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7 Best Air Purifiers • Top Product Reviews of 2024

Thanks to the leaf mold and pollen, seasonal allergies are pretty common and cause adverse effects on human life. Do you feel the same during summers and winters as well?

Well, it’s not only a seasonal allergy as you might suffer from indoor and environmental allergies. These allergies result from pet dander and other dust mites or insects.

What’s a convenient option? Getting an air purifier will ultimately improve the overall air quality of your home, as ignoring allergies can make them worse.

These purifiers are far more efficient and reliable than traditional ones and filter air correctly to provide a clean living environment. Let’s consider it in detail!

Best Air Purifier in 2024


7 Best Air Purifier:

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Blueair Blue Pure 211+

Best Air Purifier

Here we go with our top pick! Blue Pure air purifier is our top choice that ensures high-end durability and performance to clean the airborne particles indoors and outdoors. What makes this air purifier stand on top? Let’s take a detailed look!

The brand utilizes sustainable materials to manufacture excellent air purifiers with increased effectiveness. It further minimizes the carbon footprint and makes high-end purifiers for reactive and smart features. Sounds impressive, right?

How does it work?

This portable air purifier features a 3-in-1 filtration system to capture at least 99% airborne particles with 2.5 pollutants such as multiple allergens, mold spores, pet dander, and dust mites. This best air purifier is second to none in improving the air quality.

Furthermore, the activated carbon filter will eliminate the undesirable odors resulting from cooking, smoke, pets, and other gases. It also removes the volatile organic compounds and wildfire smokes. With such effective air cleaning, this option will provide you with the best air quality.

The air purifier also has a washable pre-filter that can capture small to large particles, and you change the filter to match any decor. The grey and dark blue options are purchased separately to meet every need.

What’s more? The purifier features decent fan speed and is ideal for small to medium rooms measuring 100 to 175 square feet. The air inlet is 360 degrees movable and offers a noise-free design with advanced filters ensuring lower noise level and incredible airflow.




Price Ranges: It will cost you $299.99

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#2. Best overall air purifier: Levoit LV-PUR131 True HEPA Air Purifier

Let’s say that LEVOIT has made a unique reputation in manufacturing heavy-duty air purifiers, and this latest one offers effectiveness and versatility at the same time. The easy-going installation and features make it one of our top choice. Let’s dig a little deeper!

This latest designed air purifier is 100% ozone-free and is made with a premium HEPA air filter, pre-filter, and Activated Carbon Filter for high-end efficiency and performance. Here’s how the purifier works!

How does it work?

Air produces different pollutants that are pretty harmful to asthma sufferers and children or pets. Mainly, it produces ozone that’s dangerous, seriously. The easy filter replacement makes it much more convenient so ensure to replace the air filter every six months.

One of the best HEPA air purifiers features an advanced 3-in-1 filtration mechanism to eliminate the pet dander and other large to small particles that act as an air cleaner to improve air quality. The effectiveness of removing 99.7% of airborne contaminants is no doubt fantastic.

Consider the adjustable fan speed! The purifier includes three different speed settings from low to high to meet every user’s demands. The 25dB noise setting will provide you with a quiet environment and restful sleep. You can select between two different brightness options that will 




Price Ranges: It cost $179.99

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#3. Best HEPA filter air purifier: Holmes True HEPA Console Air Purifier

Here comes the Holmes air purifier ideal for transforming the home environment and bringing ultimate comfort in your lives. Holmes is ideal for bringing functionality and value together in this latest air purifier. Let’s take a detailed look!

It’s one of the best air purifiers available on the market with multiple features and HVAC filters and are the only purifiers to ensure high-quality air cleaning. The durable construction makes the air purifier last for more extended periods.

How does it work?

With a true HEPA filter, this best air purifier efficiently removes 99.97% airborne allergens that are even 0.3 microns to promote clean air quality for people with respiratory infections. It features a five-year limited warranty with exceptional durability, making it user-friendly.

Quite simply, the slim and sleek design is perfect for your living space and bedrooms to eliminate the airborne particles that are harmful to children. It’s an air cleaner that can clean a room measuring 349 square feet without stopping.

The air purifier offers a clean air delivery rate of 225 CADR to deliver optimal performance. With the customizable and four different speed settings, you can achieve the air cleaning goals quickly. Have you got that?

What’s more? It also contains three three replacement filters that aids in reducing unbearable odors from your house. The best part is the Visipure viewing window that will let you know when the filter needs replacement. Lastly, the filter reminder dial will ultimately track filter life, and that’s an innovative invention, seriously.




Price Ranges: It costs $133.91

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#4. Best for bedrooms: RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Are you looking for an air purifier for your bedroom? Or do you crave it to be noise-free, so it doesn’t disturb your sleep? Nothing can be better than a RabbitAir air purifier with ultra-quiet air filters to promote silent operation with increased indoor air quality.

This corded electric HEPA filter air purifier can work on 815 square feet effectively. The permanent mesh high-end pre-filter can trap larger pollutants such as mold and dust. The plus point is that the filter is machine washable and gives fresh after every wash.

How does it work?

Let us show you something interesting! It features a 6-stage superior filtration mechanism from smallest to largest. You can filtrate contaminants indoors and outdoors, such as dust, smoke, fibers, pet hair, etc. That’s because the pollutants contain pollen, combustion sources, and exhausts that can further be characterized.

Besides this, the multi-stage filtration system will remove contaminants and sanitize the air that’s a great deal for users. The filtration system further includes a medium filter, customized filter, negative ion generator, permanent pre-filter, BioGS HEPA filter, and carbon filter for effective functioning.

The Rabbit Air MinusA2 is one of the best air purifiers that contains two ultra-reliable air-quality sensors. One will detect particles, while the other will detect odors—moreover, the sensor aids in changing the fan speed depending on the pollution level. And guess what? The air quality indicator comes with two light options changing from blue to red depending on the indoor air quality.

The plus point is that the air purifier can switch to sleep mode with all the lights, including indicator ones turning off for a peaceful sleeping environment. Do you think it will produce excessive noise due to such a filtration mechanism? Well, it’s a quiet model available with the best air quality.




Price Ranges: It comes with a price tag of $549.95

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#5. Best large room air purifier: Hepa Air Purifier for Home Large Room

Here is another HEPA air purifier with enhanced quality and cutting-edge design to reduce harmful chemicals from the environment. Activated carbon is known to release these dangerous substances into the atmosphere. Let us tell you how this air purifier helps you!

The California Air Resources Board ensures quality assurance with CARB-certified options to get the maximum benefits. With a timer and different speed settings, this air purifier is one of the best air purifiers available on the market.

How does it work?

The 3-in-1 high-grade H13 HEPA filter and activated carbon-designed filter can efficiently remove almost 99.97% dust, measuring 0.3μm particulate matter that filters air and improves health. Besides this, it is excellent for people who have sneezing, cough, asthma, and other allergies.

It features 30% higher purification efficiency and is faster than the traditional air cleaners by providing an energy-efficient option. The plus point is the air change that occurs two times every hour and covers an area of 1500 square feet that’s perfect for medium to large rooms. You can also incorporate it in the kitchen or family room.

The premium designed motor allows a consistent working for 50,000hrs that’s better than any other model. Are you getting it? Thanks to the effortless operation and different fan speeds from low to high with a timing function and automatic speed mood, this high-grade air purifier is an exception to its legacy. Sounds impressive, right?

Do you know this air purifier can select different speeds automatically regarding the air quality indoors? The purifier also includes three vibrant color indicators to represent the quality of air in a specific area. You can effortlessly know what’s happening around you.




Price Ranges: It cost $189.95.

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#6. Best air purifier for pet owners: Levoit Core P350 Pet Care True HEPA Purifier

It’s time to introduce pet owners to the most innovative Levoit’s Core P350 air purifier with a high-grade filtration system and up-to-date technology. With this purifier, the house always smells fresh, and that’s a valuable advantage.

One of the best air purifiers it is, no doubt. It generates vortex airflow with an excellent air outlet to enhance the effectiveness of air circulation. Moreover, the purifier aids in delivering 210 square feet of air for high-speed settings. It also includes intuitive controls for all power buttons, and installation is much convenient than you can ever imagine.

How does it work?

The Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier features a highly innovative and cylindrical designed body with a sleek design that looks great when placed anywhere in the house. The 360-degree air intake is also significant, allowing the air to pass through the filtration system immediately after the contaminants are captured.

The air purifier comes with an effortless blend that looks appealing with the home decor. Place the air purifier by the bedside and inhale uncontaminated air for hours. You can also sleep all night stress-free. Isn’t that something people crave the most?

Despite having a premium design, the purifier also includes an effective filtration system. It comes with a 3-in-1 filtration system containing a pre-filter, carbon, and HEPA filter to capture pet’s hair, fur, dander, and other dust particles greater than one micron.

With the True HEPA filter, you can now eliminate ultrafine particles measuring up to 0.3 microns at almost 99.97%. The filter further neutralized the unreliable odors making the purifier a budget-friendly option for pet owners.




Price Ranges: It only costs $119.99.

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#7. Best air filtration system: HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Lastly, we have a HATHASPACE air purifier that purifies the air and saves people around you from different airborne pollutants. What makes the purifier easy-going and suitable? Let’s get right into the exclusive features of how it works!

The main aim of HATHASPACE is to enhance overall health and eliminate air pollution significantly. This air purifier offers a smart auto mode and multiple speed control features can effortlessly replace the air in a 700 square feet room.

How does it work?

What an astounding and durable quality air purifier, isn’t it? One of the best air purifiers features a 5-in-1 true HEPA-designed filter that can capture airborne contaminants to 99.97%, which is highly beneficial.

There is nothing that feels better than unpolluted air. The common symptoms of air pollution include coughing, irritated eyes, and coughing that needs consideration as the condition might worsen with unpolluted air.

The odor remover and air cleaner feature a honeycomb activated reliable carbon filter that’s ozone-safe and absorbs volatile organic compounds. It will ultimately eliminate the most stubborn odors and provide you with comfortable breathing for hours.

It also includes a smart air quality sensor to examine the air pollutants and adjust the fan speed for more efficiency. The digital display will let you know the air quality level that promotes easy usage. This air purifier comes with a two-year limited warranty.




Price Ranges: The air purifier costs $199.99.

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How We Rank the Best Air Purifier?

It’s essential to consider how we ranked the air purifiers mentioned above that promote effectiveness and improve the overall air quality. The airborne particles are pretty harsh and can result in multiple allergies while polluting the whole air. The following factors we considered while ranking the different air purifiers.


The first thing we considered was the brand. We looked for top-notch brands who manufactured premium designed air purifiers and got an excellent reputation within the market. We also looked for other features like its website and its effectiveness before ranking the specific products. You need to consider the brands in detail and choose the right air purifier. From Honeywell air purifiers to Coway air purifiers, all you need to decide is the right one to eliminate the airborne pollutants.


Another thing we looked for is the customer reviews. Are they essential? Well, these reviews contain the experiences shared by the customers about a specific model. It will help if you read the reviews precisely as they might answer your questions about the product. The California air resources board explains that ranking air purifiers regarding customer reviews makes it hassle-free to choose the right one.


We checked the durability while ranking the air purifiers. That’s because the more durable an air purifier is, the longer it will last, as illustrated by the environmental protection agency. Therefore, air filters will improve air quality and enhance the user experience while keeping you away from allergies.


Lastly, we concluded the price. Prices vary significantly when purchasing an air purifier. Therefore, it’s not always preferable to buy expensive air purifiers to eliminate the fine particles. It will help if you look for a valuable model with a moderate price tag to increase performance.

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?

 Various top-notch brands have made some breathtaking records in manufacturing premium quality air purifiers to offer users the highest speed at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, air purification is essential, and getting portable air cleaners will save you from many hassles.

With plenty of models available, choosing the right one that suits all your requirements becomes intimidating. What do you have to do? How will you know which smart air purifier is best for you? Don’t worry; we have made it more accessible. Follow up the guide below to get a suitable model.

Room size

The first thing we considered was the room size. That’s because if the purifier features an AHAM Verified seal, it’s effective enough to handle the desired room size. You can also check our product details as it concludes the room size range for each purifier. Generally, multiple purifiers are convenient for large rooms and work ideally at low speeds, making them reliable even if you sleep or watch TV.


It’s essential to look for the noise features when purchasing an air purifier. Consider the aspects of whether you will be able to live with it or not. The machine must include a quiet operation for better functioning. Check for the decibel ratings as some might offer 50 decibels sound while others might be a bit higher. Check these factors in detail and consider the noise levels at low-speed and high-speed settings before you make a purchase.

HEPA filter vs. H13 HEPA filter

Another thing we considered is the HEPA and H13 HEPA filters to provide high-grade filtration systems, but they might be different at some points. The

True HEPA filters feature a range between H10 to H12. Moreover, it has high-efficiency particulate air measuring 99.97% to capture large particles or small particles measuring up to 0.3 microns. These include mold spores, dust particles, pet odors, human hair, and much more.

When it comes to the exclusive H13 HEPA air filter, it can capture the entire airborne pollutants ranging up to 0.1 microns. Such particles contain dust mites, viruses, and other smoke particles. Therefore, choose appropriately which air filter can help you get the right experience. Some small room air purifiers also include charcoal filters.

Higher Clean Air Delivery Rate

Lastly, the clean air delivery rate tells how effectively the air purifier can clean the entire room. Generally, most air purifiers feature three CADR values that further tell about the air purification. They are named like dust, pollen, and smoke. The higher the CADR values, the better these air purifiers will work.

Conclusion: Best Air Purifier

Without a doubt, air purifiers have become a necessity due to the increase in airborne diseases. And you know what? The indoor air quality is worst than the outdoor, seriously.

These airborne contaminants can cause seasonal allergies and other undesirable situations. A good air purifier is something homeowners crave the most to remove air pollution indoors.

The air cleaner works to eliminate the airborne particles by saving you from harmful particles like mold, dust, and smoke. Here’s our top pick!

Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is undoubtedly our top choice with efficiency and performance combined. The 3-in-1 filtration system and other quiet filters promote high-end air quality.

Air Purifier FAQs

What is Hepa Filter?

Let us show you what’s HEPA filter is! The US department of energy defines an exclusively pleated mechanical filter known as high-efficiency particulate air.

The plus point is that this pre-filter can remove almost 99.97% of wildfire smoke, dust, particulate matter, and pollen, along with other airborne particles.

Remarkably, it is efficient enough to remove fine particles up to 0.3 microns as that’s the most penetrating particle size. Sounds great, right?

Moreover, all the small and large particles get trapped during HEPA filtration with maximum efficiency and fan speeds.

Benefits of using an Air Purifier?

Air pollution is drastically increasing indoors and outdoors that’s becoming a significant health concern, no doubt. Using air purifiers will help you a lot in this aspect.

The most common benefit of air purifiers is that it limits the symptoms of asthma. Pet dander and hair are the leading cause of this disease.

Another big advantage is that it can eliminate the volatile organic compounds from the external environment. Have you got it?

In many purifiers, the activated carbon filter and charcoal filter promote better air quality indoors, saving people from harsh chemicals.

How does Air Purifier help your body?

 Basically, the air purifiers are evident in reducing the risks of health-related issues due to indoor pollutants as they trigger neurological problems and respiratory problems.

Asthmatic people require purified air to breathe freely; therefore, air purifiers are the energy-efficient method designed to remove indoor and outdoor air pollutants to keep humans healthy.

Besides this, the air purifiers work by sanitizing the entire air from toxins and different allergens. With different fan speeds, they work to stop your body from inhaling harmful chemicals.

The air purifiers are also different from normal air filers as they remove harsh particles and sanitize them thoroughly.

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