites and rituals for the deceased require:

Christian Funeral Services in Singapore

Christian Funeral Services may vary significantly from other religious practices. As Christianity has many denominations, the funeral service may differ depending on the particular denomination or church.

Some of the things that you can expect in Christian funeral services include the following:

Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore

Catholic funeral services may appear like a Christian funeral services. There may be slight differences, such as:

Non-Religious Funeral Services in Singapore

Non-religious funerals support the same essence of purpose as those religious ones. They offer an opportunity to honour the life of their loved one in meaningful and dignified funeral rites and floral arrangements.

Other Singapore Funeral Services

There may be other funeral services that you would want to take advantage of, including:

How Much is the Cost of Holding a Funeral Service in Singapore?

The overall cost of a funeral in Singapore varies greatly depending on the length of the funeral service, required pre-funeral or post-funeral services, the religious views of the deceased, and other factors.

Pre-Funeral Services in Singapore

Pre-funeral services may include preparations and arrangements needed before the funeral takes place, such as:

Funeral Services in Singapore

On average, memorial services can last up to 3 to 4 days. But the funeral wake duration may vary depending on how many days you prefer. In most cases, it depends on the deceased religious affiliations, such as:

Most funeral service providers may include casket services in their memorial services and funeral packages. However, some may prefer a different plan for their casket services. Depending on your choice, here are the estimated cost of choosing a casket:

A funeral package includes the sending-off of the deceased. Depending on your religious beliefs, traditions, customs, and other factors, bereaved family members may choose a burial, cremation, or a “green burial”.

Post-Funeral Services in Singapore

Post-funeral services are dedicated to the grieving family and are often tailored to the deceased’s wishes. Depending on tradition and religion, post-funeral services may include the following:

How to Pick The Best Funeral Director for Funeral Services in Singapore?

When it comes to planning a funeral, you want the best service possible. Choosing the right Funeral Director in Singapore can be difficult but necessary. Here are some tips to guide you:


It is a known fact that Singapore is such an expensive city. That is why it is no longer surprising to find that most Singapore funeral services may cost bereaved families a lot of money.

A good funeral service provider will help you get the most value for your money from the total costs of the funeral arrangements, funeral home, funeral parlour halls, and other considerations.

Funeral Packages Offered

Funeral packages in Singapore are among the leading services a funeral director can offer. Different funeral directors offer other funeral packages ranging from basic to more detailed funeral arrangements.

Promising funeral service providers offer personalisation options in their funeral services and packages. This is because every individual is different and has different needs.

Industry Expertise

Industry expertise is another consideration when choosing the best funeral service provider to trust. Experienced funeral directors are more knowledgeable and can offer you various funeral solutions to your liking.


Reliable funeral service providers which offer in-house funeral arrangements and complete facilities for memorials are more favourable than those that require the bereaved family to go to separate funeral service providers.

11 Best Funeral Services in Singapore 2024

After learning about the different types of funeral services offered in Singapore and the considerations needed before signing up with your chosen funeral director, now is the time to find which among the rest is your best choice.

Following the tips we discussed above in picking the best funeral services to pick, here are our best Singapore funeral directors you can trust:

1. City Funeral Singapore

City Funeral Singapore

Website Address: https://www.cityfuneralsingapore.com/

Email Address: care@cityfuneralsingapore.com 

Contact Number: +6598892744

City Funeral Singapore is the first Singapore funeral planner widely recognized for its holistic Care Planner Program that started in 2016. True to its motto, the firm offers funeral services allowing clients to celebrate their life fully without the regrets of leaving behind a burden for their loved ones.


City Funeral Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in 2015 by Alverna Cher. In 2021, Leslie Wong joined the company as a managing director. With an extensive experience in the funeral industry, Leslie Wong and Alverna Cher are dedicated to helping families plan and carry out meaningful funerals.


City Funeral Singapore offers a wide range of services, from the initial arrangements of funerals to post-funeral services such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

City Funeral Singapore is widely recognized for unmatched service and professionalism in the funeral services industry:

2. St Joseph Dying Aid Association Oratory

St Joseph Dying Aid Association Oratory in Singapore is a non-profit organization that provides a safe and peaceful haven for those in their last stages of life. The Oratory serves as a place where compassionate carers, experienced medical personnel, and gentle spiritual support can surround the dying.


St Joseph Dying Aid Association began its work in 1924 with a group of devout and well-respected parishioners of the Serangoon Catholic Church. Decades later, in the 1990s, this organization was officially renamed to what we know today: Serangoon Catholic Church St Joseph Dying Aid Association.


The St Joseph Dying Aid Association team is staffed with experienced medical professionals and compassionate volunteers who work together to ensure a peaceful passing for those in their last stages of life. They offer services such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

St Joseph Dying Aid Association has been recognized as one of the leading organizations in Singapore that provide quality care to those facing death. Here are some of their valuable awards:

3. Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd

Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd is one of the best-known funeral parlours in Singapore today. From providing the best funeral services to helping grieving family members find solace for the leaving of their loved ones, Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd caters to all types of funerals at highly competitive prices.


Founded in 2004, Elite has been providing quality services to families who have lost a loved one. The company is committed to ensuring that all families get the best service and assistance in handling the funeral of their loved ones.


Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd offers a wide range of services, including:

Rewards and Recognitions

As one of the leading funeral parlours in Singapore today, Elite Funeral Services Pte Ltd has been recognized for its quality services in the funeral services industry. The company has won multiple awards for its outstanding performance, such as:

4. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary offers a pool of highly experienced funeral directors who provide seamless funeral arrangements so bereaved families can focus on their time of mourning. Unlike other funeral homes, Singapore Funeral Sanctuary is a wholesome place to entrust the deceased with dignity and respect.


Singapore Funeral Sanctuary was founded in 1976 by a group of compassionate and caring people who believed that all lives should be treated with respect. Since then, the Sanctuary has served families across Singapore with quality funeral services.

The Sanctuary was established to stand out as a funeral business with HEART: Honesty, Empathy, Affection, Respect, and Transparency.


At the Sanctuary, there are various services to choose from, such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

Over the years, Singapore Funeral Sanctuary has garnered awards such as:

5. Nirvana Memorial Garden

Nirvana Memorial Garden is renowned for providing lavish and personalized funeral services that satisfy even the most discerning clients and their families. As a world-class facility, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers clean, attractive, and fully preserved burial for the deceased.


Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of the Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, which has been in the funeral business since 1972. The Nirvana Memorial Garden was born out of a desire to provide the finest funeral services to its clients and their families who come from all walks of life.


Of all the funeral services, Nirvana Memorial Garden offers a complete set of personalized funeral solutions to match everyone’s needs. Other products and services include:

Rewards and Recognitions

Nirvana Memorial Garden has gained numerous awards and accolades from the funeral industry for its dedication to providing personalized services and tailored packages such as:

6. Ang Brothers Funeral Services

Ang Brothers Funeral Services offers a funeral package suitable for all races and religious views. They also offer plan installation options and other funeral solutions that match your funeral service requirements.


Ang Brothers Funeral Services has been around in the funeral services Singapore industry for over 40 years.

With such expertise and deep-rooted knowledge in the funeral services market, Ang Brothers have been able to provide a dependable service. It also prides itself as the most responsive customer service funeral in Singapore.


Ang Brothers Funeral Services strives to provide professional yet affordable funeral services for all customers. They offer a full range of funeral packages, such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

With over 40 years in the industry, Ang Brothers Funeral Services has earned many recognitions and awards, such as follows:

7. An Lok Funeral Services

One of the most deep-rooted funeral bereavement care services in Singapore, An Lok Funeral Services is on our list as one of the best funeral services in Singapore. To date, no other funeral service provider in Singapore has been able to provide the same level of care and customized services as ours when it comes to Baha’i funerals while strictly adhering to their strict customs.


An Lok Singapore Funeral Services is a well-known funeral business in Singapore that was founded in 1997. Since then, they have been offering basic and premium funeral services to families and loved ones of the deceased.


An Lok Funeral Services provides a wide range of funeral service packages in Singapore, covering the following:

Rewards and Recognitions

An Lok Funeral Services has earned itself a reputable name in the funeral services industry. The business has been awarded numerous recognitions and awards, such as:

8. Reliant Funeral Services Singapore

Reliant Funeral Services offer high-quality funeral services to people from all cultural and religious backgrounds, just like most funeral service providers in Singapore.

Their team of experienced funeral directors and friendly staff provide professional service in arranging the funeral proceedings from when you make your first move to contact their customer service until the completion of the final service.


Established in 2005, Reliant Funeral Services has been serving the bereavement community of Singapore for more than ten years. The company aims to assist families through the most difficult times through personalized care and respect.


They offer a range of services to meet the needs of their customers, such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

Reliant Funeral Services has been recognized and awarded for its excellent service in the funeral industry as follows:

9. Singapore Funeral Group

Singapore Funeral Group has proudly served customers for years, offering compassionate services and funeral solutions that suit everyone’s needs concerning their race, religion, and beliefs.

From the beginning, this funeral business has always been committed to providing quality and essential funeral services tailored specifically to each family’s needs.


Since its inception 15 years ago, Singapore Funeral Group has grown from a small funeral business to an established and highly respected funeral service provider. Today, it is known for its innovative and dedicated approach to providing personalized services that meet the needs of each family’s unique situation, financial deprivations, and special cases.


The comprehensive range of services provided by Singapore Funeral Group includes:

Rewards and Recognitions

As a funeral service provider that is highly looked upon even by many funeral parlours in the industry, Singapore Funeral Group received various recognitions and awards, such as:

10. Empathy Funeral Services

As their name suggests, Empathy Funeral Services is a funeral company that you can rely on. Their main goal is to help families in times of trouble coping with grief throughout the entire funeral process.

Unlike typical funeral homes that outsource their work, Empathy has an in-house team that handles everything to ensure that their clients and families receive the best possible service. This, in turn, also lower costs, making Empathy one of the price-savvy funeral service providers to consider.


Since its establishment, Empathy Funeral Services has been easing the burden of overwhelming funeral processes and taking care of all the funeral arrangements to give your deceased a dignified funeral while giving some space to the bereaved family members.


Empathy aims to your hand every step of the way during the funeral process, offering services such as:

Rewards and Recognitions

Empathy Funeral Services has been recognized for its services and commitment, earning the following rewards and recognitions:

11. Jasa Budi Muslim Casket

Jasa Budi Muslim Casket caters to the Muslim community in Singapore and other religious denominations and groups. Jasa Budi also offers home and hospital packages besides their main funeral solutions provided.

Jasa Budi earned its place on this list due to the exceptional repatriation services they offer in and out of Singapore. Not only that, but for bodies not needing repatriation, Jasa Budi provides a special package that includes transportation, cleaning or dressing the body per their religious customs, grave maintenance and drinks for family members.


In November 1999, Jasa Budi Muslim Casket Services was established to provide assistance and services while growing gracefully. Today, they have eight full-time staff members and funeral directors who are all incredibly knowledgeable in what they do.

The company is headed by Mr Muhammad Adam bin Ismail, who received his diploma from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, for Islamic Funeral Customs & Practices qualifications.


Jasa Budi Muslim Casket serves with great humility to the public with its 24-hour customer service, willing to take orders in assisting:

Rewards and Recognitions

Jasa Budi Muslim Casket has always been genuine in its service to the community. All their efforts are certainly recognized by the Muslim community and beyond. In addition to that, they have held onto their highest ratings and are considered one of the best funeral directors in Singapore.


Funeral services should always be priced reasonably and not take advantage of those in unfavourable financial situations.

Shopping for a funeral package in Singapore can seem overwhelming. Still, with our best pick for the most favourable funeral service providers listed above, you are now better equipped to find the best funeral packages and fair prices to suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Services in Singapore

What to do when someone passes away in Singapore?

The best and hassle-free way is to contact a funeral director who can help you plan the funeral service. They will provide help with all the legal requirements, medical care and even the arrangement of transportation for returning home.

What is the role of Singapore Funeral Directors?

When someone passes away in Singapore, funeral service providers in Singapore make it easy and hassle-free for the family to arrange all necessary paperwork needed through the process of preparing for the burial or cremation.

How long do repatriation services take place?

The repatriation process may take up to 7 working days. A reputable funeral director will ensure that all necessary documents are completed for the process to run smoothly.

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