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Being Breadcrumbed? How To Clean Up The Crumbs In Your Dating Life

 No, it’s not the crazed behavior of someone who’s been on Keto for too long or something out of Hansel and Gretel. In fact, if you’re being breadcrumbed, it feels a lot more like a nightmare than a fairy tale. 

Like catfishing or ghosting after you “Netflix and chill,” breadcrumbing is just another one of the unfortunate hazards of modern dating and relationships. And if you don’t realize what’s happening, it can mean weeks or months of mental anguish while you live in limbo. 

What Is Breadcrumbing?

What Is Breadcrumbing?
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While the brother and sister duo made famous by the Brothers Grimm left a trail of breadcrumbs hoping to find their way home, breadcrumbing in dating will lead you down a far less productive path.

Breadcrumbing in the dating world is continually giving someone just enough attention to feel like there might be hope for a romantic relationship when you really have little to no interest.

Notice those words – continually, just enough, might be hope and future.

In other words, breadcrumbing is a manipulative way of leading someone on and keeping their romantic attention on you and off anyone else.

It typically involves social media, which makes it extremely easy to drop a “breadcrumb” without the pressure of personal contact.

What do I mean? See if any of these sounds familiar:

When these things, or anything similar, are combined with a pattern of no follow-through, it’s a breadcrumb.

Why Do People Behave This Way?

It’s important to remember being breadcrumbed isn’t a reflection on you and your worthiness. It’s a flaw in the behavior of the person doing the breadcrumbing.

People who routinely lead others on or try to inspire romantic feelings in others when they themselves have none are typically either,

They seek attention beyond wanting to feel praised or admired and push it to the point of feeling romantic desire. Feeling like they could “have you” or knowing that you “want them” is how they achieve validation and feel good about themselves.

But serial breadcrumbers rarely follow through after they’ve created interest. They may be,

Regardless of the reason, the prospect of a healthy relationship with someone who behaves this way is slim. And they may be doing this to more than one person at a time.

Spotting The Signs of Breadcrumbing

So, how do you know you’re being breadcrumbed or if it’s just bad timing for both of you?

Consider the following warning signs:

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How To Clean Up the Crumbs

Breadcrumbing behavior can create a lot of heartache and cause you to miss out on healthier relationship opportunities.

So, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to recognize when something’s not right, or when you’re not being treated in a way that’s respectful and balanced. Then change it.

If only it were that simple, right?

If you suspect you’re being breadcrumbed (or possibly in an emotionally abusive relationship), keep the following in mind:

Knowing those things will allow you to,

A healthy relationship does take work, but it’s work done by both partners equally. Nothing good comes when someone keeps you guessing about their true feelings or emotionally manipulates you.

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