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8 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Backyard

No one wants their home or yard to be ransacked and robbed. It can leave anyone feeling violated and afraid in his own home. Even though the items we have in our backyard, like a BBQ grill, yard chair, and garden vegetables aren’t high-dollar items, we certainly don’t want any burglar stealing them. With that, it’s essential for homeowners to implement effective backyard security ideas.

We know a fence is a good line of defense to discourage thieves from coming into our yard. However, if you really want to protect your home, there are other backyard security ideas that are far more effective.

Get a Dog

A dog that is barking and growling is a deterrent for would-be burglars. If you don’t want to become a dog owner, hang up a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign in the backyard. Make sure it is in a visible location. Just the sign alone can deter some thieves from entering your backyard.

There are motion detectors that have an alarm which sound just like a barking dog. A warning sign combined with a barking sensor will cause would-be burglars to run away from your property.

Landscape Deterrent

Certain plants and the placement of plants can encourage or discourage burglars from entering your backyard. Landscaping is also a proven effective method to keep burglars away.

Tall shrubs that provide cover for an individual will encourage would-be burglars to enter your backyard. They can crouch behind shrubs to watch your home or to pry open windows and doors.

Keep all foundation plants low so they won’t be large enough for anyone to hide behind.
Tall trees near a fence or window can provide camouflage and something to climb up on, so these need to be removed to help keep your backyard safe.

Use thorny plants around the perimeter of your backyard, under fences, and under windows. If jumping over a fence means landing on a thorny rose bush or cactus, the burglar probably won’t enter your backyard.

Don’t plant any shrubs or tall growing plants near your front and back entrance. Tall plants provide a place for burglars to hide and wait to ambush you as you enter or exit your home.

Hide Valuables

A shiny new grill, outdoor TV, and expensive outdoor furniture will catch a burglar’s eye. If you won’t be using your valuable outdoor equipment, hide it. Place it in a garage or cover it with a tarpaulin.

Even things that are not of high value can still be attractive to thieves. Items like ladders, lawn equipment, and toys are often stolen and sold at a local flea market so the burglar can make a quick buck or two.

At the end of the day, and especially when you will be gone on vacation, put away everything where they’re supposed to be.

Install a Home Security System

Have cameras and motion sensors installed in your backyard that will trip an alarm if anyone enters your outdoor space. Some home security systems will automatically call the police for you if an intruder is detected in the backyard. Phone apps can also be downloaded so you can see what is going on around your home when you’re away.

Install a Fence

There is an old adage that says “good fences make good neighbors” but fences also deter burglars. Having to climb over a fence to get in, then carry stuff back over a fence will deter anyone from stealing your items.

A chain link fence will slow a burglar down, but this type of fence still allows a full view of your backyard and are not very difficult to climb over. A 6-foot tall wooden privacy fence will block the view to your backyard and are very difficult to climb over, especially if the person is attempting to climb over it while carrying something.

Cover Windows

Home burglary statistics show that 23% of intruders break into a home through a first-floor window. So make sure the windows of your garage or outbuilding are well locked. They should also have a covering over them to prevent curious eyes from looking in.

Rice paper or frosted window adhesive covering will allow the light to come through the window without allowing anyone to see through the glass.

Ground floor window in your home should have blinds, shades or draperies. Ensure that you close them at night.

Self-Locking Gate

If you have a backyard gate, install a self-locking latch on it that can’t be reached from the outside.

Locking the gate back after entering the property is often overlooked and an unlocked gate can provide easy access for a burglar. A self-locking gate may help keep thieves out.

Put Signs Out

Place signs in visible areas of your front and backyard yard. Whatever security company you use, make sure their signs are prominently displayed to deter would-be burglars.

If you’re using a fake security camera, get some fake signs to go with it for added protection. They are one of the most effective backyard security ideas.

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