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The 10 Step Program to Becoming A Better Listener

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I once had a professor who had opportunities to meet and work with others who were masters of their trade. He said that after working with top architects, directors, and business executives, he realized one common trait.

When you spoke, they listened. Not only did they hear, but they also listened. In my professor’s words “Whatever problem you had, became their problem. Nothing was more interesting to them than your words at that moment.”

A good listener is not only someone that people want to be around, to confide in, to trust, but someone who knows how to use listening to benefit him- or her-self. The good listener knows that a good conversation is definitely two-sided, but one learns through listening.

Here are 10 tips to be a better listener:

    1. Be Legitimately Interested: As mentioned above, be interested. Drop whatever you were doing and focus. Stop focusing on the email you were writing or the article you were reading and really listen. Put yourself in the speaker’s place and make his or her problems your own. The speaker will consciously or subconsciously pick up on this and you will learn more from the conversation.



















Being a good listener is an invaluable ability and sure to make you happier and more productive in your life. Try these tips out and good luck!

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