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11 Best Energy Supplements • Top Energy Boosters of 2024

Mental and physical fatigue can strike at any place, any time. In adults, they typically appear after exhausting workdays & vigorous exercise sessions.

Thankfully, the average person can alleviate this physical and mental stress by following a healthy diet & obtaining adequate rest. However, not all of us are so lucky.

For many people, physical and mental fatigue becomes a recurring condition. They find themselves tired, sleepy, and over-exhausted almost all the time.

This condition is called chronic fatigue syndrome and it affects over 2.5 million Americans. 

There are many supplements you can use to give your body the nutrition it needs to fight fatigue. These supplements can help your body produce energy. The more energy it produces, the less fatigued you’ll feel.

Here are the topmost energy supplements of 2024 that can help you overcome the risk of mental and physical fatigue.

Best Energy Supplements in 2024

11 Best Energy Supplements: Detailed Insights

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Wisdom


Best Energy Supplements

If you’re a true believer in the Christian faith, the all-organic Wisdom supplement is for you! The energy-boosting herbs mentioned in the Bible actually work in treating fatigue, iron deficiency, and various other physical deficiencies.

Wisdom contains all those ingredients and more. It contains turmeric – the anti-inflammatory agent that enables the body to give healthy inflammatory responses to external threats.

It also contains anise – a seed that’s been historically used for treating iron deficiency anemia. When your blood vessels receive anise, they get enriched & can transport oxygen more efficiently.

Wisdom also contains Cinnamon, Hyssop, Frankincense, Myrrh, & milk thistle. All of them have anti-inflammation properties & improve blood circulation.

Wisdom also contains Tulsi – a natural antidepressant that’s popularly used in Ayurvedic medicine. These ingredients combine to improve the user’s metabolism & blood health.

How Does It Work?

Users simply need to pour one or two drops of Wisdom on their tongues once a day. They can even apply this liquid to their food items.

Within 3 weeks of use, users will notice their stress levels diminish considerably. Muscle fatigue will go away. The body’s energy metabolism will improve and so will the immunity system.




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#2. Best Energy Supplement for Boosting Your Immune System: Vitalitox

Vitalitox is a naturally produced dietary supplement that’s packed with natural compounds that boost the immune system. It contains various plants, vitamins, and minerals.

The main ingredients of Vitalitox are the B vitamins. It contains Vitamins B12, B1, B2, B5, B6, & various other B vitamins.

The human body needs these vitamins at a cellular level to boost cellular energy levels. Once these cellular-level energy requirements are met, users experience significant improvements in their mental & physical health.

These boosts to the body’s cells ultimately result in a much more robust immune system.

How Does It Work?

The ingredients in Vitalitox capsules address all the factors that cause physical and mental fatigue. Along with vitamins and minerals, these capsules also contain large amounts of plant-based ingredients like Ashwagandha & Biotin.

These ingredients help the human body metabolize carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, and fatty acids more efficiently.

Once these natural energy sources are activated, the body produces energy more efficiently. Vitamins like Vitamin B12 enrich the mitochondrial functions of the red blood cells in the body.

These effects combine to dramatically improve the body’s muscle and nerve functions.




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#3. Best Energy Supplements for Fighting Chronic Fatigue: ChronoBoost

If fatigue is causing your muscle mass to drop, adding the ChronoBoost energy supplement to your diet can help. This product is packed with 18+ naturally produced herbs and minerals.

They include – Skullcap, Ashwagandha, Wolfberry, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, L-tryptophan, Magnesium, L-Taurine, L-Theanine, Inositol, & 5-HTTP.

In the US, 60% of women & 30% of men don’t consume enough calcium. The insufficient dietary intake of this mineral leaves them exposed to conditions like osteoporosis & physical and mental fatigue.

For them, using ChronoBoost on a regular basis can be a life-changing experience.

How Does It Work?

The calcium & the 5-HTP (a non-essential amino acid) in this energy supplement increase melatonin production levels in the body. Higher melatonin content in your body leads to better sleep at night.

These capsules also contain healthy amounts of sleep-inducing ingredients like Chamomile, Magnesium, etc.

Together, they combine to help users sleep & tackle chronic fatigue-related issues better. ChronoBoost essentially flushes out all the toxins in the user’s body & brain, replacing them with healthy micronutrients.




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#4. Popular Daily Energy Supplement Drops: Energy Maxx

First on the list is Diverxin Energy Maxx™ or simply ‘ENERGY MAXX,’ – one of the most talked-about energy supplements of 2022. The hype is real with this one because this energy supplement comes with the perfect blend of all-natural, energy-boosting ingredients.

It’s packed with green tea extracts, guarana, amino acids, B vitamins, and caffeine. Green tea extracts are rich in antioxidants that optimize different metabolic processes in the body.

Guarana is another natural ingredient that amplifies the body’s cellular energy production rate. Caffeine is known to boost energy production levels & make the mind more alert and focused.

These ingredients combine with the various amino acids in this energy supplement to give users instant energy boosts.

How Does It Work?

Energy Maxx is different from most magnesium, iron, or vitamin supplements because its energy boost effects are felt both on the mind & the body. It can help you feel more energetic & improve your mental alertness.

That’s why people dealing with stress or anxiety also benefit from using ENERGY MAXX. However, the most common users of this supplement are people who participate in endurance activities like running/cycling and need adequate energy boost.

They take two of these capsules a day to drastically improve their bodies’ muscle and nerve functions. Want to keep conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome away like thousands of athletes, students, and professionals do?

Then, use this supplement that will instantly optimize your body’s energy production capabilities.




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#5. Best Energy Supplement for Mental Clarity: Instant Clarity: Greene Nutraceuticals

If mental fatigue or mental stress is your main source of physical fatigue, then consider using Instant Clarity. The health benefits of this supplement are mainly mental.

But, these mental benefits directly improve the user’s nerve functions & blood flow. Instant Clarity’s approach to tackling physical and mental fatigue is simple – improve your brain health to fight fatigue more efficiently.

How Does It Work?

This energy supplement is packed with nootropics – ingredients that enable the brain to function at its peak capacity. Huperzine A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Ginkgo, & Phosphatidylserine are some of the nootropics present in Instant Clarity.

Each Serving of Instant Clarity also contains up to 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C and 300 micrograms of Vitamin B12. Both of them are known to reduce physical & mental stress.

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty acid that directly enables the brain’s synapses to fire more efficiently. Ginkgo is another brain health-boosting ingredient.

All of these ingredients combine to kill ‘brain fog,’ improve mental performance, & reinvigorate the body’s cells. Each pack of this energy supplement contains 30 servings.

Mix this supplement with water & drink it once a day to increase your mind & body’s ability to create energy.




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#6. The Best Digital Download for People Struggling with Fatigue: Energy Solution: Functional Fitness

This anti-fatigue solution is a digital download program. Upon downloading Energy Solution, you get an extensive collection of videos & PDF manuals.

In these educational resources, you’ll find science-based information on everything related to fatigue. From the lifestyle factors behind your fatigue to strategic stress management techniques – Energy Solution has it all.

How Does It Work?

Download the program to learn everything about chronic fatigue. What is a balanced diet? How to deal with physical fatigue when you’re on a weight loss journey?

Which animal foods from which food groups does your fatigued body need? How to limit stress in your life by decreasing nitric oxide production in your body? Learn all these details and more from this program.




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#7. Best Energy Supplement That Contains Super-Foods: Up N Go

Up N Go Energy contains “spirulina”, a superfood that’s packed with healthy amino acids like folic acid. Spirulina is a rare nutrient-dense food item that NASA astronauts use in space. Up N Go Energy has made this superfood easily available to millions.

This dietary supplement also contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants, & immunity-boosting ingredients like Vitamin B12 & Beta carotene. They combine to cleanse the user’s body of toxins and boost their energy levels.

How Does It Work?

Up N Go Energy works because it contains a perfect blend of spirulina, fatty acids, & antioxidants. It also contains Gamma linoleic acid, Rhamnose, & Glycogen.

These ingredients combine to help the body maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Essential nutrients like magnesium, iron, & calcium are also present in this supplement.

That’s why people with magnesium deficiency love using Up N Go Energy.




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#8. Best Energy Supplement to Cleanse Your Body: Patriot Rise Up

Patriot Rise Up is another spirulina-based dietary supplement. But, the ingredients used in this supplement are more anti-toxin in nature.

It’s full of antioxidants that cleanse the body & reverse the poisonous damage caused by oxidative stress. This dietary supplement offers a slew of benefits that manifest within just a few weeks of use.

How Does It Work?

To get the best results from the Patriot Rise Up supplement, users are advised to consume 3 capsules a day. Take one capsule after each meal & wash it down with a glass of water.

Within one week of use, you’ll notice that you’re feeling stronger & more energetic. That’s because the ingredients in this supplement will be ridding your body of toxins & replacing them with healthy micronutrients.




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#9. Best Energy Supplement for Treating Vitamin Deficiencies: Nature Made Super B

Nature Made Super B is one of the most popular vitamin supplements of all time. It’s packed with important B vitamins like Vitamin B12.

This dietary supplement also contains large amounts of iron. Consuming both of these nutrients is key to avoiding physical fatigue. That’s why people who aren’t able to follow well-rounded diets use Nature Made Super to increase their intake of vitamins & iron.

How Does It Work?

Taking this multivitamin and iron supplement once a day on an empty stomach can help you address important nutrient deficiencies. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding, older adults, & people with certain nutrient deficiencies benefit the most from taking this supplement.

So, if you struggle with celiac disease, hypothyroidism, iron deficiency, anorexia, and other similar deficiencies – this supplement is for you.




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#10. Best Vegan Dietary Supplement: NOW Supplements, Energy Dietary Supplement 

This energy dietary supplement by NOW Supplements is hugely popular in the vegan community. It’s packed with organic ingredients. 

The ingredients include Rhodiola, caffeine, B vitamins, green tea extracts, guarana, yerba mate, & Panax ginseng. These ingredients combine to promote thermogenesis – a process that makes the body produce energy.

How Does It Work?

Ingredients like caffeine, guarana, yerba mate, and green tea extracts give users instant energy boosts. Long-term use of this energy supplement results in stronger nerve muscle functions & a healthier digestive system.

This product is marketed toward vegans, especially those who suffer from nutrient deficiencies. These types of people benefit the most from consuming this nutrient-rich dietary supplement.




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#11. Best Dietary Supplement for Remote Workers: Quercetin Zinc Supplement 

If you’re a remote worker, you’re more prone to seasonal illnesses & fatigue. That’s because people who work from home usually don’t get enough sunlight & Zinc. This Quercetin Zinc Supplement comes packed with Vitamin D3 & Zinc – two ingredients that your immune system desperately needs to avoid seasonal diseases like influenza, cold, etc.

Picking up these diseases every few months will make you feel fatigued all the time. This supplement can help you address such risks.  

How Does It Work?

Along with Zinc & Vitamins, this supplement contains quercetin – a bio flavonoid that gives your body & immune system instant boosts. That’s why users feel instantly energized after taking one capsule of this supplement early in the morning.

This supplement is also known for improving the body’s energy metabolism & providing users with cognitive clarity!




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How We Rank the Best Energy Supplements?

Quality, price, customer reviews, and warranties – are the main criteria used to rank the finest energy supplements of 2024. All the supplements on this list scored high on these four important criteria.

How to Choose the Best Energy Supplements To Beat Fatigue?

Learn about fatigue & how it affects your body before choosing an energy supplement. If you have mental & physical fatigue, you’ll need a supplement that addresses both.

If the source of your fatigue is purely physical in nature, you’ll need a supplement that’s designed to boost muscle health. Go through all 11 of these products to determine which one seems more appropriate for your fatigue-related challenges.

Conclusion: Best Energy Supplements

According to the FDA, herbs, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals are all important supplements for efficient fatigue & stress management. That’s why we’ve listed 11 amazing products that are packed with these essential nutrients.

Wisdom, the top consumer’s choice & the number one ranked product on this list contains all the major nutrients a fatigued body needs.

It’s trusted & used by countless customers in the US. Plus, this product comes with user-friendly warranties. So, using this product is a risk-free endeavor that mentally & physically fatigued people must consider.

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Best Energy Supplements FAQs

What is the most effective energy supplement?

Energy Maxx is the most highly rated energy supplement of 2024.

How can I increase my energy instantly?

Try consuming energy supplements that are packed with herbal ingredients like green tea, caffeine, amino acids, etc. These ingredients are known for giving the human body instant energy boosts

What supplements are best for fatigue?

Supplements that are packed with vitamins, proteins, & amino acids are the best for fighting fatigue. Long-term use of these types of supplements is guaranteed to make users feel less mentally & physically stressed.

What Vitamin gives the most energy?

Vitamin B-12 helps the body convert food into glucose. This process results in energy creation. 

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